The Farmstead is just off the R45, over and beside the Berg River. There are six cottages, close to each other with farm and mountain views and lots of space to walk and explore the area.

We are off the grid, meaning we are powered by the sun and gas. We have a very big and reliable solar system charging batteries for night use. The system is designed for low power lights, fridges and fans for the night, with ample capacity tom operate at full capacity. There is gas water heating, meaning there is unlimited hot water. We ask our guests to respect this and only use what's necessary for sustainable living.

Fire - We are in a hot dry climate with wind, fire is a real risk please take every precaution. No smoking in or around cottages, no fires in the wind, put out fires with water and take immediate action to leave the premises, up wind of the fire if there is any threat at all.

Security - we have a 5 layered system:
1. Main gate control
2. Cameras on - gate, river and establishment
3. Electric security fence round establishment
4. Security vehicle patrols and response
5. Lockable doors and windows
We ask you to keep your valuables locked away and out of sight.

Wildlife - Our farm has some wild bush, with a few wild visitors, all part of the excitement, all more afraid of you, some come with risks. Again keep your doors closed while out and be aware.

River - We are on the banks of a magnificent river, and have recently built the Riverside Deck, a superb spot for swimming and picnics. There is a fence between the cottages, we need to note it's not safe for children to swim unsupervised.

Taking all this into account when you enter the farm you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We will hold the booking for 2 days, thereafter please pay 100% of the cost to confirm the booking.