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The sleepy country town of Bethlehem was founded in the 1800s by the Voortrekker settlers and is one of South Africa’s finest rural enclaves. Situated in the Free State province, Bethlehem boasts a tremendous location as it is well away from the congestion and pollution of the bigger cities, but also gives travellers easy access to some of the country’s most sought-after destinations.

Bethlehem is a stunning natural paradise and lies at the foot of the glorious Maluti Mountains, which do indeed provide a haunting and intimidating backdrop over the town. Its other prominent natural feature is the supreme Jordaan River, which adds to the rich colours and textures of the Bethlehem landscape; the river forms part of the scintillating Pretoriuskloof Nature Reserve which offers outstanding bird watching opportunities as well as an impressive array of flora. As if this was not enough, Bethlehem is also a prominent wheat-producing region as well as being known for its cattle farming and wool.

Though Bethlehem is a country town, there is a remarkable assortment of attractions and activities to enjoy in these parts. War memorabilia can be seen at the Museum of Natural History while a rich legacy from the Voortrekker era can be viewed at Baartman House. Water sport enthusiasts can indulge in a number of their favourite pastimes along the banks of the Jordaan River, while Bethlehem is also the home of a pristine golf course to satisfy the needs and desires of avid golf fans everywhere. Top attractions in close proximity include the crystal lakes found at the majestic Sterkfontein Dam Reserve and the outstanding Golden Gate National Park, which guarantees to be a very rewarding experience.