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De Stijl Gariep Hotel

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At the foot of the Karoo lies the Gariep Dam, where the staff of the de Stijl Gariep Hotel looks forward to welcoming...

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More info about Gariep Dam

There is something both soothing and exciting about a holiday next to the ocean, river or lake. A large body of water offers both relaxation and tranquility, perfect for holidaymakers looking to escape the stresses of their lives back home. This is why so many people flock to beaches, rivers and dams, to have a holiday that includes the rejuvenating influence of the ocean.

The Gariep Dam (previously known as the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam) is located along the Orange River, just east of Colesberg in the Northern Cape. The Dam is the largest storage dam in South Africa. The area surrounding the Gariep Dam nature reserve makes this area particularly attractive as a holiday destination in the Northern Cape. What could be better than a large, pristine dam, surrounded by both nature and all the comforts of home?
Across the epic expanse of water, there are many ways to occupy your holiday time. Swimming, boating, waterskiing, and fishing are just some of the ways to cool off in the harsh Northern Cape heat. But not all activities center completely in the water, you can also go flying, or gliding at the Gariep Dam aviation club. Or you could take a tour of the surrounding nature reserve ad enjoy some of the Northern Capes land based sights.

The area around the Gariep dam is a buzz with activity as so many who choose to come here want accommodation close to the site. There are resorts, caravan parks and everything between all conveniently situated close to the dam.
Come to the Gariep Dam for a fantastic vacation!

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