Top 10 Vegan Restaurants Near Durban

Durban is a city of culinary delights in so many respects… and while Cape Town probably still dominates the vegan movement at this time, Durban is becoming more food conscious.

This means more vegan- and vegetarian-friendly eateries are popping up, both in the city and just outside it.

So, without further ado, here are the best vegan (and/or vegetarian) restaurants and eateries to enjoy near delightful Durban:

Located within South Africa’s vibrant province of Kwa-Zulu NatalDurban is a popular city for holidaying, delicious cuisine and seaside escapes. 

#1 Oh My Soul Cafe

This fully vegan eatery is one of the finest around – and we love that every single item here is purely vegan. (So no checking your menu or reading every label to make sure you’re eating with kindness.)

Service and food are both top class too, so diners can enjoy a high quality dining experience and happy, cruelty-free eating.

The menu is diverse and interesting – offering everything from waffles to gourmet vegan sausages, sushi and fish and chips to healthy smoothies – so everyone, vegan or not, will find something they love.

Contact: +27 (063) 172 2531,

Website: N/A

Address: Oh My Soul Cafe, 68 Adelaide Tambo Drive, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Oh My Soul Cafe via Facebook
Oh My Soul Cafe via Facebook

#2 Valeo

Situated within the popular Health on Broadway, Valeo Whole Foods is the place to go for delicious vegan eats.

It may be small in terms of size – but it makes a big impression upon its diners. In fact, to some, this eatery offers the best vegan food in Durban… so be sure to try them and judge for yourself!

The menu is healthy, satisfying and vibrant, allowing you to sample plant-based deliciousness.

Meal tip: Try the creamy fritter stack, which is loaded with avocado, pesto, baby spinach and more healthy fun… It’s one of the most popular meals on the menu!

Contact: +27 (031) 563 8104,

Website: N/A

Address: Valeo, Health on Broadway, 10A Broadway, Broadway, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Health on Broadway via Facebook
Valeo via Health on Broadway Facebook

#3 Conscious Cafe

Found at The Castle on Main, Conscious Cafe is one of the best vegan eateries around.

This vegan- and vegetarian-cafe serves a delicious array of squeezed juices, fair-trade coffees and teas, sandwiches, wraps, bread, salads and much more… This is healthy, cruelty-free eating at its finest.

Their dedication is to bringing their customers healthy and wholesome, homemade meals – and they are definitely achieving this noble goal, while also being kind to animals in the process!

Contact: +27 (076) 160 6431

Website: N/A

Address: Conscious Cafe, 24B Old Main Road, Gillitts, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#4 Vrushiks Vegetarian Foods

Vrushiks Vegetarian Foods is one of the most notable, strictly vegetarian and vegan places to eat in Durban.

Food is well-priced and generously portioned and the service is friendly and welcoming.

Best of all, you will leave with well-prepared vegetarian meals and/or quality products.

Meal tip: Try the vegetable briyani or cabbage curry (if these options are available on the day).

Contact:  +27 (082) 456 3665,

Website: N/A

Address: Vrushiks Vegetarian Foods, 63 Acutt Avenue, Unit 11, Briardene, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Vrushiks Vegetarian Goods via Facebook
Vrushiks Vegetarian Goods via Facebook

#5 Earthmother Glenwood

This lovely, health-conscious cafe excels in excellent gluten-free and vegan-friendly foods. Their food is authentic and service is friendly and devoted.

This cafe will appeal, not only to vegans, but to those with special dietary requirements or food intolerances too.

Some of their vegan delicacies include comforting carrot and cumin soup; gluten-free, vegan bunny chows; tofu scrambled ‘egg’ and much more.

Contact: +27 (031) 202 1527,

Website: N/A

Address: Earthmother Glenwood, 155 Helen Joseph Road, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#6 Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Room

Famous for their mouthwatering veggie bunny chows, Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Room has something of a legendary status among Durban’s vegetarian eaters.

If you are looking for excellent, vegetable-based meals and consistently good service, then it’s hard to ever go wrong with a meal from Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Room.

This is simple, vegetarian eating that is both wholesome and refreshing.

Note: While they aren’t necessarily vegan – everything served here is vegetarian-friendly.

Contact: +27 (031) 306 1774

Website: N/A

Address: Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Room, 202 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Patel's Vegetarian Refreshment Room via Facebook
Patel’s Vegetarian Refreshment Room via Facebook

#7 Govinda’s Durban

Govinda’s is rated by some as one of the best vegetarian restaurants/takeaway joints around.

Situated under the Hare Krishna Temple, it offers a peaceful, unfussy place to go enjoy great food and good service.

If you are looking for excellent vegetarian food, Govinda’s should be your first pick.

Contact: +27 (031) 403 4600

Website: N/A

Address: Govinda’s, 50 Bhaktivedanta Swami Circle, Chatsworth, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#8 Little Gujarat

Offering the best in curries, bunny chows, samoosas, roti breads and other delicious Indian cuisine, Little Gujarat is proudly and authentically vegetarian.

Their pure, mouthwatering food options include everything from soups to curries to desserts and much more.

There is so much to choose from – so everyone should find a winner on this menu!

Note: While they aren’t necessarily vegan – everything served here is vegetarian-friendly.

Contact: +27 (031) 3062272


Address: Little Gujarat, 107 Dr Goonam Street, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#9 Falafel Fundi

Falafel Fundi via Facebook
Falafel Fundi via Facebook

Falafel Fundi provides visitors with a wide selection of beyond good falafels.

Best of all? Their fresh, homemade Middle Eastern cuisine includes many vegan and vegetarian options so, while not strictly vegan or vegetarian, this is a place for all kinds of eaters to enjoy (if you’re comfortable with that).

Vegan and vegetarians eaters agree it is something of a veg paradise and the food is all reasonably priced, fresh and oh-so-tasty.

Note: While they aren’t necessarily vegan, there are plenty of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly options.

Contact: +27 (083) 783 6172,

Website: N/A

Address: Falafel Fundi, 52 Florida Road, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#10 Leaf Cafe

Situated in Umhlanga Rocks, Leaf Cafe is worth any drive you have to make to get to it. Why, you ask? Because they are one of the most passionate plant-based eateries around.

Their goal is to provide diners with satisfying, mouthwatering meals without any animal products being involved.

Highlights from the menu include seasame shroom wrap, the Mexican black bean and walnut burger, tofu breakfast wrap and chili loaded wedges.

They might be plant-based – but these are meals that anyone can enjoy eating with pleasure rather than guilt.

Contact: +27 (064) 892 2377,


Address: Leaf Cafe, Shop 17 Protea Mall, (inside the entrance to the Protea Hotel), 1 Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu-Natal.

These are just some of the vegan- and vegetarian-friendly eateries you can enjoy near Durban… Which appeals to you the most?

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