Check-In: 14:00pm - 17:00pm (check-in after 17:00pm, only on request and additional fee will apply of R 120)
Check-Out: Before 10:00am

Deposit Policy:
50%, balance dueon or before arrival

Key and breakage deposit: R 300 per room - to be refunded within 7 days after check-out or at check-out if the rooms can be inspected at that time.
Please contact us if you require Airport Shuttle

* No pets allowed
* No parties allowed
* Boomboxes/speakers not allowed on the property
* Facilities for guests only - no ouside visitors allowed on the property
* HouseRules and Liability Agreement apply at all times (see below)
* No noise between 20h00 and 07h00.

Guesthouse - House Rules/Liability Agreement:

Rules appear and feel like a nuisance to everybody including the owners of this guesthouse. However, they are a necessary evil at times. We humbly request that you adhere to the following rules in order to keep our establishment in an enjoyable and sellable condition.
1. Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 8:00am – 9:30am. If you have booked accommodation with breakfast, please confirm your breakfast time immediately on your arrival

2. Keeping noise level down
Guests are requested to be considerate to other guests when using their TV or enjoying time by the pool, on the deck or garden. We hate to impose ourselves as guesthouse owners and have to step in when guests are making a noise. No loud music, “boombox”, stereo, loudspeaker etc. are allowed on the property. The area by the deck is meant to be a quiet area due to the fact that this area is right outside the 2 Comfort rooms. We humbly request that all noise levels including “blah blah blah” be kept at a mimimum from 8pm onwards.

3. Privacy of guesthouse facilities
We dearly value our paying guests hence our restriction of guesthouse facilities to paying guests only. Right of admission is reserved. Kindly arrange to meet your visitors off premises. Various sports bars and other attractions are within short distance of the guesthouse. Guesthouse towels and linen are for the guesthouse only. Removing any of these items is strictly prohibited. Stains and damages will sadly be added to your bill for which you will be liable on your departure. A room check is conducted before departure. Right of admission is reserved and we reserve the right to have guests/visitors who are misbehaving, and do not respect the houserules removed from the premises.

4. Saving water
In order to save water and wash towels unnecessary every day. Towels that are left on the floor will be washed, we ask you to use towels more than once and hang the towels that do not need to be washed. Towels are only for use in the bathroom not by the pool. Please use your own towels for the pool and beach.
Shower: Please note that sometimes it might take a bit of time before hot water comes through.

5. Swimming and use of pool area
Guests are welcome to enjoy this facility at their own risk in appropriate attire. The owners of the guesthouse accept no liability for accidents, drowning or injuries caused as a result of using our swimming pool and/or the pool area.

6. Monkey Business
We have a lot of monkey troops that frequent the area. They may look cute but please
understand that these animals are “wild and can be dangerous”. DO NOT FEED THEM AT ALL!!

7. Thank you for not smoking inside our rooms
Huffing and puffing is only permitted outside our guesthouse. You are welcome to use ashtrays provided in the balcony area and around the pool.

8. Room Key
We take a R 300 key/room deposit so please ensure you return the key when departing. There is a lost key charge of R250 which will be deducted from your deposit should you lose this small instrument or forget to return it. The deposit will be refunded at check-out if a room check can be done at the time or into the supplied banking account within 3 days after your departure and any damages, stained linen or missing items will be deducted from your deposit when this is done.

9. Cleaning of your room
If you do not want us to clean your room on any day, please indicate so by informing one of our staff or by placing the sign outside on your door.

10. It’s time to say goodbye
We will be very sad to see you go. We only allow this because we know we shall meet again in your next visit. Your time to wave goodbye is no later than 10:00 am.