Accessible by 4×4 or 2×4 diff lock only.
Solar power is used in all facilities so please do not bring hairdryers, kettles or any appliance that uses an element.
No quad bikes are allowed.
To make it convenient for you, please pre-arrange if you want to bring a boat along.
ONLY fishing jet skis are allowed.
1. It is very important that you bring your confirmation document with you to give you access to your campsite. Please remember that there is no internet or cellphone reception so staff cannot confirm your booking and therefore will not allow you into the camp without the confirmation.
2. Passports.
3. Valid Driver’s License.
4. Vehicle registration documents, trailers and boats as well.
5. When towing, a triangle on the front right of the towing vehicle must be displayed and on the rear right of the trailer.
6. Third-Party Insurance is compulsory and is obtainable at the SASOL garage Komatipoort.
7. Obey all traffic rules and regulations and there is no need to bribe anyone.
8. Politeness is more than likely to save any situation, never be aggressive.
9. You can exchange money at the SASOL fuel station, Komatipoort before you get to the border post.
What to bring?
Please note the nearest town is about 1-hour of sand drive away, so you will have to bring everything!
We provide a campsite and solar-powered electricity.
Bring your own braai grids.
Camping gear.
Fresh drinking water.
Cooling facilities, fridge.
Please note there is no smoking allowed on the camping grounds.