Top Airlines in Africa.

There’s no question that Africa offers some of the world’s finest countries – whether it’s the wild and beautiful Tanzania, sunny South Africa or romantic, beautiful islands, like Mauritius or the Seychelles… Given this, it’s no surprise that travellers love flying to this unique continent throughout the year.

And with these ten top African airlines, you can enjoy them too!

#1 Ethiopian Airlines

Launched in 1945, this long-time airline has been flying across Africa – and the world – for many years now, under a trusted and well-oiled business service.

Not only are they one of the fastest growing airlines in the industry, but they also fly to more African destinations than any other airline carrier around. Book your flight and explore Africa with this awesome airline!

Contact: +251 116 656 666 or 011 326 1190


Where they fly: across Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

#2 South African Airways

South Africa’s largest airline, SAA, is known across Africa and the globe. They fly to some 56 destinations worldwide, making them exceptionally well-versed in both local and international flights.

They work in partnership with some of South Africa’s other top airlines, like SA Express, SA Airlink and Mango, to help you reach even more travel destinations than would otherwise be possible!

Contact: +27 11 978 1111 (SA), +55 11 3065 5115 (international)


Where they fly: South Africa, Africa and internationally.

#3 Air Seychelles

This national airline is an inter-island and international flight provider. Its main base is naturally Seychelles International Airport, and they are a helpful attractor of tourism.

You can fly with them to many wonderful destinations across Africa and the globe, including Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Mauritius.

Contact: +248 4391000


Where they fly: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Washington DC, Johannesburg and Mauritius to name just a few of their awesome destinations across both Africa and the globe.

#4 Air Mauritius

Mauritius’s flagship carrier, Air Mauritius, is a good flight provider, opening up many key parts of the world, including South Africa, where they fly to and from Cape Town, Johannesburg Durban.

They are the fourth largest carrier in sub-Saharan Africa and naturally, also have an impressive, solid foothold in the Indian Ocean routes, as well as parts of Europe too.

Contact:  +27 21 934 5506, +27 11 601 3900


Where they fly: across Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, including South Africa.

Air Mauritius Facebook
Air Mauritius Facebook

#5 Kenya Airways

Founded in 1977, Kenya Airways is Kenya’s flagship airline service. Since their establishment, they have enjoyed wonderful success, combining private-public partnerships with good quality service.

They offer flights across Africa, Asia and Europe, so if you fly with them, you will definitely get to see the world!

Contact:  +010 205 0000


Where they fly: across Africa, Asia and Europe.

#6 Royal Air Maroc

Otherwise known as RAM, Royal Air Maroc is Morocco’s largest airline and national carrier, wrapped up in one slick operation.

They operate largely from their base, Casablanca-Anfa Airport, providing domestic flights across Morocco and beyond to Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Their reach extends far, and they are a trusted and reliable airline.

Contact: +212 5224-89797


Where they fly: Africa, Europe, Morocco and North and South America.

#7 TAAG Angola Airlines

This state-owned national airline is based in Luanda. From there, they operate with an all-Boeing fleet, largely travelling across Africa.

They also provide long-distance flights to places like Brazil, Cuba, Portugal and China to name but a few of their over 35 destinations.

Contact: +244 9231 90 000


Where they fly: more than 35 destinations in Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

#8 Fastjet

This low-cost, Pan-African airline diligently strives to be the airline service for everyone. They fly to destinations like Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, offering travellers plenty of awesome African travel destinations to enjoy!

Contact: +27(0) 10 500 2560


Where they fly: Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Kulula is a simple, yet efficient South Africa airline, which, along with British Airways, operates across Africa.

They travel to popular places like Mauritius, Windhoek, Nairobi, Victoria Falls and Harare, giving you an affordable and enjoyable taste of South Africa and Africa beyond.

Contact: 0861 58 58 52 (SA) or +27 11 921 0500 (outside SA)


Where they fly: Across SA – and with British Airways, to Mauritius, Nairobi, Windhoek, Harare, Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

#10 Mango Airlines

Last but by no means least, we have the state-owned South African airline, Mango Airlines, who also operates as a subsidiary of SA’s best: SAA. Mango is cheap, cheerful and above all, consistently good.

In sunny South Africa, they primarily operate between Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and George – and twice weekly, they also run between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

Contact: 086 100 1234 (SA); (international) +27 (11) 086 6100


Where we fly: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, George and (twice weekly) between JHB to Zanzibar.

Fly across Africa – and the globe – with these top African airlines!

Top Airlines in South Africa.

With nine provinces, each as different as the next, South Africa is a rich and diverse country, and it’s perfect for both travellers and jet-setters to enjoy.

Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or holiday leisure – these top South African airlines can be the wind beneath your wings, as they safely bring you to your destination:

#1 South African Airways

Consistently rated as South Africa’s best airline, this long-standing flight king needs no introduction. “Flying to South Africa and beyond”, SAA is a multi-award-winning airline, first established 1 February 1934.

Along with Mango, they hold the number one and two spots as South Africa’s most on-time airlines, guaranteeing you will arrive on time without the schlep of extended flight delays or airport waits.

Their consistency, dedication and quality service has always given them an edge and, with a range of local and international flights on offer (and some impressive airline partners too), there’s no question that SAA can get you there!

Contact: +27 11 978 1111 (SA), +55 11 3065 5115 (international)


Where they fly: South Africa, Africa and internationally.

#2 (or Kulula)

This unmistakable green dragon has got your every flight need covered. With highly affordable rates, committed staff, and flights to many of SA’s top cities, Kulula is undoubtedly one of SA’s favourite airlines.

Enjoy flights from Cape Town to King Shaka International Airport (Durban) to Lanseria International Airport and more!

Contact: 0861 58 58 52 (SA) or +27 11 921 0500  (outside SA)


Where they fly: Across SA – and with British Airways, to Mauritius, Nairobi, Windhoek, Harare, Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

#3 SA Express

If you are looking to book flights in South Africa and southern Africa alike, then SA Express is one of the best airlines around to fly you there. They combine convenience, time savings and cheap flights with quality service.

Travel with them to destinations like: Richard’s Bay, Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Lusaka and more.

Contact: +27 11 978 9900


Where we fly: across SA and to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the DRC.

#4 Mango Airlines

Mango has been consistently and reliably providing travellers with affordable domestic flights, on-board Wi-Fi and so much more since they first took to the skies, way back in late 2006.

This orange, jet-setting airline operates between SA’s major airports, as well as providing twice weekly flights between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

For memorable and hassle-free domestic flights across South Africa, look no further than Mango!

Contact: 086 100 1234 (SA); (international) +27 (11) 086 6100


Where we fly: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, George and (twice weekly) between JHB to Zanzibar.

#5 SA Airlink

Connecting you with amazing destinations across Southern Africa, SA Airlink can take you where you need to be.

This awesome airline can connect travellers with up to 37 destinations, including nine African countries and St Helena. Spread your wings and enjoy the “freedom of the African sky” with Airlink.

Contact: +27 11 451 7300/0105903170


Where we fly: across South Africa and Botwsana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia, St Helena, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

#6 FlySafair

FlySaAir may have launched in late 2014 – but behind this fresh-faced airline is Safair – and they have been in operation for some fifty years.

Thus, because they bring both innovation and experience to South Africa’s skies, FlySaAir can take you to the ones you love at reasonable rates – and in good time too.

Contact: 087 135 1351


Where they fly: across South Africa


#7 British Airways

While British Airways is certainly not a domestic airline from a South African perspective, there can be no mistaking that this is one of the world’s leading international airlines.

However, despite this, they do fly from Johannesburg to Durban and Port Elizabeth, as well as to Cape Town.

Contact: 0844 493 0763


Where they fly: internationally and to Johannesburg, Durban, P-E and Cape Town.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your seat and prepare to take to the skies with these top airlines in South Africa!