Please Note -
I/We (the guests) hereby agree that it is a condition as Du Kloof Lodge and premises that the owner and/or management shall not be held responsible or reliable for:

A) Loss of/Theft of /Damage to any property, valuables or
possesions brought by me/us upon the premises.
B) Any injuries that might be caused to me/my family or accompanying guests whilst on the premises
C) It is my/our (the guests) responsibility to keep the windows and room locked at all times. Any damaged or
breakages caused by me accompanying guests will be
payable before leaving the premises or can be added
and charged to my account. A fee of R400.00 will be
charged to my account in case of the loss of keys of the
D) No Firearms allowed on the premises
E) A Fee of R50 will be debited to my account in case of
removing any plugs from the room.