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Port Elizabeth Reviews

11 February 2019

The Beach, the weather, friendly people.

Superb. 5 out of 5
09 January 2019

Lovely city, calm and compact, makes for an enjoyable vacation spot. Many activities, sights, restaurants and shops.

Superb. 5 out of 5
30 July 2018

The malls, nature, the sea and nice food.

Superb. 5 out of 5
29 July 2018

Sea view, Boardwalk, Jeffrey's Bay.

Superb. 5 out of 5

More info about Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a beachfront city in the Eastern Cape Province, looking out over the beautiful deep blue Algoa bay. The capital of the Sunshine Coast, it is situated on a glorious unspoilt coastline with magnificent beaches and mountain scenery.

As one of the country’s main cities, it is a major seaport and the second oldest city in South Africa. The Sunshine Coast starts here and stretches 300 kms along the eastern seaboard of South Africa to East London.Three rivers run through Port Elizabeth, the landscape is lush and green.

The British built a stone fort overlooking the bay in 1799. Port Elizabeth was founded soon after in 1820 by British settlers, the town grew around the fort, and there were 100 houses by the1830’s.

The oceanic climate is subtropical with light rain throughout the year. Winters are cool and mild, and summers warm. It is a perfect  family holiday destination all year, sunny and temperate.

What to Do

Port Elizabeth has coastal and mountain scenery, and is famous for beautiful beaches. The wide golden beaches, vast stretches of sand and dunes, clear warm water and calm sea of Algoa Bay make it an amazing water sport destination.

Three beaches have Blue Flag status. Humewood, Hobie and King’s Beach have the prestigious award for pristine conditions and a protected environment. South Africa is the only country outside Europe with Blue Flag accreditation. Humewood is the only beach in Africa with Gold Status.

The many sport facilities include swimming, boating, fishing, surfing and sand boarding. Long beach walks can be taken along the 40 kms of exquisite beaches around the bay. There are consistently good surfing conditions.

There are exciting diverse diving sites in the warm protected waters, with beautiful reefs, colourful varieties of fish, soft coral species and 18th century shipwrecks.

Whales, seals and dolphins can be seen all year as... Show more

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B&B's (also knows as BnB's) vary from one another, but are each unique and offer a personalised getaway. B&Bs, as they are often called, save guests time and money by removing the worry about the first meal of the day This makes planning that much easier for your stay. This is perfect for guests who plan on doing a lot of sightseeing and expect to be out and about the entire day and night. Bed and Breakfasts are often in private homes or converted historical buildings. Meaning if you have a look through Accommodirects listings, you can find the perfect Bed and Breakfast suited to your taste.