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A host of labels are associated with the Free State Province in South Africa; the Golden Country for the wheat crops and sunflower fields that extend for miles, Sheep Country for the expanses of natural grazing, Big Sky Country for the clear air that brings out the stars at night and the Granary, an area considered to be the country’s breadbasket. All are accurate, for this flat region of the country has the ideal climate and soil suited to agriculture and livestock farming.

Yet the Free State has areas consisting of giant mountain ranges and ancient historic sites too, there are a number of large modern cities and the region is rich in gold, diamonds and coal. Four of the largest dams in the country are located within or bordering the province and Free State’s capital is also the country’s judicial capital.

Visitors to rural parts of the Free State will appreciate the fresh clean air, the endless spaces and the friendly farmer or farmhand, always willing to stop for a chat.


Top 8 reasons to visit the Free State Province

1. A trip to Free State’s capital city Bloemfontein is essential. The student town is loaded with smart buildings and colourful flowers lining the streets. Stroll through the inviting public gardens and fascinating museums. Bloemfontein is probably the only city worldwide with a nature reserve located within the city boundaries.

2. Probably one of the most photographed sandstone formations is the striking Brandwag Buttress in the Golden Gate Highland National Park. The park has a number of ancient rock art sites to visit and hiking trails meander through steep ravines and via caves.

3. Clarens is a picture-perfect town with quaint eateries and craft stores running along the length of the main road. The town is a springboard to outdoor activities such as mountain climbing in the Maluti Mountains, 4x4 trails... Show more