No smoking in the rooms.

Casa de Ross reserves the Right of Admission to the premises. We also reserve the right to request any guest and/or visitor to vacate the premises immediately if said guest/visitor does not comply with our House Rules and/or a reasonable request.

The owners of Casa de Ross Bed and Breakfast will not be liable for any injury to any person or the death of any person, or the theft of any items or the damage to any person, property or vehicle, or the destruction or loss of any property whether caused by the ordinary or gross negligence of the owner, it's employees or agent's and contractors, or any other person resulting from any other causes whatsoever.

There will be no extra unauthorized visitors allowed in any rooms. All visitors are more than welcome to use the lounge and pool area to visit our guests. The booked guests is also responsible for the invited visitor's on our premises.

The rooms are charged per person and NOT per room.

Breakfast is served until 9 o'clock after which the kitchen is closed.

I hereby confirm that the above booking is correct and agree to the terms and conditions of Casa de Ross.