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The Eastern Cape town of Cradock has seen many of South Africa’s groundbreaking historical events happen as they unfolded. The Great Trek was one such event while the ostrich boom of the 1900s occurred here too. The Linglihle Cemetery bears further testament to the historical legacy this town is renowned for as many of the people who lost their lives in the mammoth battle against Apartheid are buried here; haunting and tragically beautiful, the cemetery is a place of immense sadness but also one of hope and triumph – a fitting tribute to what the human spirit can achieve.

But it is not just history lovers that will enjoy a sojourn through Cradock. Nature lovers and sports enthusiasts are bound to fall in love with the town when they witness all the enjoyment and pleasure they can experience during their stay. As it is settled on the banks of the Great Fish River, canoe enthusiasts will... Show more