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If you’re ready to get away from it all and need the perfect destination to escape to, then the tiny town of Stutterheim near East London in the Eastern Cape is a terrific venue. Though it is small in stature, Stutterheim is known to be picturesque and lovely, boasting an enviable location and friendly hospitality. Camping here is one of the favoured pastimes as looking up at a starry, unpolluted sky is a genuine pleasure not found in many parts of the country anymore.

The copious amounts of annual rain here have sculpted the landscape into a lush, fertile paradise teeming with greenery and many indigenous types of flora. As nature is so abundant, most people who visit Stutterheim want to be outdoors enjoying the many magnificent activities on offer namely bass and trout fishing, hiking, picnicking, bike riding trails, and of course bird watching - which proves to be very rewarding. Stutterheim, though, is not... Show more