Best Places to Eat in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a beautiful city, with plenty of amazing attractions, beautiful natural scenery and lush city vibes to make a local or traveller’s day.

But it also offers some stellar eateries too… Here are the best places to eat in PE:

#1 De Kelder Restaurant

This romantic, cosy restaurant offers a touch of class, quality meals and superb service.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or create beautiful new memories, De Kelder should be top of your list in PE.

Try exciting dishes like the Vension Duo or Chateaubriand… Whatever you sample though, a good meal and great service are guaranteed.

Contact: +27 (041) 583 2750

Website: n/a

Address: De Kelder Restaurant, 39a Marine DriveSummerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#2 Old Austria Restaurant

Opened in 1972, this grand old dame has stood the test of time with popularity, grace and beauty.

As the longest running restaurant in PE, it has a rather iconic status – but it is the warm service, classic Austrian cuisine and beautiful surroundings that make it truly memorable.

Visit Old Austria for a special meal in a very special PE restaurant.

Contact: +27 (041) 373 0299, 


Address: Old Austria Restaurant, 24 Westbourne Road, Central Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Old Austria Restaurant
Old Austria Restaurant

#3 Shanna’s Portuguese Restaurant

If you are looking for delicious Portuguese food, delightful service and a lovely dining atmosphere to boot – then Shanna’s is perfect for you.

The restaurant is hugely popular and continues to convert new and old customers alike into die-hard fans… More importantly, this is authentic Portuguese dining and hospitality at its finest.

Contact: +27 (041) 367 4560


Address: Shanna’s Portuguese Restaurant, 220 Circular Drive, Versatile Centre Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#4 Cubata Sydenham Port Elizabeth

For those craving a more relaxed eatery, Cubata Sydenham Port Elizabeth is the ideal spot.

It’s laid back and fun and serves good food without a fuss. Portion sizes are generous, the vibe is good and staff are great too.

It’s no fuss, no frills eating… and it’s great!

Contact: +27 (041) 487 3737

Website: n/a

Address: Cubata Sydenham Port Elizabeth, 16 Stebonheath Road, Sydenham, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#5 Mellas Dim-Sum & Noodles Bar

Mellas Dim-Sum & Noodle Bar via Facebook
Mellas Dim-Sum & Noodle Bar via Facebook

This hidden gem specialises in authentic Asian cuisine, dim sum and noodles. All food is hand-made and served oh-so-fresh.

Overall, the food is well-priced and good, while the atmosphere and flavours ensure a great place to go for tasty food.

Contact: +27 (041) 582 2736


Address: Mellas Dim-Sum & Noodles Bar, 15 Bain Street, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

#6 Sticky Fingers Wood-fire Steakhouse

As the only wood-fired steakhouse in PE, this one is a special find. With a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, a homely setting and mouthwatering food, it’s hard to go wrong with Sticky Fingers.

The hosts, Godfrey and Karyn, are especially wonderful and really add to the experience with their warm hospitality and all-round attentiveness.

Contact: +27 (079) 316 7541


Address: Sticky Fingers Wood-fire Steakhouse, 23 Webber Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

J.F Punter, Sticky-Fingers-Wood-fire-Steakhouse via Facebook
J.F Punter, Sticky-Fingers-Wood-fire-Steakhouse via Facebook

#7 Natti’s Thai Kitchen

First established in 1997, Natti’s Thai Kitchen is a place where “good people come together and enjoy some of the best Thai cuisine out of Thailand.”

With a cosy, chic atmosphere, warm hosts and even better food, Natti’s offers a unique, incredible dining experience in pretty PE.

Contact: +27 (041) 373 2763,


Address: Natti’s Thai Kitchen, 5 Park Lane
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#8 Remo’s Italian

With a touching family story as the poignant inspiration and motivator behind this restaurant, it’s clear that at Remo’s Italian, brotherhood and family are vitally important.

Remo’s Italian is a wonderful, quietly unassuming eatery, which serves Italian cuisine at its best… What’s more, service and the atmosphere are impeccable too.

And, with branches in Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, Remo’s offers a touch of class and a taste of Italy across South Africa.

Contact: +27 (060) 998 0789,


Address: Remo’s PE, Alabaster Street, South End, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#9 Coachman on the Bay

This ocean-side restaurant is truly beautiful… and so are its views.  In every way, it is chic, polished and delightful, especially from a decor and setting point of view – best of all though, the food is the crowning glory here.

With everything from succulent steaks to fresh, lovely seafood, Coachman on the Bay is a winner through and through.

Contact: +27 (041) 584 0087

Website: n/a

Address: Coachman on the Bay, Brookes on the Bay, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#10 Backstreet Grill

With a cosy atmosphere, sound service and excellent quality steaks above all else, Backstreet Grill is well worth a visit. So be sure to join them for a delectable meal in a lovely Port Elizbeth restaurant.

Contact: +27 (041) 582 3015


Address: Backstreet Grill, 19 Bain Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

These are the best eateries in PE… which is your favourite?

Best Things to Do in Paarl

Paarl is one of the most beautiful and fun parts of the Cape Winelands to visit. And, as it is blessed with rich history, world-famous wine estates and a host of family-friendly experiences, it should be on everyone’s must-visit list…

So, here is a list of the best things to do in Paarl:

#1 Enjoy a day out at Spice Route

Spice Route is an excellent destination for the whole family to enjoy and is particularly great for groups of friends or weekend outings.

With chocolate and ice-cream tastings, beers, wine, restaurants and a host of artisan offerings, it’s the perfect place to head for a day out in Paarl. It’s also extremely picturesque and relaxed, making it especially ideal for weekend wanderings.

Contact: +27 (021) 863 5200,


Address: Spice Route Destination, Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

Spice Route Paarl via Facebook
Spice Route Paarl via Facebook

#2 Visit The Alpaca Loom Coffee Shop and Weaving Studio

If you would like to visit with adorable alpacas, then this is the place for you. Enjoy delicious coffee and cakes, before browsing luxurious, hand-crafted goods and petting the alpacas, who happily call it home.

It’s an interesting and engaging place to visit and is sure to delight shoppers and animal lovers alike.

Contact: +27 (084) 793 3666,


Address: The Alpaca Loom Coffee Shop and Weaving Studio, Suid-Agter Paarl Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#3 See the goats at Fairview Wine and Cheese

Fairview is not only one of the best wine estates in the country but it is also famed for its quality cheeses and cute goats.

In fact, the estate has really gone to great lengths to keep their four-legged friends happy, even creating a fairytale-like goat tower and overreaching bridge for them to enjoy.

So, pop by for lunch at Goatshed and enjoy explore the soothing wine estate grounds, while patting the goats and allowing your little ones the freedom to savour the gardens and lawns.

Contact: +27 (021) 863 2450,


Address: Fairview Wine and Cheese, Suid-Agter-Paarl Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#4 Explore Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve

Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve is a beautiful and tranquil spot in Paarl and is perfect for enjoying with the whole family.

Walk through the garden, pack a picnic or even set out to enjoy some excellent birding or hiking nearby. What’s more, there are plenty of amazing flowers – including the majestic Proteas – to see too.

The nature reserve offers incredible views across Paarl and is truly an outdoor haven… Just keep in mind that it can get busy on weekends and there is an entry fee for cars.

Contact: +27 (021) 807 6231


Address: Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, Jan Phillips Bergpad, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#5 Soak up the views at Taal Monument

Afrikaanse Taal Monument via Facebook
Afrikaanse Taal Monument via Facebook

Perked atop Paarl Mountain, this iconic structure pays homage to the past, while especially honouring Africa’s youngest language: Afrikaans.

Not only can you enjoy exploring the Taal Monument itself – an awe-inspiring structure thought up by architect Jan van Wijk – but you can also pop by the restaurant and museum.

What’s more, Taal Monument often hosts some exciting events – including picnics under the stars and amphitheatre concerts – so be sure to keep an eye and ear out for those!

Note: For more information on entry fees and events, please see

Contact: +27 (021) 863 0543,


Address: Taal Monument, Gabbema Doordrift Street, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#6 Lunch at Ridgeback Wines

One of the main attractions at Ridgeback Wines is definitely The Deck Restaurant. Overlooking the gardens and dam, this tranquil eatery is found within the wine tasting centre and offers an excellent array of fresh, home-style cooking.

Also, because this lovely Paarl wine estate produces some world-class wines, a winetasting of either their first label or premium label wines is a must!

Join them for lunch and enjoy a great wine tasting while you’re at it!

Contact:  +27 (021) 869 8988


Address: Ridgeback Wines, R44, Windmeul, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#7 Winetasting at Nederburg Wines


As one of South Africa’s most esteemed estates, Nederburg is one that almost everyone has heard of – and for good reason.

This quality estate, which is as beautiful as it is famous, offers a lovely restaurant, excellent wine tastings and so much more to thrill visitors.

Join them for a memorable wine tasting and tour or simply pop by for lunch… you won’t regret it.

Contact: +27 (021) 862 3104


Address: Nederburg Wines, Sonstraal Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#8 Take the Paarl Historical Walk

Hybre van Niekerk offers some insightful historical Paarl walks and tours. Options include: Historic Paarl, From Slavery to Freedom and In the footsteps of Arnoldus Pannevis.

The main one, the Historical Walking Tour starts at South Africa’s fourth oldest church, Het Gesticht Museum. From there, you enjoy a guided one kilometre walk along Paarl’s delightful Main Street.

Note: For pricing, please see the website. This historic tour takes roughly two to two and a half hours. Also, visitors are advised to don comfortable shoes and during summertime, a hat too.

Contact: +27 (065) 905 8197,


Address: Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#9 Quad biking and horseback riding at Rhebokskloof

Rhebokskloof is one of the most family-friendly estates you will find anywhere. It’s a welcoming, beautiful and entertaining estate to visit and there’s always plenty to enjoy here.

But two of the coolest attractions on offer are undoubtedly the quad biking and horseback riding.

The first is led by an experienced guide and allows guests to enjoy stunning views, while navigating several different routes and even the obstacle course, too.

The horse riding, meanwhile, is offered by Wine Valley Horse Trails… Join them for a one-, two- or three-hour trail, led by experienced guides and enjoy exploring the estate in a unique way.

Note: Wine Valley Horse Trails also offer moonlit tours and tours with winetasting(s) included.

Contact: 083 226 8735 / 083 657 5135,


Address: Rhebokskloof, Noord Agter Paarl Road, Windmeul, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#10 Dine at Pearl Rock Terrace, Laborie Estate

Nestled beneath Paarl Mountain on the beautiful Laborie Estate, one finds the charming Pearl Rock Terrace.

This cosy, scenic eatery is perfect for enjoying a meal with family and friends. It offers seasonal tapas, divine pizzas and delicious desserts, suitably enhanced by the stunning views.

Be sure to give them a visit; it’s well worth your while!

Contact: +27 (021) 807 3467,


Address: Pearl Rock Terrace, Laborie Estate, Taillefer and Main Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

These are just some of the top things to do in Paarl – and there are more where these came from!

Best Things to Do in Port Elizabeth

South Africa’s windy city is a place where the locals are ultra friendly, the ocean is always close by – and best of all, there are plenty of great activities and experiences for the whole family to enjoy!

Here are the best things to do in and around Port Elizabeth:

#1 Enjoy Shamwari Private Game Reserve

As one of South Africa’s premier “safari and holiday” destinations, Shamwari needs little introduction. Chances are, if you have heard of any place close to P-E, it will be this incredible game reserve.

Although Shamwari sadly doesn’t offer day game drives, it features exciting experiences, luxurious accommodation and of course, the chance to get up close and personal with Africa’s impressive Big 5.

Activities to enjoy when staying at Shamwari include: kids’ safaris, guided walks, game drives and birding. They also offer vital conservation experiences, like the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Born Free Big Cat Sanctuary.

Contact: +27 42 203 1111,


Address: Shamwari Private Game Reserve, Paterson, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#2 Explore Kragga Kamma Game Park

At Kragga Kamma, all the wild life roams around freely, unrestricted… This means that whether you stay overnight or simply stop by for the day – you can experience these incredible animals in a truly unique way!

Aside from the mandatory game drives, there are cheetah encounters, birding opportunities, a suspension bridge and monkey (forest) walk and more to enjoy.

Visit this amazing game park for some life-changing experiences in South Africa’s wild!

Contact: +27 (041) 379 4195,


Address: Kragga Kamma Game Park, Kragga Kamma Road (M15)
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#3 Take the family to Happy Valley

Catering to both kiddies and adults, Happy Valley is a magical place to go for a family outing.

Highlights at Happy Valley include: a life-sized chess board, lovely rockeries, lily ponds and of course, beautiful surroundings (especially at night when the colourful lights are turned on).

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy some fresh air at this enchanting place!

Contact: +27 (041) 582 2575


Address: Happy Valley,  50 Beach Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#4 Adventure in the Donkin Reserve

Overlooking the city, Donkin Reserve offers some interesting historical monuments and landmarks. These include the Stone Pyramid monument (which bears a moving inscription from Sir Rufane Donkin, written in loving memory of his late wife, Elizabeth) and proud-looking lighthouse.

Aside from these attractions, the reserve – which forms part of the sought-after Route 67 and the Donkin Heritage Trail – is a beautiful and interesting part of the city to explore.

Contact: +27 (041) 585 8884


Address: The Donkin Reserve, Belmont Terrace, Donkin Street, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#5 Explore Cape Recife Nature Reserve

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

This beautiful, 365-hectare reserve offers an escape from everyday city life. Here, one can enjoy some of the best ‘secret’ beaches and views around P-E.

What’s more, the reserve is also home to SANCCOB Port Elizabeth, a rehabilitation centre for marine animals (particularly the adorable African Penguins).

For the adventurous, there’s a delightful, 9-km circular walking trail, which allows you to experience pristine beaches, natural dune flora, interesting rocky outcrops and the lighthouse too.

All in all, the reserve is a wonderful place to explore and provides some incredible scenery.

Please note: There are weekly or annual vehicle permits, while those on foot and non-motorised transport enjoy free entry.

Contact:+27 (041) 582 2575


Address: Cape Recife Nature Reserve, Schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#6 Head to The Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World

For those craving a little added fun and excitement, the popular Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World is the place to go.

Offering restaurants and bars, spa treatments, golf, plenty of fun for the kids (including childrens’ rides, a magic company and more) and an amphitheatre, festival lawn area and a cinema to boot… it’s an all-round interesting attraction for everyone!

Contact: +27 (041) 507 7777,


Address: The Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World, Beach Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#7 Be entranced at Bayworld Oceanarium

Bayworld Oceanarium is a wonderful, educational experience for young and old. The oceanarium is home to several species of fish, Cape gannets, turtles, fur seals and even South Africa’s second largest captive population of African Blackfooted Penguins.

At Bayworld Oceanarium, you can meet the marine mammals who live in Algoa Bay… So bring your friends and family along and enjoy an immersive glimpse into local sea life.

Please note: For ticket prices and operating hours, please see Bayworld’s website.

Contact: +27 (041) 584 0650,


Address: Bayworld, 23 Beach Road, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#8 Get wet at Splash WaterWorld

Splash WaterWorld offers good, clean fun for the whole family. This epic water park offers amazing water slides, a beautiful enclosed grass area on Kings Beach and plenty of food and drink options too.

Main attractions include: the Super Tube, Lazy River Ride, Speed Slide and a dedicated Kiddies’ Slide too!

Splash WaterWorld is popular among school groups, youth groups and birthday parties… Join them for some fun in the sun – we promise you’ll get to make a splash!

Please note: For ticket prices and operating hours, please see Splash WaterWorld’s Facebook page.

Contact: +27 (041) 582 2575


Address: Splash WaterWorld, Kings Beach, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#9 Check out Route 67

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism

This insightful route comprises of 67 public art works, symbolising the late Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of service to South Africa. Included among these art works are 67 steps, which lead up to the largest flag in Africa.

Route 67 is a historical and cultural celebration, which honours a global icon and one of South Africa’s most influential people of all time.

Explore Route 67 from start to finish for an eye-opening and colourful introduction to P-E and South Africa alike.

Contact: n/a


Address: Route 67, 14 St Mary’s Terrace, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#10 Enjoy St George’s Park

As Port Elizabeth’s oldest park, St George’s Park is one of its longest standing attractions. Found within easy walking distance of the city, this delightful park is spread across 73 hectares of gorgeous, wooded parklands.

It is filled to the brim with an array of plants, trees and flowers and also encompasses the world-famous P-E cricket ground, South Africa’s oldest bowling green, a swimming pool, Prince Alfred’s Guard Memorial, the Victorian Pearson Conservatory and a great kids’ playground too.

The park is one of the city’s finest attractions, so it’s definitely worth enjoying when visiting or residing in P-E.

Note: There is also a monthly Art in the Park market, normally held on the last Sunday of the month.

Contact: +27 (041) 506 2775


Address: St Georges Park, Park Drive,
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

These are some of the best things to do in P-E. What’s first on your list?

Top Seven Durban Central Restaurants

Durban is blessed with an array of top, classy and hole-in-the-wall restaurants but some stand out above the rest, whether for their food, service or simply word-of-mouth popularity.

With this in mind, here are seven super Durban Central-based restaurants to enjoy:

#1 Roma Revolving Restaurant

Opened in 1973, this local restaurant is a stalwart and a real favourite in Durban. It has an almost legendary status and presently is the only revolving restaurant in the Southern Hemisphere – no small feat!

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a special meal and is designed for spoiling yourself and your loved ones, sharing memorable meals and celebrating life’s greatest moments too!

As you dine on excellent Italian cuisine, expect to be wowed by the incredible 360-degree views of Durban…. Talk about breathtaking, right?

Contact: +27 (031) 337 6707


Address: Roma Revolving Restaurant, 32 Floor, John Ross House, Jonsson Lane, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#2 Little Gujarat

For those craving an authentic Indian and vegetarian restaurant, this delightful eatery is the perfect place to go for both!

It is extremely popular and is known for its delicious Indian cuisine, including the likes of bunny chows, samoosas, sweetmeats and much more.

Be sure to visit this wonderful, little restaurant for your authentic taste of India right here in the beating heart of Durban!

Note: Aside from its Durban Central branch, Little Gujarat also has a branch in Gateway.

Contact: +27 (031) 3062272


Address: Little Gujarat, 107 Dr Goonam Street,
Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#3  Ku D’Ta

Situated at Wilson’s Wharf, this fusion-focused eatery and grill offers delightful food and a ‘relaxed harbour atmosphere’, live music (seven nights a week!) and some truly impressive views to boot.

Whether you let it become your after-work hang out or weekend favourite, be sure to pay this exciting restaurant a visit and allow them to tantalise your taste buds.

Note: For those who are keen on belting out some songs with friends and family, they also offer fun Karaoke Thursdays.

Contact: +27 (031) 301 1650,


Address: Ku D’Ta, IL 4-18 Boatmans Road, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#4 Patels Vegetarian Refreshment Room

This affordable and much loved eatery offers some truly delectable Indian and vegetarian cuisine.

Many consider this restaurant an iconic Durban eatery. In fact, some even say they have the best bunny chows in the whole city!

Over the long years, Patels has always been a firm favourite and it is known for its consistently good service, excellent Indian food and more… And this something that is true today as much as it ever was!

Contact: +27 (031) 306 1774

Website: n/a

Address: Patels Vegetarian Refreshment Room, 202 Dr Yusuf Dadoo Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#5 Oriental Restaurant

Considered one of Durban’s true foodie gems, Oriental Restaurant is well-known (and loved!) for its incredible bunny chows, great curries, brilliant breyanis and a wide array of delicious salads!

They offer great food, good service and affordable prices for big food portions – what more could anyone want?

For those seeking fine quality meals for takeaway or sit-down in Durban Central, look no further than this stellar establishment.

Contact: +27 (031) 304 5110

Website: n/a

Address: Oriental Restaurant, 3C & 3D, The Workshop, 99 Samora Machel Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#6 Nino’s

Founded by Nino Bompani, this wonderful Italian restaurant is where passion for customers, good service and quality food all come together in one beautiful space.

On the classic menu (they have a halaal menu too), you can enjoy a selection of gourmet burgers, breakfasts, house cakes, pasta dishes, pizzas and tramezzinis to name just a few of the mouthwatering options on offer. (Not to mention a range of great drinks, like ‘summer chillers’, wines and cold brews too!)

If you are looking for a cosy, delightful Durban eatery, head to Nino’s!

Contact: +27 (031) 301 7330


Address: Nino’s, Shop 21-25, Mutual Mall, 303 Dr Pixley Kaseme Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#7 Glenaire Gourmet Grill

Offering a wide range of products and excellent service, Glenaire is a diverse and exciting local institution.

With their meat market, two rotisserie stores (in Johannesburg) and of course, the grill restaurant, there is something for everyone to enjoy through Glenaire.

Here, food is cut and grilled to perfection, service is friendly and good and you can opt for sitdown dining or simply enjoy takeaways – either way, with Glenaire Gourmet Grill restaurant, you always win!

Contact: +27 (031) 301 2791,


Address: Glenaire Gourmet Grill, Corner of Dr Pixley Kaseme & Joe Slovo Streets, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

These are just seven of the most popular restaurants in Durban Central. Be sure to check them all off your dining to-do list!

Best Places to Eat in Paarl

Paarl is one of the most well-rounded parts of the Western Cape. Not only is this beautiful, hot region home to some of South Africa’s finest wine estates and hotels but it also offers a wealth of highly rated, consistently pleasing restaurants.

Here are the best places to eat in Paarl:

#1 FABER at Avondale

Ever since its opening, FABER has been the recipient of much highly esteemed and deserved food praise.

Found on the picturesque estate of Avondale, this enchanting eatery is pure magic, from setting to food presentation to taste.

Formerly under the helm of chef Eric Bulpitt but now overseen by up-and-coming chef Dale Stevens, FABER is an authentic, altogether impressive restaurant. It is, in every sense, a tastefully decorated, professionally run and sustainability-driven offering.

If you are looking for one of the best culinary experiences the Western Cape has to offer, book at FABER.

Contact: +27 (021 202 1219:


Address: FABER, Avondale Estate, Lustigan Road,
Klein Drakenstein, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#2 Terra Mare

Terra Mare – “Where land meets sea” – is a wonderful find in Paarl’s town proper. This contemporary establishment brings together some of the finest elements – including continental, Italian and Mediterranean cuisines – in a setting that quietly wows.

Inside, the restaurant is stylish and classy, without being over-the-top -and the food provides diners with the ultimate food experience.

Add to that some excellent wines and a passionate team and you cannot go wrong with Terra Mare.

Contact: +27 (021) 863 4805


Address: Terra Mare Restaurant, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#3 Noop

Noop is the place where wonderful stories of food and wine await… It is a warmly welcoming, gorgeous eatery, with food to match.

Here, things are kept fresh, local and simple, and there is no need or desire to over-complicate… And the culinary results are incredible.

What’s more, not only is Noop ideal for special dinners, romantic meals and celebratory nights out but it is perfect for hosting any special event.

Contact: 021 863 3925,


Address: Noop, 127 Main Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. via Facebook via Facebook

#4 Restaurant at Glen Carlou

This restaurant, which offers incredible views and a stylish, modern setting, is sure to thrill. The seasonally inspired food – expertly prepared by chef Johan Stander – is delicious and well-presented, the wines on offer are great and the service is top class.

All of these elements combine to bring you an excellent restaurant experience. While you are there, you might want to book a wine tasting or pop into the art gallery.

Note: The restaurant is open for lunch on Monday to Sunday, from 12:00 pm -16:00 pm.

Contact: +27 (021) 875 5528


Address: Restaurant at Glen Carlou, Simondium Road, Klapmuts, Western Cape, South Africa.

#5 Blacksmith’s Kitchen

Found at the delightful Pearl Mountain Estate, Blacksmith’s Kitchen is a relaxed and cosy bistro-style restaurant, situated in the old blacksmith’s cottages.

Chef Douglas Adams ensures that the food is beautiful and delicious, while the pretty, airy setting makes the restaurant feel like a breath of fresh air.

When in Paarl, be sure to pay Blacksmith’s Kitchen a visit.

Contact: +27 (021) 870 1550


Address: Blacksmith’s Kitchen, Pearl Mountain Estate, Northern Paarl, access via Bo Lang Street from Paarl Main Road, Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#6 Bertus Basson at Spice Route

Celebrating the best of South African cuisine, served up by one of the country’s finest chefs, Bertus Basson – this self-named restaurant at Spice Route is a winner every time.

Whether you sit out on the porch or under the oak trees, you are sure to be wowed by your surroundings, as much as by the incredible food on offer.

Note: Before/after your meal, be sure to explore all the fun, which Spice Route offers visitors!

Contact: +27 (021) 863 5222,


Address: Bertus Basson at Spice Route Destination, Suid Agter Paarl Road,
Suider Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

Spice Route Paarl via Instagram
Spice Route Paarl via Instagram

#7 Bosman’s Restaurant

The award-winning Bosman’s at Grande Roche Hotel makes for a unique dining experience.

Here, pleasing settings combine with good service and memorable foods, creating a sensory experience of note.

This is fine dining, wherein charming intimacy, old-school elegance and style come together nicely.

Note: The Private Dining Room can be hired for more intimate functions, board meetings and of course, romantic, candle-lit dinners too.

Contact: +27 (021) 863 5100,


Address: Bosman’s Restaurant, Grande Roche Hotel, 1 Plantasie Street,
Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

#8 Goatshed Restaurant at Fairview

Fairview isn’t just renowned for its cheeses, wine and cute goats alone – for its eateries are well loved too, you see.

And in Goatshed Restaurant, one encounters a delightfully charming, country-style eatery, equipped with a pleasant atmosphere, setting and menu to boot.

With their selection of farm-style dishes, artisanal, award-winning cheeses and delicious wines, it is hard to beat a meal at this lovely restaurant.

Note: Be sure to say hi to the friendly estate goats when you visit!

Contact: +27 (021) 863 3609,


Address: Goatshed Restaurant, Fairview Wine Estate, Suid-Agter-Paarl Road, Suider Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.

These are just some of the most fabulous places you can eat out at in Paarl… which will you visit first?

Three Thrilling Activities in Morningside

Morningside is a famously chic and lovely suburb in Johannesburg, offering a host of great eateries and a few fun things to do too!

Here (in no particular order) are three of the best attractions to enjoy when in Morningside, Johannesburg – and best of all, they are all jam-packed with great activities, eateries and more.

#1 Shop till you drop at The Wedge

Nestled in the heart of Morningside, The Wedge Shopping Centre is the place to go for every possible shopping need you can think.

With over 35 stores, safe, secure parking, restaurants, boutiques and a great setting, this shopping centre is ideal for anyone visiting or staying in Morningside, Sandton and surrounds.

Enjoy the perfect blend of shopping fun meets stylish, everyday sophistication when you visit The Wedge!

Contact: +27 (011) 073 6800,


Address: The Wedge Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

#2 Fun in the sun at Morningside Country Club

Pieter Dempsey via
Pieter Dempsey via

Founded in 1957, Morningside Country Club, or MCC, as it is fondly referred to as, is a popular venue for functions, eating out and indulging in some sports. For many, it is a home away from home, particularly on weekends.

You can enjoy a relaxing day out at the club, as you while away the hours, eating, celebrating and making use of the sports facilities. These are well equipped for the likes of tennis, bowls and hockey to name only a few.

Either way, service, facilities and the food are sure to impress – and have you coming back time and time again!

Contact: +27 (011) 803 1805,


Address: Morningside Country Club, 1 De la Rey Road, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

#3 Enjoy retail therapy at Morningside Shopping Centre

This award-winning shopping centre is one of the best in South Africa. With some 62 shops and a wide variety of coffee shops and restaurants, Morningside Shopping Centre is definitely an unmissable local attraction.

And thanks to its easy parking and disabled- and child-friendly facilities, it is a wonderful experience suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are craving some high-end shopping, classy eateries and hours worth of fun, be sure to stop by Morningside Shopping Centre – you won’t regret it!

Contact: +27 (087) 944 6244,


Address: Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road, Morningside, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

These are just three of the fun activities to enjoy in Morningside – although, in truth, they each offer so many things to do!  Which are you keen to visit first?

Top Luxury Atlantic Seaboard Stays.

One of Cape Town’s most luxurious corners, the Atlantic Seaboard is brimming with beach bungalows, five star guesthouses and opulent villas for families and friends to enjoy, especially during the festive season. The areas of Camps Bay, Clifton and Llandudno unveil their best bits in South Africa’s summer and coax visitors to their beaches, coves, pools, restaurants and bars. Find shade beneath your umbrella on Camps Bay beach, have a sunset picnic on Llandudno and tan to your heart’s delight on one of the four clifton beaches.



Llandudno is a residential area cascading down the slopes of the mountain and boasts some of the best views in the world. All activities here are centered around the beach so if you’re looking to stay here; you can look forward to morning beach walks and swims, surfing ( if you’re fairly proficient) and sunset picnics.

Our Llandudno Stay Suggestion:

The Senior Sun Suite – Soul on Llundudno 

This luxurious 6-bedroom establishment will leave you breathless with its unique design and outstanding sea views from all angles.The house is divided into three levels and present a glimpse of the beautiful vast ocean from all angles. There is a large dining and lounge area on the middle level leading to the pool deck with spectacular sea views, sun loungers and couches where you can take in the marvelous sunsets.

Choose to take a dip in the pool, order a cocktail from the friendly butler on-site and just soak up the sun on our wooden decks outside. When those hot summer days really hit, you can level up your aircon in your suite and help yourself to a refreshing drink from your mini-bar.

Book your stay at the Soul on Llandudno.

Photo Credit: Soul on Llandudno.

Camps Bay

On any given day, the ‘Miami’ of Cape Town is bustling with beachgoers, outdoor yoga enthusiasts, shoppers, hungry tourists and families. The Atlantic ocean yields some icy water which can also get quite rough here, so if you prefer calmer waters or you have young kids, visit the tidal pool to the left of the beach. In season there are lifeguards on the main beach and there are often umbrellas and loungers available for hire.

Choose from any number of restaurants such a Primi priatti for Italian, Caprice for sundowners, Kauai for healthier alternatives and Gelato Mania for ice-cream of every flavour. (Or see our list of Top Ten Restaurants in Camps Bay)

Our Camps Stay Suggestion:

The Bay Hotel

With the majestic Twelve Apostle mountain range as a backdrop and the Atlantic Ocean less than a minutes walk away, The Bay Hotel boasts an unrivalled beachfront location in Camps Bay.

Start your day with breakfast at Tides restaurant then retreat to one of the 4 hotel pools, followed by a spa treatment , for a day of rest and relaxation. Alternatively, if a more adventurous stay is what you seek, book a tour or activity and go explore Cape Town and its surrounds.As the day draws to an end, secure your seat at Sandy B or Caamil’s Bar for a celebratory drink as the sun disappears over the Atlantic Ocean.

For a few suggestions of what to do during your Camps Bay Stay, check out our list of Top 10 Activities in Camps Bay.

Book your stay at the Bay Hotel now.

Photo Credit: Bay Hotel


Clifon, its four beaches and surrounds are amongst some of the most desired properties in the Mother City. You can choose from an array of apartments with incredible views or rent a bungalow right on the beach.

These beaches are a favourite amongst tourists and locals and sun worshipers tend to bask out here for an entire day armed only with tanning oil and beach games. Be mindful that the sun is very harsh in South Africa so apply sunscreen regularly and make sure you bring some share with you.


Our Clifton Stay suggestion:

Bungalow 52

At Bungalow 52 you can sit back and enjoy the serenity of a Clifton sunset while the waves quietly roll out at your feet. It’ll soon be crystal clear why this villa  urges guests to frequently make return visits.

This four bedroom bungalow is situated right on the best beach in Cape Town; Clifton 4th Beach. This beach is protected from the wind and said to have a similar vibe to that as St. Barts. Relaxed, with plenty of beach action to choose from– paddle boarding, sea-kayaking or sun worshipping.

Book your Bungalow 52 Stay for this summer.

Photo Credit: Bungalow52


7 Best Activities to Enjoy in Durban Central

Like the rest of Durban, Durban Central offers locals and visitors alike a host of fun, educational and interesting activities to enjoy.

Whether you wish to journey into the past, while away the hours with a fun shopping trip or simply head out into the fresh air, Durban Central has you covered.

Here are seven of the best things to do in Durban Central:

#1 Visit KwaMuhle Museum

This museum offers some telling reminders about a notable time in South Africa’s most bitter past: the Apartheid Era. It is an important place for all to visit and hosts a number of permanent and temporary exhibits.

Here, in this former Native Administration Department, you can glimpse the history of Durban’s residents from a range of personal perspectives.

Browse the exhibits, take a look into township life during Apartheid and reflect on the past so that it is never forgotten…

Note: Entry to the KwaMuhle Museum is free.

Contact: +27 (031) 311 2237,


Address: KwaMuhle Museum, 130 Bram Fischer Road, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#2 Head to the Durban Exhibition Centre

Located opposite to and managed by Durban’s ICC, the Durban Exhibition Centre is a very popular, multi-purpose venue, which offers a wide range of excellent, affordable venue options and shows.

It is ideal for hosting exhibits, conferences, weddings and so much more – and when one of these is on, it is also naturally a great place to visit!

Annual favourites on Durban’s event calendar include the likes of: House and Garden Show and Decorex.

Keep an eye out for what’s being showcased throughout the year – and be sure to bear it in mind for all your event planning too!

Contact: +27 (031) 360 1000


Address: Durban Exhibition Centre, 11 Walnut Road, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#3 Explore Durban Natural Science Museum


As one of South Africa’s oldest and most popular museums, it goes without saying that the Durban Natural Science Museum is a must-visit for all those who head to Durban.

The museum delves into innovative research and offers important conservation and education programmes.

What’s more, its galleries feature some astounding exhibits, including the Elephant Bird (hailed as the largest bird to ever exist on earth), an almost life-sized T-rex model and a 100-year-old Dodo skeleton.

Entry to the museum is free – and as one of the most utilised science museums in all of Africa, it is definitely an unmissable experience for the whole family!

Contact: +27 (031) 311 2256


Address: Durban Natural Science Museum, 1 City Hall, 234 Anton Lembede Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#4 Get some fresh air at Gugu Dlamini Park

Tony Manyangadze via
Tony Manyangadze via

If you are craving some fun in the sun, Gugu Dlamini Park is the place for you. It’s the perfect spot to head for a picnic with friends and family and is ideal for nature lovers of all ages.

Importantly, the park pays homage to Gugu Dlamini, an HIV Aids victim who was beaten to death for revealing her positive status… So, needless to say, it is an important reminder to us all to not only honour her bravery – but also to be mindful of our own health and know our status, too.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Gugu Dlamini Park, Samora Machel Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#5 Head to Port Natal Maritime Museum

Set just off from the beautiful, historic Durban Harbour, the Port Natal Maritime Museum offers wonderful insights into the influence that Durban’s maritime-rich culture has had on local city life.

The museum contains incredible stories of impressive sea voyages, daring or romantic tales and even some floating vessel attractions to boot!

Be sure to check out this fun and interesting museum – especially if you are in and around Durban Harbour!

Contact: +27 (031) 311 2231,


Address: Port Natal Maritime Museum, Bay end of Samora Machel Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#6 Visit Voices of Women Museum

This fascinating, living archival museum holds within its walls some 3 000 embroidered cloths and personal stories from women who have lived around South Africa.

The museum offers some interesting events, programmes and archives for the learned – or simply those who are interested – to immerse themselves in.

Many indigenous languages (translated into English) are represented here, as the memory of these varied, diverse women is kept alive and well.

If you are keen to experience a different kind of museum, this is as good as any place to start with.



Address: Voices of Women Museum, 168 Palmer Street, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

#7 Shop Victoria Street Market

This market is a rich and immersive shopping experience for all to enjoy. Here, one can browse over 200 stalls, with each more varied and interesting than the last!

This open-air market – first opened in the 1870s – is a wonderfully rewarding way to experience the sights, sounds, scents and flavours of Durban, as you browse saris, exotic spices, arts and crafts, beaded goods, seafood, fresh produce and so, so much more!

The Victoria Street Market is a fun and interesting way to spend a few hours in Durban Central – and it’s ideal for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

Note: The market is open Monday – Friday, 08:00 am – 17:00 pm; Saturdays from 08:00 am – 16:00 pm; and on Sundays from 09:00 am – 15:00 pm.

Contact: +27 (031) 306 4021,


Address: Victoria Street Market, Corner of Queen and Victoria Streets, Durban Central, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

These are just some of the great attractions you can enjoy exploring and visiting in Durban Central!

Five Best Restaurants in Morningside

Morningside – a bustling commercial and residential suburb of Johannesburg – has some surprisingly quality restaurants in its midst.

Here are five of the best eateries to dine at in Morningside, Johannesburg:

#1 Signature Restaurant

Situated within the trendy Morningside Shopping Centre, one finds the oh-so-suave Signature Restaurant. This elegant fine dining establishment offers memorable food and wine alike.

Their menu incorporates ‘Signature dishes’, as they serve up a truly incredible dining experience in absolutely stunning, luxurious surroundings.

In particular, dishes like Signature Greek Salad, Monk fish (with seafood risotto) and Curry lamb shank stand out… But, suffice to say, their extensive food and wine menus offer something to impress every palate!

Be sure to book (at least a week in advance) to enjoy a truly wonderful experience at Signature Restaurant – you won’t regret it!

Contact: +27 (011) 884 8888/(087) 940 3880,


Address: Signature Restaurant, Morningside Shopping Centre, Shop U13, Corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

#2 Pomodoro Ristorante

Stefano – a former engineer – and Marina Mas are the brains and heart behind this vibrant Italian restaurant.

With stylish, yet minimalist decor, warm hospitality and, above all else, a passion for food and customers – this husband-and-wife team have created a truly unique space within Morningside Shopping Centre.

If you are craving authentic, classic Italian food, enhanced by excellent wines… look no further than this beautiful, contemporary eatery!

Contact: +27 (011) 883 1854


Address: Pomodoro Ristorante, Morningside Shopping Centre, Shop U36, Corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

#3 Ri’Stretto

At Ri’Stretto Al Fresco Cucina, cuisine and play meet. This means, it is one for the whole family – especially the kiddies!

With a branch situated in both Morningside and Midrand, this popular eatery offers guests delicious food (off a great menu), a relaxing venue and a truly winning restaurant atmosphere to boot!

Not only do they have some excellent options but Ri’Stretto also runs some great specials, like the Cake and Cappuccino deal for R50 (available seven days a week) – or the Monday Kids’ Special, which grants any free meal off the kiddies’ menu per child attending with an adult.

For those after a fun, family-friendly restaurant in Morningside, head to Ri’Stretto!

Contact: +27 (011) 783 1090


Address: Ri’Stretto Al Fresco Cucina, Cullinan Cl and Rivonia Road, Morningside, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

#4 The Green Peppercorn Bistro

Located within Morningside Shopping Centre, this casual, contemporary bistro is a favourite among locals.

They have an extensive and varied menu, complemented by good service, fine wines and outstanding food presentation.

If you are looking for an elegant and truly solid, all-round dining experience, be sure to try out The Green Peppercorn Bistro as soon as possible!

Contact: +27 (011) 326 5703

Website: N/A

Address: The Green Peppercorn Bistro, Morningside Shopping Centre, Shop U47, Corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Michael Benjamin via TripAdvisor
Michael Benjamin via Google Maps

#5 Love Fish

Known for its excellent service, great food and affordable prices, Love Fish is a lovely Meditteranean-themed restaurant located within Morningside Shopping Centre.

They offer a good wine selection, great kingklip and some good sushi too… So visit Love Fish for a taste of the ocean and a warm atmosphere to remember!

Contact: +27 (011) 326 8212,

Website: N/A

Address: Love Fish, Morningside Shopping Centre, U27, Corner of Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Next time you are in Joburg, be sure to head to Morningside and try each of these lovely restaurants!

Five Fabulous Things to do in Franschhoek

Franschhoek is one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful wine-producing valleys. Not only is it famed for its wine estates, restaurants (some of the best in South Africa) and stunning Cape scenery – but it also offers a few select experiences for travellers (and locals) to enjoy.

Here are five fabulous things to do in fair Franschhoek:

#1 Hop on the Franschhoek Wine Tram

For the wine lovers among us, this Franschhoek-based experience is a must. In fact, it might just be one of the most fun things you can do in or outside of Cape Town!

This excellent wine-farm-hopping company allows you to choose a specific line (colour coded; there are purple, blue and pink lines- and more besides) that is assigned several wine estates. The best part? You can hop on and hop off at several of your line’s stops!

Depending on when you depart, you can easily cover anything from 4-6 wine farms… Although, having said that, it is fun to spend longer than an hour at some estates – particularly if you wish to dine at a restaurant, enjoy a winelands picnic or simply linger longer at a particular place.

The trams are wonderful – and there is plenty of sightseeing and fun to be had with this incredible hop-on, hop-off wine tour company!

Note: Advance bookings for all extra wine estate restaurants and activities is advised.

Contact: +27 (021) 300 0338,


Address:  Franschhoek Wine Tram, 32 Huguenot Road, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

#2 Enjoy a Wine Estate Picnic or High Tea Experience

Several of Franschhoek’s most gorgeous wine estates offer some unique and wonderful experiences, especially for foodies.

Aside from the wealth of quality restaurants they offer, you can also expect to find some rarer food-themed wine estate activities to enjoy.

For example, at estates like Le Lude, Antonji Rupert and La Motte, you can experience a delightful winelands high tea.

While other estates such as Boschendal, La Bri, Holden Manz and Mont Rochelle (to name a few) have incredible picnics on offer (available during the spring and summer seasons).

So go on, spoil yourself – and those you love – with a special picnic or high tea in the Franschhoek Wine Valley… We can assure you it will make your trip even more memorable!

Note: Prices vary per estate but advance booking is necessary for both wine farm picnics and high tea experiences.

Contact: +27(0) 21 876 2861,


Address:  Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

#3 Hike in Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve

The exquisite Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve is where outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide head for their fresh country air and all-round nature fix.

Not only is it a sight for sore eyes, given how it is filled with so much natural flora and fauna – but the reserve also forms part of the Boland Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO-declared World Heritage Site.

This beautiful nature reserve offers a variety of different hiking trails to enjoy. Distances range from +/- 2 km to +/- 11 km (one way) so there is something for everyone to enjoy – depending on their free time, level of fitness and hiking passion.

Note: Hiking permits are R50 per person. Please also be advised that drones and dogs are not allowed within the reserve.

Contact: +27 (083) 270 7291,


Address:  Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

Mont Rochelle via Flickr
Mont Rochelle via Flickr

#4 Explore the Franschhoek Motor Museum

This immaculately maintained museum provides visitors with a rare opportunity to look back on over 100 years’ worth of fascinating and varied motoring history.

Through its incredible collection of motorcycles, vehicles, bicycles and various memorabilia, guests can enjoy viewing the evolution of the automobile.

Better still, you can book online to enjoy both the museum and other L’Ormarins and Antonij Rupert Estates, all in one go! Some things to look forward to include a Antonij Rupert high tea, wine estate tastings and vintage car rides.

Note: Advance online booking is recommended.

Contact: +27 (0)21 874 9002,


Address:  Franschhoek Motor Museum, R45, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

#5 Set your wheels spinning with Franschhoek Cycles

If you love cycling (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), even at leisure, then this one is especially for you.

Franschhoek Cycles offers both bicycle rentals and exciting guided tours, which allow you to experience the full beauty of Franschhoek on your own terms.

One of their more popular bicycles is the hybrid bicycle, which is perfect for cycling about town and visiting the local wine estates.

For families, children three years and up can also get in on the fun thanks to the dedicated kiddies’ bikes.

There is also something for the adrenaline junkies, as they have mountain bikes (with front suspension) available too… Additionally, Franschhoek Cycles also caters to corporate- and team building-groups.

Gab your helmet – and get those wheels spinning!

Note: Franschhoek Cycles provides a helmet with each rental. And, in addition to their rentals and guided tours, they also offer bicycle sales and repairs.

Contact: +27 (021) 876 4956,


Address:  Franschhoek Cycles, Main Road 2, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa.

So… what are you waiting for? Head out and enjoy each of these five fantastic Franschhoek experiences… they are so worthwhile!