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The town of Piet Retief is located in the famous Assegai Valley in the South East of Mpumalanga in South Africa. The earliest Voortrekkers established the town of Piet Retief in 1883. Since then, it has grown into a sizeable town with a prospering tourism industry.

The name ‘Piet Retief’ is synonymous with the Great Trek and the violent battles that ensued as Piet Retief and his Voortrekkers moved through South Africa. This area was the site for many battles fought between – and – as the Voortrekers advanced through the province. Today the town is a vibrant village that thrives on the tourists that pass through, and those that stay.

There are many memorials to mark the violent history of this area. But, aside from the historical significance of this town, there is a vibrant community that lives here all year around. Set against the backdrop of the epic Drakensberg Mountains, this town caters to tourists and holidaymakers with many great services, activities and accommodation.

For nature lovers, this area has many great activities and places of interest. Mountain bikers will delight in the many trails in the area. Bring a bike, or rent one and enjoy the various trails. Hoffman’s valley is an outstanding trail for all levels of expertise. The wildlife in this area is spectacular, and boasts a large and varied resident bird population, as well as a host of other colorful inhabitants.

This little town attracts all kinds of visitors, from near and far. Because of its location, it makes an ideal stop over point when traveling to the coast. Come and visit Piet Retief for a true taste of KwaZulu Natal!