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Port St. John’s is a charming coastal town that attracts visitors from near and far. It is known as “The Jewel of the Wild Coast” and has had a long and turbulent history since the first ship crashed there in 1552 and even before when the San people settled here.

Because it was so difficult to access, this stretch of land remained unspoiled while the rest of the coastline was explored and exploited. Port St. John’s has been a secluded haven for wildlife.

This area is enchanting in so many ways. Port St. John’s is all about picturesque beaches, lush bushes and forests, set against the backdrop of white cliffs. This area provides many opportunities for exploring and adventure. Because of the turbulent waters, there have been many shipwrecks in the past 500 years. Some of these have attracted international attention due to their valuable cargo. This magical area is rumored to be... Show more

About Self Catering

Self Catering places can be found from rural to urban areas and can vary in what they offer. They allow plenty freedom and is a great inexpensive way to spend your holiday. They have been widely classified as a “Home away from home”. This is a good option for guests who don’t mind cooking their own food, and are looking for a more independent and flexible form of accommodation. For budget and large families, we would recommend self-catering for a more personalised experience.