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Embark on a journey of discovery, adventure and some well-deserved relaxation in the heart of the rugged Little Karoo vista. The en route town of Willowmore, a true desert gem, was built in 1864 on a piece of farmland own by William Moore. In addition to its attachment to the Dutch Reformed Church and local school the town served as a portal between the Great Karoo and today’s Knysna harbour. It is a perfect one-night stopover for roadtrippers travelling through the interior as it lies on the N9 main route between the coast and the inlands. Willowmore is part of the Baviaans area in the Eastern Cape, along with other small towns. It is known for its abundance of plant species, cultural legacy and stock farming. As a visitor you can enjoy Karoo hospitality after a weary day of travelling at one of the nearby guest farms and bed and breakfasts.

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