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  • Q on First Guesthouse
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  • Q on First Guesthouse
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Q on First is a Villa style Guesthouse,1 km from Rosebank Central & Gautrain Rosebank station - link up to O.R.Tambo airport, affordable luxury accommodation in central Johannesburg, set in the green suburbs called “ the parks” of Johannesburg.

We offer different types of rooms for different budgets, Classic room, Deluxe Room, Luxury Suite and all come with freshly cooked breakfast daily. Dinner order in options are available, 450/800m from guesthouse is fabulous restaurants.

On-site we offer Free parking in a secured compound, with 24-hour security. Outdoor pool and verandah where you can enjoy cocktails. Several meeting rooms. Conference Venue for 30 delegates, the boardroom for 8 executives.

Our fabulous Villa style Guesthouse is designed with ease and comfort and affordable luxury in mind.Note we try and follow a green policy So we don't offer air conditioner and rooms is designs with windows to help airflow.

Property Facilities:
Q on First offers various additional facilities to make your stay
as comfortable as possible:

Coffee & Tea facilities as well as a small fridge - Superior linen DSTV Private entrances

Outdoor Pool with a patio sitting area, Bar, Free Fast Wi-Fi.

walking slow 10 min to Rosebank Mall and African Craft Market - Sunday the Rosebank Roof Top Market, 10 min with UBER on Saturday/Sunday to Maboneng Precinct, or Braamfontein Neighgoods market. 200 m from Top end galleries and restaurants. 2 km from the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Area Information
We situated 1 km from Rosebank Gautrain Station and the Rosebank Mall, and 2.5 km from Hydepark. 10 min drive from Sandton City.

Q on First has the following conference and function facilities available:

-Conference room - 18 delegates U shape
- 30 cinema style
- 30 school class style

-Executive Boardroom -8 delegates

Area Information:
Q on First Guesthouse - Travel Tips
Set in the Gauteng, the biggest man made forest in Africa area, the streets of Parktown North are lined with maple & jacaranda trees. It has been said that Johannesburg has the best climate on the highlands of South Africa. Summer has warm to hot sunny days with possible thunder showers in the afternoon. While winter has cold nights and chilly mornings and warmer midday temperatures. Winters are generally dry (Cape Town is wet) and if you are planning a safari to Kruger National Park or the upmarket lodges around the Kruger best game viewing time as the grasses die back and the game is easier to spot. This is also the lowest risk time for malaria which is present in the Lowveld areas of Mpumalanga.

The seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are directly opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere. For summer months, lightweight (cottons and linens), short-sleeved clothes are best, although a light jersey/jumper might be needed for the cooler evenings. Umbrellas and raincoats are essential for the summers. Warmer clothes are needed for the winter months -dress in layers so you can take off as needed.
Getting Here Johannesburg O.R.Tambo International Airport is the major airport in South Africa and is the hub for 45 airlines from all five continents. Flights from Europe are generally overnight and just a sleep away. The direct flights between the USA and Johannesburg or Cape Town are about 15 hours, and flights between London and Johannesburg take about 12 hours.

Driving from the airport to Q on first takes about 45 minutes add some time for walking to the rental pickup point.

Another option is download the UBER app on your phone, there is free WiFi at the airport, change privacy setting on location to South Africa on arrival on the app.The app will tell you to walk to a certain pick up number bay, request address Q on First they will deliver you easy and safely. No cash payments so its automated on your credit card and you know that you deal with an international reliable transporter.

Take the Gautrain from airport to Sandton change carriage to Rosebank Station ( south lane) - get a taxi or walk the 1km from station, not recommended with lots of luggage, or order an UBER.

Passports and Visas
For the majority of foreign nationals who travel to South Africa for vacation, entry is straightforward and hassle-free. All visitors to South Africa must be in possession of a valid passport in order to enter the country, and in some cases, a visa. Travellers from certain regions of the world (Scandinavia, Japan, the USA, and most Western European and Commonwealth countries) do not need to formally apply for a visa. Upon arrival in South Africa, visitors from countries falling into this category will automatically be given a free entry permit sticker that outlines how long they may remain in the country. This automatic entry permit is usually for a maximum of 90 days, though the immigration officer may tailor the time period according to the airline tickets held. Foreign nationals from some other countries are offered this service, but for a maximum of 30 days. If visitors want to stay for a longer period, they will have to apply formally for a visa, as opposed to relying on the automatic entry permit.

Banks and Money
The currency unit is the Rand "ZAR", denoted by the symbol R, with 100 cents making up R1 (one Rand). Foreign currency can be exchanged at local banks and Bureaux de Changes. Most major international credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and their affiliates are widely accepted. Note American Express and other cards are not accepted all over. Always request your bank to activate a PIN code on all cards. I suggest to have 2 cards, one for bigger expenses like rentals, accommodations etc and another for paying at restaurants and daily expenses. You don't need to exchange cash or walk around with cash as cards is accepted widely.

Most restaurants do not add a service charge to bills - thus it is customary to leave a 10-15% tip for good service. Parking and petrol station attendants should be given whatever small change you have available but its not always needed only if you feel like it.

Value-added-tax (VAT) is charged on most items. Foreign tourists to South Africa can have their VAT refunded provided that the value of the items purchased exceeds R250.00 per receipt and a TAX invoice is made out into their name. VAT is refunded at the point of departure provided receipts are produced at all Major airports, take time and plan as waiting lines might be long, you will need your bank account number and passport they pay electronically into your account.

South Africa's electricity supply: 220/230 volts AC 50 Hz Most plugs have three round pins but some plugs with two smaller pins are also found on appliances. Adaptors can be purchased but may be in short supply. US-made appliances may need a transformer.

Many foreigners are unaware that South Africa has a well-developed infrastructure, medical facilities equal to the best in the world and high standards of water treatment.South Africa hear transplant DR Barnard did the first heart transplant in the world.

As a rule, tap water in South Africa is safe to drink as it is treated and is free of harmful microorganisms. In hotels, restaurants and nightspots, the standards of hygiene and food preparation top-notch. It is safe to eat fresh fruit and salads and to put as much ice as you like in your drinks - a good thing, too, after a day on a tour or safari.
Consult your physician or pharmacist for advice on Malaria before you depart from your country.

Personal safety
South Africa boasts a vast array of cultures, communities, sites and attractions. Most parts of the country can be safely visited by tourists provided they take basic common-sense precautions (for example not walking alone in deserted areas at night and being circumspect about how much photographic equipment or flashy jewellery you carry. Most of the crime that takes place in South Africa is between people who know each other and random acts of violence are the minority of cases.

Road safety
Our transport infrastructure is excellent and our roads are in good condition. However, the distances between towns are significant, so if you're planning to self-drive, it is a good idea to plan your itinerary to ensure you don't drive long distances as fatigue is a major cause of road accidents. Avoid long car journeys that necessitate driving at night as it always carries more risk. Also, in some of the more remote rural areas, the roads are not fenced so there may be stray animals on the road - which could be very dangerous at night. (Cows don't have headlights.) We have very strict drinking and driving laws - with a maximum allowable alcohol blood content of 0.05%. Translated that means about one glass of wine for the average woman and perhaps 1.5 or two for the average or large man. Our speed limits are 120kmph on the open road, 100kmph on smaller roads and between 60 and 80kmph in towns. Be aware that even major national roads cut through residential areas so there may be a speed limit of 80 or 60kmph on a road that looks like an autobahn. This is to protect pedestrians, especially children, so we really do encourage people to comply. Never pay an officer if you got a traffic fine, you pay fines at the police station.

All visitors intending to drive are required to obtain an international driver's permit, visitors found driving without a permit will be fined and not permitted to continue on their journey. Visitors will also not be able to rent a car without a valid driver's permit. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory and strictly enforced by law.

Most major shopping centres and malls operate 7 days a week, but you will find that in the smaller towns and rural areas that shops are closed on a Saturday afternoons & Sunday.

In Room Facilities:
All suites & rooms offer luxury cotton linen,
-pillow menu,
-king bed extra length,
-towel menu,
-bathroom amenities
-underfloor heating
-guesthouse DSTV
-tea and coffee tray
-complimentary Wi-fi
-seating area
-desk area.
-garden views
-clothes steamer/Iron
-NO AIR CONDITIONERS - as part of our green policy rooms offer big windows.

Parktown North, the “parks area” of Johannesburg is well known for all the Art Mile, cafe's and Excellent small restaurants and some of the best in South Africa, 4th Avenue in Parkhurst is ideal for some night life with many pavement bars and eateries.

Shopping ( Rosebank 1 km from Guesthouse - walking 15 min uphill)
For some of the finest shopping in South Africa, visit Hyde Park or Rosebank Mall, two large shopping centres situated nearby. Whether you’re looking for chic, designer African fashion, or you just want to catch the latest blockbuster or art film, you are sure to find them at either of these up-market centres.

South African War Museum ( 3km from Guesthouse)
The South African War Museum is situated in Erlswold Way in the northern Johannesburg suburb of Saxonwold adjacent to the Johannesburg Zoo and close to the recreational area of Zoo Lake. It is easily reached by road and bus routes down Oxford Road and Jan Smuts Avenue pass by our entrance. The latter option leaves a short walk to the Museum. There is ample parking for the motorist.

Gay Night outing (4.5 km from Q on First)
Inspired by the heydays of the 50’s and the trend setting styles of Miami’s, South Beach. This is where flamingos flock to be surrounded by camp chic and touch of madness.
Beefcakes’ legacy of nightly performances, beefy table hosts, luscious libations and mouth-watering burgers prevails in a place that welcomes everyone and anyone to experience drag dining at its finest – perfectly positioned in Joburg’s upmarket hotspot, Illovo. Gay guide for Johannesburg

Plastic surgery recovery Q on First Guesthouse (1 km from Guesthouse)
As one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. van der Poel is dedicated to building warm, open relationships with his patients. Q on First Guesthouse offer long recovery stay option for patients after surgery.

Johannesburg City Sightseeing hop on hop off tours
Q on First is a mere 1.5 km from the pick-up, ticket office where you can hop on hop off and see and experience the best of Johannesburg. Click here for the experience.

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Extra Info
Property Type Bed and Breakfast, Guest House

Guest recommended to have and is responsible for insurance to cover cancellation, curtailment, loss of baggage, personal effects and cash.

We suggest that all Travelers take out a cancellation insurance in the event of illness or other events which would prevent a traveller from taking up the booking. We will be pleased to render an invoice to your insurers in the event of a claim.

We always confirm cancellations in writing by email to info@qonfirst.co.za. No telephonic confirmation cancellations will be accepted.

Unconfirmed rates are subject to change. Meaning no payment received in full won't guarantee the rate, unless the rate is confirmed in writing by our reservations.
We reserve the right to release any reservation if no payment received.

When group bookings are made, please inquire tor special cancellation conditions.
Errors and omissions excepted.

By payment, you accept our terms and conditions.

We request your telephone number as when we book a transfer with a 3rd party agent, the driver can then get in touche with you via whatsapp.
The property has stairs,steps and uneven pathways and you make use of the property at your own risk.

Full terms and conditions see our website at www.qonfirst.co.za

Check-in after 02:00 PM
Check-out before 08:00 PM
Cancellation Policy Strict
Can Be Used For Film Location
About the Host Member since 3 July 2017
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Joyce Richmond
22 January 2019

There streets are marked well and it made life easier.

Fabulous. 4 out of 5

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