Different types of holidays you need to know

Life’s daily routines and stresses can take a toll on individual and family life. This is the basic reason why holidays are designed. It allows people to relax, get perspective on different aspects of life, have fun and experience something out of the normal. This is achieved by seeing new landmarks, tasting diverse cuisine and engaging in activities you rarely have time for or get a chance to get exposed to.

What types of holidays can one consider in South Africa?

Adventure holiday 

Adventure holidays are usually embarked on by the more daring looking for an adrenaline-filled outing away from their daily lives. This type of holiday involves activities like river rafting, caged shark-diving, mountain biking, horse riding, surfing, canoeing, etc. All these activities can be enjoyed in different parts of the country.

City break

A city break is simply a short-term visit to a city of your choice that you would like to explore and enjoy.  These vacations are usually popular with millennials and young couples exploring the world. During a city break, you can enjoy shopping, visit restaurants to taste diverse cuisine, visit local neighbourhoods for a taste of the street culture, explore museums and art venues to see and buy some artefacts.

Cultural holiday

South Africa is part of a culturally multifaceted continent. From the north to the south, the country has unique and celebrated old traditions and cultural events which are well preserved. This type of holiday allows one to get immersed in the tribal culture of a particular geographical area, sample customs and beliefs, and visit sites of historical significance.


The environment is the heart and soul of the travel industry. It is therefore not surprising that an increasing number of people have embraced the idea of Ecotourism holidays. This type of holiday is designed to be enjoyed with minimum impact on the environment. You can go on holiday as family, friends or even as a social group with the understanding that you won’t sleep in a hotel for reasons of promoting and appreciating natural habitats. You can opt for a lodging place built out of lime, mud or local wood or even just put up a tent. Ecotourism activities include visiting flora, fauna and other natural habitats.

Escape holiday

We live in a constantly busy world with our personal lives and time taken over by business and work commitments, family commitments, and so much more. In addition, the digital age has resulted in our live being consumed by gadgets, social media and entertainment platforms. This is essentially what an escape holiday is designed for. To get away from daily stresses like emails and online notifications, socialising, and just enjoy something different in a remote area nature vacation.

Family holidays 

Family is everything in this troubled world. While we can’t quantify the value of families, time and circumstances do not sometimes allow families to have as many enjoyable moments together. A family holiday will enable families to reconnect emotionally, catch up on each other’s progress, uphold family values and just relax in a different environment while creating fresh and everlasting memories. Tourism agencies now offer cost-effective tailor-made family travel packages.

Beach holiday

South Africa is blessed with a vast coastline measuring about 3,000 kilometres. This coastline boasts pristine beaches where visitors can go and soak up the sun, spot marine life or just frolic in the breath-taking waves. Apart from the swimming, you can enjoy some seafood, visit local restaurants for local cuisine, visit some local craft markets for souvenirs or just visit historical sites along the coast.

Wildlife and nature holiday

South Africa is endowed with numerous game reserves and nature destinations. These game reserves allow visitors to get up close and personal with diverse animal and bird species. During these holidays, you get a chance to go on game drives watching the famous Big 5, get opportunities to photograph and preserve precious memories, soak in the green scenery, enjoy some bird watching and then soak in the African sunset while sipping your favourite beverage.

Romantic getaways

It’s nice being romantic in your familiar environment, but there is just something special about going for a romantic getaway. A romantic getaway affords you the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your loved one without distractions, bond better in a fun and relaxed environment, brush up on your love language and go on adventures and outings, which will allow you to improve your perspective on life and each other. South Africa has a wide array of romantic destinations which can spark or elevate your romantic life.

One important aspect of being on holiday is accommodation. The right type of accommodation away from home should provide maximum security, comfort, convenience and, most importantly, it must be affordable and in line with your budget. Afristay is South Africa’s largest accommodation portal with about 20,000 diverse accommodation options such as holiday homes, guest houses, BnBs, villas, etc. As you plan your trip, let Afristay assist you in finding the best accommodation in any corner of the country.

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