Right of admission is reserved
Any arrivals after 8.30pm will attract a late check inn fee
Keys for 5 SUMMER ROCKS/3 TOPANGA/13 SURABAYA/9 AQUA SURF/302 RIVIERA/ 80 LAGUNA/LOERIE LANE ALL have to be collected at The Tweni Waterfront Guest Lodge.
Please note that there is a R2000- key/noise/breakage deposit to be paid on arrival for 5 SUMMER ROCKS/ 80 LAGUNA/3 TOPANGA/5MANABA BREEZE/13 SURABAYA/9 AQUA SURF refundable after one week and all is in good order .
DSTV HOTEL Bouquet provided (Movies and Sport)
All accommodation is from 14h00 on day of arrival until 9am on day of departure
Guests are liable for full period of stay as reserved with the lodge
No patron shall receive a refund if they don't arrive, decide to leave sooner or if asked to leave
Accommodation is not transferable to other guests.
It is an offence to have additional patrons in the rooms
Hotel guests will be held accountable for any breakages
ALL units are non-smoking. There is an outside patio for this. Guests ignoring this rule will be charged a cleaning fee of R500.00, as the unit will have to be deep cleaned and deodorized.
The swimming pool is for hotel guests ONLY
No unruly behaviour will be permitted
The Tweni Waterfront does not hold itself responsible for any loss of or damage to the property or possessions of any guest, resident or visitor whether such damage was caused by fire, theft or otherwise or by the negligence or the wrongful act of anyone in the employment of or acting on behalf of the owner.
The Tweni Waterfront does not hold itself responsible for any personal injuries of whatsoever nature sustained by a guest, resident or visitor whether such injuries were sustained by the wrongful act of anyone employed by the owner or any other person or by the defective functioning of any apparatus or appliance of the owner. Any guest who resides on the property and who is accompanied or visited by any other person or who is to be accompanied or visited later by any other person, safeguard the owner against any responsibility toward any person in the instances explained in the conditions.