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A natural remedy for bronchial-related problems is to take a trip to Touws River in the Cape Province where the air is clean and the climate dry and crisp. It’s a perfect recipe, and why so many travel to Touws River in this part of South Africa known as the Karoo. The Karoo is a semi-desert region consisting of scrubland and wide open spaces with farms stretching as far as the eye can see. At first glance the area may seem desolate but there are many interesting and unusual small towns worth exploring, and Touws River is a prime example.

Travelling from Cape Town to Touws River is half the fun – the route traverses the Hex River Mountains and into the astonishing Hex River Valley, with dappled tones of green in summer and magnificent russet colours in winter. After summiting the impressive Hex River Pass, the terrain changes and below lies Touws River.

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Guest Farms could very well be the most idyllic South African form of accommodation. If you are out in the country you should definitely consider staying at a Guest Farm. From romantic getaways to a family holiday, they are perfect. They can range from absolutely luxurious to comfortable and you could easily find one that suits your budget. If you have children they will easily be occupied by the animals and nature that surround. They are often well staffed with a restaurant on the premises and well situated amongst various nature activities. Heading into the country? Have a look at our Guest Farms listing on Accommodirect.