" Guests are welcome to check in as of 14h00. Please advise if you will be arriving after 18h00. No check in will be allowed after 21h00 for security purposes.
" A penalty fee will be applicable thereafter.
" We reserve the right to change room allocations based on guest requirements, length of stay and occupancy considerations.
" Whilst children are welcomed, parents are expected to ensure they do not cause other guests discomfort or inconvenience, or do not damage property unnecessarily.
" In consideration of other guest's health and comfort and for safety purposes it is a legal requirement that smoking is not permitted in any of the guest rooms or main building.
" Whilst great care has been taken to ensure the safety of guest and their visitors, possessions (secure parking and room safes are provided), Beetleloop and the owners do not accept any liability for loss of or damage to guests/visitors property through negligence of the guests/visitors. Guests are expected to have made adequate arrangements for insuring their property, including photographic equipment, laptops, cash and other valuables and vehicles.
" Beetleloop has a large swimming pool and deck area and large garden surrounds. The pool is un-fenced and no life saving facilities or staff supervision is provided. Children at the pool area must be accompanied by responsible persons at all times. Guests, their children and their visitors use these facilities entirely at the own risk and therefore indemnify Beetleloop and the owners in full and shall have no claim of whatsoever nature against them, including any claim from injury; death; or loss of property which could arise from using these facilities.
" Damages beyond 'wear and tear', due to guests or their/children/visitors negligence; and loss or theft of items will be for the guests/guest's company account and will be charge at the discretion of management.
" Beetleloop reserves the right to control the admission of people on to the property if they do not have permission to be on the property or if their behavior is unacceptable, offensive; unduly disruptive; or poses a security risk. Firearms or other weapons are strictly prohibited. Beetleloop accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from the legal and reasonable exercising of such rights.