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Johannesburg (Joburg) Reviews

Ngoakoana Stephina Leimela
30 January 2019

😍😍. One of few places to visit in South Africa..

Superb. 5 out of 5
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More info about Johannesburg (Joburg)

Approaching Johannesburg, even a hundred miles away, one can feel the electricity in the air. It is a city alive and throbbing with dynamic energy. The largest city in South Africa, it is situated on the Highveld plateau, in the wealthiest province, Gauteng. Now a major modern global city, it is the youngest, and certainly grew the fastest. It is the only city in the world not built on a waterway, port or river, but instead on a ream of gold, the Witwatersrand.

On a barren farm belonging to an Afrikaans farmer, the reef was discovered in 1886, and the gold rush started.  Within a few years 100,000 people had flocked there. Johannesburg then grew from a modest mining town to an extensive metropolis, the economic industrial centre of South Africa. The city spreads over 130 square miles, more space per person than any other city.

Johannesburg is very cosmopolitan. Once the gold rush began, people travelled there not only from Cape Town and the rest of the country, but also from England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia - the list goes on and on, and all brought a multitude of talents and skills. English is used in the workplace as the common language, and people  speak Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, and Afrikaans, which are some of the local languages. 

The most powerful commercial centre in Africa and financial capital of South Africa, Johannesburg is a business city. Efficiency and speed rule here and life is lived in the fast lane.


Things to Do

Everything money can buy is available in Johannesburg. It is a city of glitz and glamour, not surprising for a city built on diamonds and gold. The shopping centres are fabulously sophisticated, and full of designer shops. Anything one could want can be found here; it is unlike anywhere else in Africa.

The city is an art, dance and music... Show more

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