Top 10 Activities near Bloubergstrand

Beaches, beautiful scenery and Cape Town’s biggest natural attraction (psst, that’s Table Mountain, if you didn’t guess it) – these are just some of the incredible aspects of Bloubergstrand and its surrounds.

Better still? The host of amazing restaurants and activities found here!

So, if you’re keen to keep things cool by the sea, here are the top 10 activities near Bloubergstrand for you to enjoy:

#1 Beach walks and sunsets along Bloubergstrand beach

Few things are as charming as long, slow walks along the beach with your friends or loved ones – but at Bloubergstrand Beach, it’s an almost life-changing experience.

As the waves crash and churn, you have Table Mountain and Table Bay as a poignant backdrop to every scene, sealing this peaceful, beautiful beach as a winner on all fronts.

It’s also blessed with great waves (perfect or wind- or kitesurfing), long, sandy stretches of shoreline and some little rock pool areas here and there for kids to enjoy.

Whether you park down on a nearby bench, stroll along the strand or enjoy a memorable photo shoot – you really can’t go wrong with Bloubergstrand’s prime beach.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Bloubergstrand Beach, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust
Tamlyn Amber Wanderlust

#2 Soar on the Wind

Famed for its gorgeous beach and excellent wind- and kitesurfing conditions, Bloubergstrand Beach attracts plenty of ocean-based adventurers and seaside fans.

So, if you’re keen to learn how to windsurf or even to hone your skills, there are few better places (if any) in the Mother City to do it.

Conditions are often perfect for you to glide on the wind and waters, and – should you require some guidance or company – there are plenty of local instructors and schools based in the area to help you do it.

So get your gear, check the weather conditions and enjoy some excellent windsurfing in Bloubergstrand!

Contact: varies

Website: varies

Address: Bloubergstrand Beach, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#3 Visit SANCCOB

Situated close by in Table View, one finds the dedicated non-profit organisation, The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, more commonly known as SANCCOB.

Their admirable mission is to save, rehabilitate and assist in the protection of South Africa’s  protected African penguins.

With branches based in Cape St Francis, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, SANCCOB assists these lovely, clever seabirds by helping to rescue, rehabilitate and rear them, while still educating the public on how they can do their bit to help too.

If you would like to volunteer or donate towards a penguin’s happy life and good health, this is the place to do so!

Note: You can even adopt and name a SANCCOB penguin – and no, sadly you don’t get to take your penguin home – but you will still get a cool certificate and the joy of having your ‘own’ penguin!

Adoption costs range from R300-R1000, depending on what you choose to adopt (egg, bird or resident SANCCOB penguin character(s)).

Contact: +27 (021) 557 6155,


Address: SANCCOB,  22 Pentz Drive, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.


#4 Fly like a Kite with Coastline Kite Surfing

As we’ve already discovered, Bloubergstrand and surrounds are ideal for kitesurfing… So, if you have established that you’re willing to take a stab at it, look no further than Coastline Kitesurfing.

Based in Table View, this dedicated team of instructors offers you the chance to learn kitesurfing. Lessons are professional, carefully structured and loads of fun, with only the best, certified, multi-lingual instructors on-hand to assist and guide you.

You choose how long you wish to try it out for (anything from 3.5-hours (paid daily) to 2, 3 or even 5-day courses)… Be it a few hours or several days. And no matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced kitesurfer – all are welcome!

Best of all? No wind means no pay… So if the weather swoops in and spoils your fun –  rest easy knowing that you won’t have to forfeit your money and can enjoy it another day instead.

Note: For more information, please visit Coastline Kitesurfing’s website.

Contact: +27 (082) 550 0076,


Address: Coastline Kitesurfing,  Shop 5, 14 Beach Boulevard, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#5 FrozenYO by the beach

If you love frozen yogurt or food trucks, then you’re really going to love Cape Town’s first frozen yogurt food truck… and not least of all because they call Blouberg Beachfront home!

Established in 2014 by Nicholas and Samantha Ahrends, FrozenYO has steadily built up their local fan base – and today, they are synonymous with delicious delights, refreshing frozen treats and good service.

The gluten-free FrozenYO is made using only the finest frozen yogurt product (imported from Italy) and is happily low in calories and milk content but rich in probiotics and live cultures. This means it is good for your gut in every possible way!

Not to mention it just looks and tastes amazing all round… Honestly, if this isn’t a food-and-ocean match made in heaven, we don’t know what is!

Note: FrozenYO can also often be found at local markets and events around Cape Town, and their food truck is available for hire for all sorts of special events, from school functions to weddings and birthday parties.

Contact: 082 445 6429,


Address: Frozenyo, Bloubergstrand Beach, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

FrozenYO via Facebook
FrozenYO via Facebook

#6 Ocean views with your coffee at On the Rocks

With its gorgeous ocean views and delicious food and drink offerings, On The Rock is a popular haunt for many in the city… and is a veritable local favourite to boot!

It offers a vibrant, relaxed atmosphere, good food and consistent service, which makes it a worthy seaside restaurant.

But, particularly if you are in and around Bloubergstrand, this one is a must-visit.

Contact: +27 (021) 554 1988,


Address: On The Rocks, 45 Stadler Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#7 Have fun with Surf Big Bay

It’s not just wind- and kitesurfing that Bloubergstrand and its nearby suburbs are famed for… It’s the surf that draws the crowds too!

If you’re looking to enhance or even kick-start your surfing skills, Surf Big Bay is one of your best local options… And with them, you can enjoy taking to the waves and soaking up the scenery of Table Mountain, Big Bay and Bloubergstrand.

Their school boasts professional coaches, excellent equipment and both public and private lessons, for adults and kids aged 5 and older.

And all you need to bring along is yourself – and some sunscreen, a towel and your swimming clothes, of course!

Note: Depending on which package option you select, rates range from R300 to R900. For more information, contact them directly.

Contact: +27 (071) 425 5470,


Address: Surf Big Bay, 143 Big Bay Beach Club, Otto Du Plessis Drive, Big Bay, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#8 Discover Small Bay Beach

Found next to its big ‘beach brother’, Big Bay (a popular local beach), Small Bay might be both lesser known and frequented – but it is no less beautiful!

In fact, it has its own panoramic views of Table Mountain and Robben Island for visitors to admire from afar and is also a prime sunset spot.

What’s more, it is a family-friendly beach, where, again, both wind- and kitesurfing are enjoyed.

So pack in a picnic and let the little ones play, while you enjoy watching them and the skilled surfers at Small Bay Beach.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Small Bay Beach, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#9 Explore Blaauwberg Nature Reserve

Cape Town is blessed to have so many wonderful, well-preserved and vibrant nature reserves and just like the other parts of the city, Bloubergstrand has its own nearby nature reserve in: Blaauwberg Nature Reserve.

This reserve offers incredible hikes and walks, picnic areas and an environmental education centre… Oh, and stunning views too, of course!

Also, from Blaauwberg Hill, the reserve offers a stunning view down fynbos-covered slopes and out across the Mother City. As an added bonus, this hill is one of the few viewpoints anywhere in the world that you can see Table Mountain and Robben Island, both acclaimed World Heritage Sites.

If you wish to linger longer, the reserve also offers the self-catering Montispectus unit, which allows you and your friends or family to stay here overnight.

Note: Entry fees vary.

Also, the Eerste Steen braai and picnic facility is open from November to April from 08:00 am – 19:00 pm, and in May to October from 08:00 am – 17:00 pm.

The coastal section, meanwhile, is open from Monday to Sunday, from sunrise to sunset.

Contact: +27 (021) 444 0454,


Address: Blaauwberg Nature Reserve, Eerste Steen Resort, Otto du Plessis Drive, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

West Coast Way
West Coast Way

#10 Shop at Eden on the Bay Mall

And last but not least, if you prefer to soak up the local atmosphere and shop up a storm at the lovely Eden on the Bay Mall, then that’s fine too!

This lifestyle mall is where shopping, lifestyle and leisure meet. It’s a popular local hub and offers a wide range of shops, restaurants and more.

Check out the top fashion stores, grab some food supplies or take your time savouring one of its local eateries (like Cup & Cake, Moyo Blouberg or Saints Burger Joint) – because the options are relatively vast at Eden on the Bay.

Contact: +27 (021) 554 9660,


Address: Eden on the Bay Mall, Sir David Baird Dr & Otto du Plessis Drive, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

These are just some of the most fun or scenic activities to enjoy near Bloubergstrand and beyond… Which will you tackle first?

Top 10 Restaurants near Bloubergstrand

With Table Mountain looming majestically as the backdrop and gorgeous, family and dog-friendly beaches and the Atlantic Ocean near at hand, Bloubergstrand (which translates as ‘blue mountain beach’) – and close-by Table View, too – is arguably one of the more beautiful suburbs in the Mother City.

And while there is plenty to do in the area – wind surfing, ocean walks, photography and surfing to name a few of the popular activities – this time, it’s the eateries that have our attention locked on Bloubergstrand and surrounds.

Here are ten of the best eateries near to beautiful Bloubergstrand:

#1 The Indian Chapter

If one thing can be said about The Indian Chapter Restaurant, it is that owner and hostess, Prim Reddy is one of the most warm and amazing hospitality hosts in the entire Cape Town restaurant scene.

What’s more, her gracefulness and passion for this eatery are always prevalent – so it’s no wonder that she easily inspires a great team of staff to help run her restaurant.

The Indian Chapter, which specialises in true Indian cuisine, is known for its authentic food, warm atmosphere and sound service. Here, guests are consistently handled with care and good attention.

And best of all? This might be some of the best Indian food you’ll taste in Cape Town – and beyond!

Contact: +27 (021) 557 5524


Address: The Indian Chapter, Carnaby Centre, 9 Marine Circle, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#2 Homespun by Matt

Homespun by Matt is one of the city’s most quietly impressive and exciting eateries… Inspired by owner, Matt Schreuder’s culinary journey across the globe, this cosy, beautifully aesthetic restaurant serves up a edible and visual feast both.

At Homespun, dishes are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate and the food is great, irrespective of whether you dine from the Chef’s Menu or the A La Carte Menu… Throw in a formidable wine list and you are well and truly set to enjoy a very memorable eat out experience.

If you’re keen to sink your teeth into this highly touted restaurant, be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment, as it is fiercely popular.

Contact: +27 (021) 556 2824,


Address: Homespun By Matt, 1 Porterfield Road, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Homespun by Matt

#3 Doodles Beachfront Restaurant

Blessed with a famously gorgeous view of Table Mountain and the surrounding Table Bay, Doodles is a vibrant, scenic and above all, lively restaurant for diners to enjoy.

With a vast food menu, good live music performances and a unique setting, this restaurant is sure to wine and dine you long after sunset.

Not only does it cater to breakfasts, light lunches and dinner but it is also available for hire for private functions.

Contact: +27 (021) 554 1080,


Address: Doodles Beachfront Restaurant, 110 Beach Boulevard, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#4 On The Rocks Restaurant

At On The Rocks Restaurant – which, yes, you guessed it, sits perched literally on the rocks, overlooking the stunning ocean and mountains in the distance – freshly prepared, delicious meals, incredible views and a cheerful, seaside atmosphere are a given…

And with mouthwatering local dishes, like West Coast Soup or traditional Cape Malay Seafood Curry, added to the mix, you can’t go wrong.

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, then the picturesque ocean-meets-Table-Mountain views certainly will!

Contact: +27 (021) 554 1988,


Address: On The Rocks, 45 Stadler Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

On The Rocks
On The Rocks

#5 The Angus Grill

Famed for their Angus steaks, drool-worthy Eisbein and excellent burgers, this upmarket, chic eatery looks as good as the food tastes.

Great service, stellar views and a wide range of wines enhance the overall ambiance, ensuring you are in for a special restaurant experience in the Mother City.

The Angus Grill makes for a wonderful culinary adventure, every time!

Contact: +27 (021) 556 0589


Address: The Angus Grill, 1A Beach Bouelvard, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#6 Jerry’s Burger Bar Blouberg

With incredible burgers, great drinks and friendly, on-hands staff, this Jerry’s Burger Bar branch is a consistent winner.

Foodies alike agree that the burgers and tacos are delicious, while the hip decor and vintage motorcycles on display and awesome views help to further enhance the overall playful vibe that this eatery emits.

Note: This branch is often very busy, so booking is advised.

Contact: +27 (021) 556 0852,


Address: Jerry’s Burger Bar Blouberg, 1 Athens Road, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#7 The Fat Greek


If you wish to embark on a holiday in the Greek Isles without even leaving the city, then The Fat Greek might be able to help you there.

With its fresh, vibrant Greek cuisine, friendly service and warm owners (who are almost always present with a smile), it makes for a wonderful local restaurant offering.

The atmosphere is warm, food is well-priced and delicious and there’s the added bonus that you can bring your own quality South African (or international) wine at no extra charge – need we say more..?

Contact: +27 (021) 556 4737


Address: The Fat Greek, 2 Porterfield Road, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#8 The Royal Oak Pub & Restaurant

At The Royal Oak, the dedicated team strives to offer each and every guest who graces their halls a ‘home away from home’, in true British pub style.

This is the place you can go to when you need to quench your thirst, catch the big game live with your friends or simply enjoy delicious pub grub at its finest.

The atmosphere at this quaint, long-standing Cape Town eatery is fun and relaxed, the food is great and service always comes with a smile…

Note: The English Breakfast, Sunday Roasts and fish and chips are particular favourites.

Contact: +27 (021) 557 0354,


Address: The Royal Oak Pub & Restaurant, 2 Harvan Centre, Marine Circle, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#9 Blowfish Restaurant

Not every restaurant in the Mother City allows you to feast with your eyes as you eat – but at Blowfish Restaurant, you can certainly do just that!

With its spectacular location (again: think imposing Table Mountain, with the ocean stretched out spotlessly before it), great menus and excellent value-for-money dining, this fine seafood restaurant is sure to impress on all fronts.

So whether you are after a magical place for your special date, somewhere lovely to celebrate an important occasion – or even a great place to hold your wedding reception… look no further than Blowfish Restaurant.

Contact: +27 (021) 556 5464,


Address: Blowfish Restaurant, 1 Marine Drive, Dolphin Beach, Table View, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

#10 Moyo Blouberg

Moyo Blouberg
Moyo Blouberg

Edging the delightful West Coast, Moyo Blouberg can be found at the bustling Eden on the Bay.

Here, an array of tasty African-inspired dishes, ocean views and sights of both Table Mountain and Robben Island await – and can all be savoured in one leisurely sitting.

Known for its warm hospitality, great food and prime location, Moyo Blouberg is definitely worth a visit when you’re anywhere near Bloubergstrand.

Contact: +27 (021) 286 0662,


Address: Moyo Blouberg,Shop 50, Eden on Big Bay Shopping Centre, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

These are just some of the stunning eateries you can enjoy in Bloubergstrand and nearby  Table View – so go on, it’s time to enjoy the food and the views!