Then and Now: How the Pandemic has changed travel

Afristay Travel Stats

As South Africa starts a new chapter and tries to find its feet with the ‘new normal’,  Afristay takes a look at how the Pandemic has changed our industry.

Looking at:
– Rates charged per night,
– How much guests would spend,
– Booking length
– Amount of Guests
– Most popular towns

What did we see:

Rates and Spend:
An average rate increase of 13% charged per night, from R1877.75 to R2118.50; However, there is a 24% increase in how much guests would spend for their total stay #travellocal

Booking Length:
Not much of a difference here, Guests used to stay for +/-2.17 nights, now they stay for 2.45 nights

Amount of Guests:
Average of 3, this also remain unchanged (2 adults and 1 child)

Most Popular Towns:
In first place, no change here (and are we surprised?)…. CAPE TOWN
2nd Place changed from Durban to Bela-Bela
And in 3rd Place, Harties to Colesberg

When speaking to some locals in the small town of Kleinmond (Holiday makers dream location)
They said they could see many homeowners have rather moved in to their property there instead of letting it out for holiday accommodation. And who could blame them, if you could work from home wouldn’t you also want to work from a small beach town with only 14 streets between the ocean and the mountain? #bliss

The Pandemic didn’t just change our industry, it also added some new words/phrases to our vocab:
The Rona
Remote Holidays
WFH – Work from home (or Work from Holiday)



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