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Like a moon in a starless sky, Kuruman shines bright as a major town in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Referred to as the oasis of the Kalahari, the town is the economic powerhouse of the region.

Life-giving fresh water from a perpetual spring in Kuruman drew travellers to the region for many centuries. Prior to the establishment of the town, a mission station was constructed – by hand – in 1838 by Scottish missionary Robert Moffat. Moffat built a church, residences and a garden, and dug a 4km clay canal from the spring to water his plants. The mission station ran successfully until the discovery of gold and diamonds and in 1885 the British swiftly annexed the area and planned a town. The town’s name is believed to be taken from a San leader, Kudumane.

Kuruman is a welcome reprieve from the hot, barren surrounding plains of the Kalahari Desert, the town’s green... Show more

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Guests escape the noise and bustle of lodges by opting to stay in either fully self-catering or bed and breakfast cottages. Self-catering cottages are a home away from home and come fully equipped with everything guests need. Most self catering cottages also come with a cleaning service, Dstv, and a private patio/entertainment area. Guests who opt for bed and breakfast cottages enjoy their own private patio/entertainment area, luxury amenities, Dstv, and cleaning service. There is often a small kitchenette, if guests wish to do a little cooking, and a relaxing lounge area. Cottages are ideal for families, small groups of friends and couples wishing for a more private retreat.