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The situation in Zimbabwe is well-documented and extensively analyzed on a regular basis. The once ‘bread basket’ of the Southern African region has been economically strangled in recent years bringing about a sharp decline and hardships for its people. Zimbabwe is a former British colony and was known as Rhodesia before it gained independence in the 1980s and changed its name to Zimbabwe. Sharing borders with neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia, it should be remembered that Zimbabwe has many magnificent natural spectacles to be enjoyed and savoured. The country is home to the legendary African icon the spectacular Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River which it shares with neighbouring country Zambia. The falls are situated in the north west of Zimbabwe and are also home to the wonderful Victoria Falls National Park, which is one of the 8 main national parks in the country. Another lesser known, but equally fascinating attraction is the number of ancient ruined cities which have been built on a unique dry stone; the most famous of these ancient ruins are the Great Zimbabwe ruins located in Masvingo. The Matobo Hills is another Zimbabwean destination of note; its unique granite kopjes and wooded valleys eroded and exploded after the granite was forced to the surface. These almost bald-headed looking boulders are home to a site known as the World View where historical figures such as Cecil John Rhodes and Leander Starr Jameson are buried in the hills. These are only a few of the extraordinary sites you can visit in Zimbabwe and highlights the enormous potential this heartbreaking, yet beautiful country has in its arsenal if its to pull itself out of it current devastation and rise to become one of the continent’s greatest countries once more.