Top 10 Car Rental Services in Port Elizabeth.

When you’re exploring South Africa’s Friendly City, Port Elizabeth, you’re going to need a reliable, affordable and safe personal mode of transport to get you to and from the airport, across the city and of course, to the beautiful surrounding areas too… Given the above, a car rental service is your best bet!

These are the top car rentals in P-E:

#1 Drive South Africa

Drive South Africa’s P-E branch is popular among holiday makers, eager to explore the Eastern Cape.

You’re assured excellent car rental value, top service and a wide range of options, all from a supplier of Port Elizabeth car rentals since 2002.

Contact: +27 (087) 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#2 Di’s Car Hire

Di’s Car Hire prides themselves in offering cars for every occasion. These can range from daily hire to long-term rentals, arranged according to your customer needs.

They also offer low-cost deals and personalised services, ensuring a more personal touch.

Contact: +27 (041) 368 1728


Address: 8 Biggar Street,  Miramar, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#3 Woodford Car Hire

Woodford Car Hire – South Africa’s largest independent car rental service – is found across the country, at all major airports.

They’re an especially innovative, reliable and efficient car rental option in the Windy City.

Contact: +27 (0860) 966 33673


Address: Woodford Car Hire, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#4 Tavcor MotoRent

If you’re after a hassle-free, affordable rental (for cars, buses or vans), then Tavcor MotoRent is precisely what you’re looking for.

They specialise in Audi, Volkswagen and Suzuki car rentals, and offer free airport collection and drop-offs.

Contact: +27 (041) 484 1278


Address: Tavcor MotoRent, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#5 AVIS Rent a Car

Offering nationwide, premium car rentals at affordable prices, AVIS is a leading car hire provider no matter which city in SA you’re touring.

Get in touch with them for more information on your next hired ride.

Contact: n/a


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#6 Bidvest Car Rental

Bidvest provides customers with both car and van rentals. They strive to provide exceptional service – before, during and after rental.

What’s more, their reputation proceeds them, so you’re certainly assured quality service along with your rental.

Contact: +27 (086) 101 7722


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#7 Affordable Car Hire

Affordable Car Hire provides its customers with quality, well-priced rental cars. They offer everything from VW Citi Golfs to VW Microbuses.

Their mission is simple: provide top-class service, value and innovative quality for their customers.

Contact: +27 (041) 368 1594


Address: 219 Circular Drive, Woodlands, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#8 Europcar

Europcar is a reliable, affordable car rental in Port Elizabeth. They ensure good vehicles, airport assistance and professional service, all of which are designed to make your trip (and life) that much easier.

Contact: +27 (041) 508 9500


Address: Europcar, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#9 CABS Car Hire

CABS Car Hire provides well-priced car rental rates and awesome customer service in Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Not only do they offer some great rental cars and options, but they also offer a neat meet-and-greet service at SA airports.

Contact: +27 (041) 581 7184


Address: 90 Heugh Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

#10 Thrifty Car Rental

This nationwide provider – based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and other locations – is, as its name suggests, a good value-f0r-money car rental option.

They have some stellar deals too, including four flexi km plans to choose from.

Contact: (086) 100 2111


Address: Thrifty Car Rental, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

These are the best car rental services in Port Elizabeth!

Top 10 Car Rental Services in Durban.

When travelling around the Sunny City, it’s important to have your own mode of transport because there’s so much to see and do in Durban and its surrounds and you can’t always be left relying on public transport to get you where you need to be asap.

So, for the times when you need some car assistance, why not turn to these quality car rental providers?

These are the best car rental services in Durban:

#1 Capital Car Hire

Available in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pietermartizburg, Capital Car Hire offers an extensive, high quality fleet of rentals.

There is something for every kind of traveller to choose from – and they are able to cater to additional travel needs too.

Contact: +27 (032) 436 0099


Address: Capital Car Hire, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#2 Xtreme Car Rental Durban

With several branches located across SA, Xtreme Car Rental Durban strives to provide quality car rental options; good, friendly service and inexpensive delivery for those based in Durban CBD.

Whether you’re travelling for business or are simply on holiday, let them assist you in finding your ideal (temporary) car.

Contact: +27 (031) 563 8575


Address: Xtreme Car Rental, 2 Tyne Place, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#3 Woodford Car Hire

South Africa’s largest independent car rental service, Woodford Car Hire can be found at all major airports, and offers customers a fleet of over 1500 cars… talk about being spoilt for choice!

They aim to provide innovation, service excellence and good value, while ensuring top-class cars and competitive rental rates.

Contact: +27 (0860) 966 33673


Address: Woodford Car Hire, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#4 Thrifty Car Hire

Known for their affordability, Thrifty Car Hire is well-liked and widely used across the country.

On offer, they have second-hand former rental cars, flexible kilometre packages and so much more, besides their standard fleet and worthwhile deals.

Contact: +27 (086) 100 2111


Address: Thrifty Car Hire,  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#5 Drive South Africa

With so much to see and do in Durban and KZN, you’re going to want to be able to travel without hassle…

So, with Drive South Africa, you can do precisely what you want or need to, while enjoying affordable, classy rental cars, courtesy of these reliable, nationwide providers.

Contact: +27 (087) 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#6 AVIS Rent a Car

Offering premium, affordable car rental services in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town, AVIS is one of South Africa’s most popular car rental services.

With quality vehicles and a stamp of assurance, customers across SA can enjoy smoother journeys by car when they rent with AVIS.

Contact: +27 (031) 310 9700


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Royal Hotel Parkade, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#7 Bidvest Car Rental

Offering both car and van rentals, Bidvest is always a good choice. Like many of the other car rental services, they have branches across South Africa… but they also provide a lot of extra bang for your buck!

Useful features, varied specials and more are just some of the things you can expect when you turn to them for your loaned wheels.

Contact: +27 (086) 101 7722


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#8 Europcar

If you’re after low costs, great service and new, reliable rental vehicles, then turn to Europcar.

What’s more, their three-step booking process is oh-so-easy, and their special, eco-friendly Green Program helps you to cover those miles with a clearer conscience…

Contact: +27 (031) 3373731


Address: Europcar, 50 Corner of Minle & Prince Alfred Street, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#9 First Car Rental

This leading car rental provider has the numbers – and they certainly have the quality too! With First Car Rental, you can easily enjoy a convenient, enjoyable and easy trip around Durban.

With branches situated throughout SA, they can assist you with instant access to car hire no matter where you are!

Contact: +27 (031) 335 8401


Address: First Car Rental, King Shaka International Airport, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

#10 Wozani Car Rental

With branches in KZN, Kimberley and Cape Town to name a few, Wozani Car Rental provides its customers with top service and hassle-free, nationwide car rentals.

In addition to this, they are also one of a select few providers to accept either cash or credit card payments.

Contact: +27 (084) 610 0031


Address: Wozani Car Rental, No.4 Anton Lembede Street, South Beach, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

These are the most reliable, well-rated car rentals you can drive in style with while in Durban!

Top 15 Car Rental Services in Johannesburg.

Whether you’re driving around for business or pleasure in Johannesburg, a car rental service can be the go-to solution for every kind of travel scenario in the City of Gold.

These are the best car rental services in Johannesburg:

#1 Top Notch Car Rental

Operating since 2001 from Johannesburg, Top Notch Car Rental has stood the test of time, while it providing customers with quality rentals and good service for over a decade.

Equipped with everything from entry-level vehicles to bakkies and MPVs, Top Notch Car Rental also has special quotes and additional car extras, like GPSs, baby seats and more, to suit different customer needs!

They are a trusted member of SAVRALA (South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) – and pride themselves on offering safe journeys, reliable rentals and quality service.

Contact: +27 (0861) 861 000


Address: Top Notch Car Rental, 44 Virginia Road, The Hill, Johannesburg South, Gauteng

#2 Xtreme Car Rental Johannesburg

Perhaps one of the best features of Xtreme Car Rental is that they accept all kinds of payments – from cash to credit cards! This adds a higher level of accessibility, especially for tourists or those in need of a quick and easily attainable vehicle (minus the stress of having to worry about electronic transactions going through on time).

They also deliver cars to a range of areas – including Kempton Park, Alberton, East and West Rand, and Central JHB to name a few – and offer customers affordable vehicles, for long- or short-term rentals across Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Contact: +27 (011) 394 0771


Address: Xtreme Car Rental, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#3 Capital Car Hire

This leading car rental service is available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pietermartizburg and Durban.

They are capable of catering to all your car rental needs – including if you need to receive a rental car immediately from a leading airport such as O.R. Thambo.

They have an extensive, superior car fleet, which offers something for every kind of traveller and their personal budget.

Contact: +27 (011) 390 2932


Address: Capital Car Hire, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#4 Drive South Africa

This national car rental service provider (which originally started in Cape Town) is a safe bet no matter which part of SA you are travelling in or to.

Aside from quality rentals, they provide tips, driving tools, information and even sound travel advice, ensuring a safe, easy and enjoyable trip for their customers!

Contact: +27 (087) 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#5 First Car Rental Randburg

An affordable and reliable car service, First Car Rental is found in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, and the Randburg branch is particularly highly-rated.

Not only do they allow for both local and international bookings, but customers can either rent or buy cars from their good car fleet.

Contact: +27 (0861) 178 227


Address: First Car Rental, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#6 Pace Car Rental South Africa

Pace Car Rental offers good service in conjunction with fair rates for long-term car hire. They have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, from small budget cars to everything in between.

Pace Car Rental can be found across SA, in Johannesburg, Sandton, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Contact: +27 (011) 262 5500


Address: 34 14th Street, Marlboro, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#7 AVIS Rent a Car

Offering premium, affordable car rental services in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, AVIS is one of South Africa’s most widely used and well-known car rental services.

No matter where they are based in SA, customers can expect good service and quality drives, across the board.

Contact: +27 (011) 387 8431


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#8 Tempest Car Hire

With over 3000 vehicles, Tempest Car Hire is geared to assist with every possible car rental need.

In addition to their extensive range of vehicles, they offer great deals on GPS devices, airport units and a variety of rental options (including daily, weekend, one-way hires and long-term rentals).

Contact: +27 (0861) 836 737


Address: Tempest Car Hire, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#9 Europcar

Designed to “move your way”, Europcar is spread between both South Africa and Namibia.

They offer many great deals (with special rewards thrown in to really sweeten the deal), and some of South Africa’s most competitive car rental rates. They are also conveniently located across the country.

Contact: +27 (011) 390 3909


Address: Europcar, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#10 Thrifty Car Rental

As the name suggests, Thrifty Car Rental is a cost-efficient rental option, offering great prices on vehicles across South Africa.

They have branches nationwide, in major cities and popular destinations, and offer four flexible kilometre packages.

Contact: +27 (011) 390 3454


Address: Thrifty Car Rental, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#11 Bidvest Car Rental

Providing top service before, during and after your rental, Bidvest Car Rental offers both cars and vans – and a solid reputation for customers to rely on.

They also assist with travel headaches, like E-Toll (although this is only covered up to a certain amount) as well as other useful perks.

Contact: +27 (086) 101 7722


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#12 Temba Car Hire

Temba Car Hire is a 4×4 safari vehicle rental service, which runs across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. All their top-of-the-range vehicles are fully equipped and come with low kilometre rankings.

All vehicles are under guarantee, allowing you to experience the soul of South Africa with that added peace of mind…

Contact: +27 (011) 823 1089


Address: Temba Car Hire, Rowe Street 8, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#13 Rent A Wreck

Rent A Wreck provides customers with cheap car hire… but don’t let the name deter you! This family-run business – which has been going since 1973 – offers cheaper alternatives to rent vehicles, with some of their cheapest options starting from just R89.00 per day.

They offer this service throughout South Africa, and have a range of sedans, hatchbacks and bakkies on offer.

Contact: N/A


Address: Rent A Wreck, 343 Louis Botha Avenue, Bagleyston, Johannesburg

#14 Sixt Rent a Car

Sixt Rent a Car provides its customers with excellent, quality vehicles. With branches across major cities in SA, you can browse a wide selection before booking your car rental.

They can also assist with planning your trip, ensuring you have a great, well-planned travel experience with your hired car.

Contact: N/A


Address: Sixt Rent a Car, Johannesburg, Gauteng

#15 Car Hire Brokers 

This leading car rental broker spans across Europe, US and South Africa and is found in 60 countries, with over 6000 rental stations worldwide.

Booking through Car Hire Brokers includes: insurance, airport fees, mileage and more.

Contact: +27 (011) 657 3600


Address: Car Hire Brokers, Johannesburg, Gauteng

These are the top car rental services in and around Joahnnesburg so be sure to enjoy making use of them for your next trip!

Top 15 Car Rental Services in Cape Town.

Whether you’re planning to road trip across the Route 62 or curl the Cape Peninsula, a car rental service is the easiest, most enjoyable way to travel in and around the Mother City for both tourists and South Africans heading to Cape Town.

These are the best car rental services in Cape Town:

#1 Drive South Africa

Drive South Africa is a wonderful online vehicle resource, with a wide range of car and campervan rentals, 4×4 hires, chauffeurs and transfer services across Southern Africa. They operate across South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

With over two decades’ worth of travel experience in Cape Town and Southern Africa, they’re well-equipped to assist with all your car rental needs, offering sound travel advice, driving tools, tips and info and of course, great vehicles too.

Note: There is limited availability from 13 December 2017 onwards, due to the high-demand of the Festive Season.

Contact: +27 (087) 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Tygervalley Chambers One, 27 Willie van Schoor Avenue, Bellville, Cape Town, Western Cape

#2 Fun Car Hire

Fun Car Hire, a family-run business, has been successfully going for the past twelve years and continues to grow organically. To date, they possess a fleet of over 50 cars, providing wonderful variety for travellers.

Offering a personal touch, Fun Car Hire has everything from cheapies, like Mazda Stings and Kia Picantos to automatic cars, like Jeep Cherokees and Mercs. All their cars are of the highest standard, and, just in case anything goes wrong on your journey, they also offer 24/7 roadside assistance. This adds a sense of safety and security to customer travels.

And with many happy, return customers, you can be sure to enjoy the highest quality service with this reliable, family car rental service.

Contact: +27 (073) 442 4273


Address: Fun Car Hire, 194 Upper Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, Western Cape

#3 Rentacheapie Car Hire

As one of the most preferred affordable car hire options in the Western Cape, Rentacheapie Car Hire is an excellent choice.

They offer over 350 vehicles, ranging from budget cars to 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers. They ensure great rates, 24/7 road assistance, vehicle cover – and passion for what they do.

Contact: +27 (021) 510 2808


Address: Rentacheapie Car Hire, 30 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, Western Cape

#4 Drive Africa

Whether you need short- or long-term car rentals in and around the Mother City, Drive Africa has you sorted. They are renowned for their hands-on, call-away service, and offer a wide fleet of cars, with everything from standard to luxury drives available.

They also cater to young drivers; long-term rental specials; as well as border-hopping to destinations such as: Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Victoria Falls and Lesotho.

Contact: +27 (021) 447 1144


Address: Drive Africa, 370 Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape

#5 First Car Rental

First Car Rental is an affordable and reliable car hire in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and other areas of the Western Cape.

So, whether you’re travelling for holiday or business, they have the right cars to provide for all your travel needs.

Contact: +27 (021) 934 7499


Address: First Car Rental, Cape Town, Western Cape

#6 ULF Car Rentals

Spread between Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Johannesburg, ULF Car Rentals is an affordable, quality and long-term car rental company, which primarily operates from the very central Kloof Street, Cape Town.

And, as an added bonus to the wine lovers and explorers among us, they also offer cars to customers in both the Stellenbosch and Paarl winelands, while in Johannesburg they cater to corporate customers.

ULC cars are available for rental, two weeks or longer (with special rates included) and are suitable for interns, consultants, students, long-term tourists and expats too. Cars include quality Hyundai Atos Prime, i10 and classic (manual) VW Citi Golfs too.

Contact: +27 (072) 199 2925


Address: ULF Car Rentals, 116-118 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape

#7 Thrifty Car Rental (Green Point)

With car rental branches nationwide, Thrifty Car Rental is one of the most well-priced, easily accessible car rental services in SA.

Thrifty Car Rental includes four different mileage options – whether you need to travel 100 kilometres per day or an unlimited distance – and even comes with optional trailer rentals too.

With outlets in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Cape Town International Airport, they are easy to find – and great to use!

Contact: +27 (086) 100 2111


Address: Thrifty Car Rental, Cape Town, Western Cape

#8 Star Car Rental

With some twenty years of superior service to their name, Star Car Rental is one of SA’s leading car rental options. Star Car Rental is based in all major parts of South Africa – including Cape Town, of course.

If you’re looking for quality service and a long-standing reputation, then turn to Star Car Rental for all your car rental needs.

Contact: +27 (021) 782 6665


Address: Star Car Rental, 35A 1st Crescent, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, Western Cape

#9 AVIS Rent a Car

For those seeking premium car rentals, look no further than AVIS Rent a Car. Operating from the Cape Town International Airport, a number of Cape Town branches and the widespread Western Cape – they allow you to explore the beauty of the Cape in comfort and convenience.

Choose your top pick from a range of car options and specials!

Contact: +27 (021) 424 1177


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, 123 Strand Street, Chiappini Street, Cape Town, Western Cape

#10 Tempest Car Hire

Committed to low car rental rates, and catering to business or pleasure travel needs, Tempest has been offering some of “the best deals on rental wheels” since 1986.

With a fleet of over 3000 vehicles – with everything from economy vehicles to people carriers – Tempest is perfect for daily/weekend rentals, one-way hires and of course, long-term car rentals too.

They also offer great deals on GPS units to assist with easy navigation, as well as airport transport options.

Contact: +27 (021) 935 8650


Address: Tempest Car Hire, Cape Town, Western Cape

#11 Carisma Car & Bakkie Hire

This independently owned, family-run business has been offering good service and deals in the Mother City for over 15 years.

They have a diverse car and bakkie fleet, and are able to accommodate to all your car or bakkie hire needs.

For added convenience, interested customers can get a free quotation online.

Contact: +27 (021) 797 0066


Address: Carisma Car & Bakkie Hire, 48 Main Road, Plumstead, Cape Town, Western Cape

#12 Xtreme Car Rental

Providing simple, straightforward car hires and rentals, Xtreme Car Rental is a great option, with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria.

They have fun, luxury and even budget ranges to choose from… Whatever type of car service you want, they can supply it!

Contact: +27 (021) 820 5500


Address: Xtreme Car Rental, 98 Bofors Cir, Epping, Cape Town, Western Cape

#13 Capital Car Hire

Leading car hire company, Capital Car Hire, offers cheap rentals in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg, as well as major SA airports.

They have great deals across the board, providing affordable car hire and luxurious vehicles both.

Contact: +27 (021) 935 0240


Address: Capital Car Hire, Cape Town, Western Cape

#14 Europcar

Established as one of SA’s top, global car rental companies, Europcar is always a good option to explore. They pride themselves on supplying word-class service in conjunction with reliable, comfortable and efficient car rental services.

Start your scenic journey in Cape Town (and the Western Cape) with Europcar and enjoy some great adventures or work trips – whatever you personally require…

Contact: +27 (021) 418 0670


Address: Europcar, 1 Lower Buitengracht, Foreshore, Cape Town, South Africa

#15 Hertz Rent A Car

With airport and normal car rental hire, Hertz Rent A Car is another well-known car rental provider. They can be found in all major SA cities, and have several branches in the Mother City.

Enjoy affordable and handy car rental services, when you choose your perfect package with Hertz.

Contact: +27 (021) 935 4800


Address: Hertz Rent A Car, Cape Town, Western Cape

These are the top car rental services in the Mother City – drive with them for memorable journeys and easy travels!


Top 12 restaurants in Maputo in 2017.

Mozambique’s largest city, Maputo, is a treasure trove for all kinds of great things, including colonial architecture, amazing experiences – and of course, some pretty cool eateries too!

Dive into Maputo and explore these top 12 restaurants with your tastebuds:

#1 Dhow Cafe

Dhow Cafe offers a wonderful blend of good Greek food, a relaxed environment and good service… what more could you want? Well, how about some French chocolate cake, paired with gorgeous ocean views?

It’s one of the city’s prime sundowner spots, with enviable views, delicious drinks and beautiful decor to enhance the overall experience. Also, when you stop by this popular cafe, be sure to check out the corresponding shop, which offers lovely homeware and gifts.

Contact: +258 21 4924491


Address: Dhow Cafe, Rua de Marracuene No.4, Maputo, Mozambique

#2 Zambi

At Zambi, good food, strict hygiene and excellent service take precedence. This chic restaurant offers a range of gastronomic delights – and possibly the city’s best fine dining too.

Zambi is perfect for special occasions, especially when you sit inside the newly renovated dining room – but it still offers a relaxed edge, with balmy palms and impressive views from the shaded terrace.

Head here for fresh seafood and you’re unlikely to leave with anything less than a highly contented tummy.

Contact: +258 84 3392624


Address: Zambi, Avenida 10 de Novembro, 8, Maputo, Mozambique

#3 Restaurante Txhapo Txhapo

Txhapo Txhapo is a vegetarian-friendly eatery where one can grab awesome eats, like assorted burgers (including veggie ones), which they are famed for.

The food style is homemade and wholesome, while the atmosphere and interiors are cosy, cheerful and bright in true cafe style. If you’re after  healthier bites, Txhapo Txhapo is definitely the spot for you.

Contact: +258 84 541 9820


Address: Txhapo Txhapo, Eduardo Mondlane 173, Maputo, Mozambique

Restaurante Txhapo Txhapo via Facebook
Restaurante Txhapo Txhapo via Facebook

#4 Bel Piatto

If a craving for hearty, delicious Italian cuisine strikes while you’re visiting or staying in Maputo, then never fear because Bel Piatto provides a breath of fresh Italian air.

This simply lovely, popular restaurant offers mouth-watering food, like seafood pasta or vegetarian-style dishes, a warm ambiance and good service to ensure a great meal.

Contact: +258 21 491 130


Address: Bel Piatto, Avenida Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Mozambique

#5 Campo di Mare

Yet another Italian eatery, Campo di Mare offers excellent, value-for-money Italian cuisine and a beautiful, shore-hugging setting.

Relax with your friends and family, as you enjoy a wholesome meal at this top-star restaurant. Although all the food is sublime, the pasta is meant to be the stuff of food legend – so don’t miss trying some when you’re there!

Contact: +258 84 684 4374


Address: Campo di Mare, Avenida de Marginal, Maputo 5714, Mozambique

#6 Piri Piri

Piri Piri provides its diners with delicious food, good service and affordability, all of which ensure a memorable dining experience.

Like its name suggests, this well-priced Portuguese restaurant is famed across the board in Maputo for its sinfully good piri piri chicken.

It’s also the perfect spot for locals and tourists to mingle as they enjoy good food together. For a touch of Maputo’s charm, sit outside and soak up some of the vibrant street life.

Contact: +258 21 492 379

Website: n/a

Address: Piri Piri, Av. 24 de Julho 14Maputo, Mozambique

#7 Sagres Shellfish Restaurant

Specialising in seafood, Sagres boasts some of the best seafood in Maputo – and that’s saying a lot!

Sagres is a real gem of a place, with flavourful seafood, lovely ocean views and a prime location. The food is value-for-money and so, so good, with highlights like sea kebab or glorious prawns.

If you wish to experience the seafood side of Maputo, then Sagres should be first on your restaurant list.

Contact: +258 21 495 201

Website: n/a

Address: Sagres, Av. Marginal 4272, Maputo, Mozambique

#8 A Nossa Tasca

This elegant European restaurant is a delight in every sense of the word. Not only does it offer excellent food and good service, but it’s a really popular eatery in the city, with many guests coming back for more.

Its meat and side/starter dishes are definite highlights.

Contact: +258 84 450 6174


Address: A Nossa Tasca, Avenida Julius Nyerere 245, Maputo, Mozambique

#9 Tree House

This beautiful restaurant provides diners with upscale Portuguese cuisine, at its finest.

Everything here is well-cooked, tasty and fresh. Tree House specialises in dishes such as meat, chicken or skewers, with the option of potatoes or salads as a side.

Tree House is well-named (ask why when you visit) and is one of the more romantic spots in Maputo. Guests will love dining al fresco out under the impressive, big Mafureira.

Contact: +258 82 109 9368


Address: Tree House, Avenida Francisco Orlando Magumbwe com a Avenida José Mateus, Maputo, Mozambique

#10 Kalus Esplanada

This relaxed eatery offers awesome meat dishes and a unique experience in that diners can buy their meat raw and advise the chef on how they would like it cooked or grilled.

It’s a good, no-fuss place to go for a chilled BBQ with your mates. You can tuck into meaty wonders and good beer, while enjoying a nice vibe and simple, yet good service.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Kalus Esplanada, Rua Alfredo Keil, Maputo, Mozambique

#11 Mamma Mia

This cosy, cheerful pizzeria will have diners coming back time and again. Service and food alike are of a high quality, and the pizzas in particular make for a lip-smacking good  feast!

For those craving good food and soothing natural surroundings, Mamma Mia is the perfect lunch spot in Maputo.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Mamma Mia, Avenida Armando Tivane, Maputo, Mozambique

#12 Chez Fred

Chez Fred offers amazing coffee, delicious food – especially the pastries – and great attention to detail.

This wonderful French coffee shop is a slice of pastry (and sweet treat…) paradise, wrapped up in one elegant spot.

Contact: +258 84 123 4578

Website: n/a

Address: Avenida Julius Nyerere | 914, R/C, Esquerdo, Maputo, Mozambique

These are just some of Maputo’s awesome eateries to enjoy during 2017.

Top 12 restaurants in Alexandria in 2017.

Not only is Alexandria home to many historical wonders from the Ancient World and equipped with many exciting activities too, but it also offers some lovely restaurants for locals and visitors to enjoy.

These are the top 12 Alexandria restaurants to visit in 2017:

#1 Santorini Greek Restaurant

Found at the Hilton Alexandria Corniche Hotel, this creative Greek taverna offers an authentic taste of Greece, set in the heart of Alexandria.

With its white-and-blue interiors, traditional food (which even includes a dessert menu) and tempting homemade selection, Santorini Greek Restaurant is equipped for all tastes and palates. It also offers dreamy views out over the Mediterranean Sea.

Contact: +20 3 5490935


Address:  Santorini Taverna, Hilton Alexandria Corniche, Alexandria, Egypt

#2 Fresca, Four Seasons Alexandria at San Stefano Restaurant

While not strictly a restaurant, this cafe is a worthy stop in Alexandria. With its cheerful, yet slick interiors, delicious coffees, and nice menu, it’s a great spot to go for a quick lunch, coffee enjoyed in the outdoor seating or evening drinks.

Contact: +20 3 5818000

Website: n/a

Address: 399 El Geish Road, Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San StefanoAlexandria, Egypt

#3 Abou El Sid

If you’re desirous of a truly authentic Alexandrian eatery, head to Abou El Sid. It feels as if it’s been locked away in space and time, as Egypt’s history and hospitality live on at this restaurant.

It offers a true Egyptian dining experience, delicious traditional cuisine and good service… what more could you want?

Contact: +20 3 3929609


Address: Abou El Sid, 39 El Horreya Road, Alexandria, Egypt

#4 White and Blue Restaurant

This restaurant is not only beautiful, it also offers great sea views and a good, solid menu.

Its seafood is particularly good, and, at sunset, it’s one of the most scenic places to eat in all the city.

Contact: +20 3 4802690

Website: n/a

Address: Qaitbay Street, Third Floor, Alexandria, Egypt

#5 Fish Market 

Fish Market is another spot, which offers awesome views and great, fresh seafood. Enjoy drinking in the sight of the calm Mediterranean, as you tuck into delicious food in this serene restaurant space.

Contact: +20 3 4805114


Address: Fish Market, El Corniche Road, Alexandria, Egypt

#6 Chez Gaby au Ritrovo

Opened in 1979, this famous pizzeria not only has a long-standing reputation of good food, but it also provides a wonderful, family-friendly atmosphere.

The menu offers a wide range of pizzas, pastas and other true Italian specialties, making it perfect for those craving a little Italian food in this Egyptian city.

Contact: +20 3 4874404


Address: Chez Gaby, 22 El Horreya Road, Alexandria, Egypt

#7 Sea Gull Restaurant

Sea Gull Restaurant offers good food, spectacular service and lovely sea views. Its seafood is delicious, and the interiors are beautiful and lush.

It’s also family-friendly, with a nice play area for kids. It’s one of Alexandria’s more pricey eateries, but you do pay for all-round quality.

Contact: +20 3 2204214

Website: n/a

Address: Sea Gull Restaurant, Alexandria, Egypt


#8 Byblos Restaurant

This restaurant is one of Alexandria’s gems… With affordable prices, high-end Middle Eastern cuisine and a warm, classy environment, it’s a fine place for dinner!

Set within the Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, it boasts a wonderful location. It also offers gorgeous sea views, and a lovely, crackling fireplace, perfect for colder weather.

Contact: +20 3 5818000


Address: Byblos Restaurant, 399 El Gueish Road, Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano, Alexandria, Egypt

#9 Stefano’s Restaurant

This stylish eatery is another fine offering in Alexandria. It serves up southern Italian food, which includes everything from lovely seafood to simple, hearty dishes.

Inside, you’ll find an open kitchen, warm Italian hospitality and chic decor to complement your delicious meal(s).

Contact: + 20 3 581-8000


Address: Stefano’s Place, El-Gaish Road, Alexandria, Egypt

#10  China House

This Chinese restaurant is romantic; offers wonderful Chinese food and boasts a chef, who hails all the way from China, so you’re assured quality control and authenticity in one.

It offers a serene, cosy atmosphere and mouth-watering food, ensuring diners leave happy and full.

Contact: +20 3 5839334

Website: n/a

Address: China House, 12 Mohamed Ahmed Afify Street, Alexandria, Egypt

#11 Balbaa Village

This eatery offers overall good food, lovely hospitality and a great local food experience. If you wish to experience an authentic Alexandrian restaurant, then Balbaa Village is the ideal spot.

Contact: +20 16941


Address: Balbaa Village, Alexandria, Egypt

#12 Kala Restaurant

Kala Restaurant is every bit an elegant, yet casual, dining experience. The food gives a strong nod to Mediterranean-North African dishes.

It offers dreamy sea views, a lovely breakfast a la carte menu and a beautiful restaurant setting, all wrapped up inside one lovely space.

Contact: + 20 3 581 8000


Address: Kala Restaurant, El-Gaish Road, Alexandria, Egypt

These are just some top restaurants that you can experience for yourself in fairest Alexandria during 2017.

Top 12 Restaurants in Cairo 2017.

Cairo – Egypt’s beautiful capital – not only offer great activities, rich ancient history and wonderful tourist attractions but it’s also home to some excellent, intercontinental restaurants too.

Here are some of the top restaurants to try in Cairo during 2017:

#1 Osmanly

This Turkish restaurant is a delightful a la carte-style offering, situated at Keminski Nile Hotel.

With its plush, elegant interiors and lovely menu, guests can sit back and enjoy a tasty meal in refined luxury, complete with Ottoman fine dining.

Contact: +202 2798 0000


Address: Osmanly, Kempinski Nile Hotel, Garden City, Cairo, Egpyt

#2 Zööba

Zooba is a celebration of the warm, vivid tastes of modern Egyptian street culture. It brings together a “street inspired contemporary atmosphere”, enhanced by its bright exterior, good attention-to-detail and mouth-watering food.

Here, cheap eats are given a new lease of life, and they’re sure to add flavour and colour to your dining experience.

Contact: +20 127 480 0551


Address: 26th of July Corridor, Al Gabalayah, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

#3 Andrea El Mariouteya

Andrea El Mariouteya has possibly the best grilled chicken in Cairo. It’s made with their own secret herbs and ingredients and cooked to perfection.

At this lovely eatery, aside from the chicken, you can enjoy tasty mezze, salads and fresh bread… As an added bonus, it also offers pleasant views.

Contact: +20 100 353 2000


Address: Andrea El Mariouteya, New Giza Road, New Giza, Cairo, Egypt

#4 O’s Pasta

If you’re looking for Little Italy in Egpyt, then O’s Pasta is the answer. This charming, old-fashioned restaurant offers fresh, fabulous Italian cuisine in a homely setting.

Head to O’s Pasta for authentic Italian food – with a dash of Egyptian vibrancy – and comfortable, relaxed surroundings.

Contact: +20 100 415 5756


Address: O’s Pasta, 159 of 26th July Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt

O's Pasta via
O’s Pasta via

#5 Sabaya

Sabaya offers authentic Lebanese food in a wonderful, relaxed setting, which promises comfort and elegant interiors.

The menu is extensive, offering a wide range of Lebanese dishes. What’s more, diners can enjoy plush, lovely seating, ensuring a comfortable meal.

Contact: +20 2 27957171

Website: n/a

Address: Sabaya, Corniche El Nil، Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr an Nile, Cairo, Egypt

#6 Tabla Luna

Tabla Luna brings Latin America to Egypt. It offers a range of traditional dishes from Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina to name a few.

Dine among bright colours and Aztec and Mayan motif tiled floors, as you enjoy eating food made with a ‘fiesta of flavours’.

Aside from the main central Cairo branch, you can now also find another Tabla Luna in Zamalek.

Contact: +20 2 25198403

Website: n/a

Address: Tabla Luna, 41 Road 218, right on the corner of 231, Maadi, Street 218, Al Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

#7 Khan Al Khalili

While Khan Al Khalili is more a bazaar than an eatery per se, it’s safe to say it’s one of Cairo’s biggest destinations, and is hailed by many as an unmissable attraction for those visiting or staying in the city.

Shop for jewelry or souvenirs, browse stalls and haggle for goods, as you soak up the heady smells, sights and sounds of this busy bazaar. While you’re there, why not enjoy a Arabian coffee or light meal, at places like El Fishawy cafe?

Contact: +20 2 25897443

Website: n/a

Address:  Khan Al Khalili, El-Gamaleya, Qism El-Gamaleya, Cairo, Egypt

#8 Manipuri

Just as Cairo has restaurants offering food from South America, Lebanon and even Italy, it also offers this (relatively new) Indian restaurant.

Manipuri – which can found within the 5-star-rated Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah hotel – offers a lavish menu, sure to transport you to India and back!

Manipuri is also a visual feast for the eyes, with its impressive decor and beautifully plated food.

Contact: n/a


Address: 3 El Thawra Council St Zamalek Downtown, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

#9 Birdcage

For those craving Asian cuisine, Cairo doesn’t disappoint… In fact, Birdcage is considered by some to be the best Thai restaurant in all of Egypt.

With its sophisticated interiors, exotic, tasty dishes and cool open kitchen, it’s perfect for a celebratory meal, special occasion or date night in the city.

Contact: +20 2 2795 7171

Website: n/a

Address: Birdcage, InterContinental Hotel, Corniche El Nil, Cairo, Egypt

#10 Koshary Goha

This restaurant is popular with Egyptians and most nights, you will find its outdoor tables packed with contented diners.

It’s the ideal place to go for a laid-back meal, where you can sit among friends and locals, as you enjoy tucking into authentic Egyptian cuisine.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Koshary Goha, 4 Emad El Din Street, Cairo, Egypt

#11 Fasahet Somaya

For those looking for a simple, homely eatery where you can experience yummy, home-cooked Egyptian food, Fasahet Somaya promises all that and more…

This cosy hole-in-the-wall is run by the warm Somaya, who always greets guests with a friendly smile, as she serves up food made with the most important ingredient of all… love.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Fasahet Somaya, Corner of Mohammed Mahmoud and Youssef El-Gendy, Cairo, Egypt

#12 Sushiramis


These days, sushi can be found in all the corners of the world – including Egpyt’s capital city, Cairo… thanks in part to Sushiramis!

At Sushiramis, foodies can tuck into great, fresh sushi, in a lovely restaurant setting, found within the InterContinental Cairo Semiramis hotel.

Contact: +20 2 27988000


Address: Sushiramis, 8 Dr Mohamed Fawzy, Qasr an Nile, Cairo, Egypt

These are just some of the best eateries you can enjoy in Cairo during 2017!

Top 12 Activities in Mwanza 2017.

Nestled near the picturesque southern shores of Lake Victoria, Mwanza is well-placed in Tanzania – and Africa at large – to offer a host of wonderful activities, with everything from cultural fun to top entertainment found in (and around) this pretty city.

Here are some of the top activities to enjoy in Mwanza during 2017:

#1 Tour the rock city

Sometimes, you really needn’t overthink travel excursions. So, why not simply spend a day (or even just an hour or two) exploring the wonderful ‘Rock City’ of Mwanza, which is well over a hundred years old?

Contact a local tour operator or navigate the city on your own, and take in all its rich history, cultural roots and modern-day vibe of this Tanzanian city.

Contact: n/a


Address: Mwanza, Tanzania

#2 Enjoy a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria

If you visit one place near Mwanza, let it be the beautiful Lake Victoria – a place blessed with great natural beauty.

And while you’re there, you can enjoy either a sunrise or sunset boat cruise on this special lake. This activity is not only romantic but it’s also good fun!

Contact: +254 721 242 711


Address: Mwanza, Tanzania

#3 Explore Sukuma Museum

Tanzania’s largest ethnic group is compiled by the Sukuma. Learn more about these indigenous people by visiting Bujora Cultural Centre’s Sukuma Museum.

At the museum, you will discover all kinds of intrigue. Enjoy seeing everything from ancient drums to daring sukuma snake dancing too!

Contact: +255 765 667 661


Address: Sukuma Museum, Bujora Cultural Centre, Mwanza, Tanzania

#4 Pay a visit to Rubondo Island National Park

While it’s not strictly in Mwanza, this national park is close enough to warrant not only a mention – but a proper visit too! It’s a wonderfully wild, beautiful place and allows you to really soak up the endless natural beauty of tantalising Tanzania.

The park is one of two national parks found on in island in Lake Victoria and attracts all kinds of visitors, from campers to bird lovers.

Contact: n/a


Address: Rubondo Island National Park, Tanzania

#5 Honour Mwalimu Julius Nyerere by visiting his home

Considered by many to have been a great fighter against social injustice, as well as the father of the Tanzanian nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was also Tanzania’s first-ever president.

Visit his home, mausoleum and museum in Butiama village and discover more about the famous, much loved man.

Contact: n/a


Address: Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere Memorial Museum, Butiama village, Tanzania

#6 Stand tall at Balili Hill Range

Located outside Bunda town (which is a two-hour or so drive from Mwanza), you will find the impressive Balili Hill Range.

These hills will allow you to soak up the expansive, scenic views across the town and surrounding region. Depending on what you’re in the mood to do, you can either walk or drive up.

Contact: 255 714 445 566


Address: Balili Hill Range, Bunda, Tanzania

#7 Discover the freeing Serengeti National Park

Head out and explore your (and Tanzania’s) wild side by visiting the Serengeti National Park. It’s guaranteed to give you an all-round nature fix and superb game-viewing experience.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a truly amazing place – one where your travel heart can soar freely, as you take in game of all shapes and sizes.

Contact: n/a


Address: Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

#8 Head to Mwaloni Fish Market 

No visit to Mwanza is complete without experiencing some of its dynamic city life from the ground. Given this, Mwaloni Market is a place well-worth stopping by.

At this buzzing local market, you will find everything fresh, including fish, fruit and vegetables.

Contact: n/a


Address: Mwaloni Fish Market, Mwanza, Tanzania

#9 Find the Dancing Rocks

The Dancing Rocks – more properly known as Jiwe Kuu – are one of the Rock City’s more interesting rock formations. These granite rocks can be found atop a rocky outcrop, and offer gorgeous views of both Mwanza and Lake Victoria.

There is also a fun story surrounding the rocks… be sure to find out for yourself just what it is!

Contact: n/a


Address: Jiwe Kuu, Mwanza, Tanzania

#10 Find Nobel prize winner Robert Koch’s House 

When you visit Mwanza, see if you can find the German Nobel prize winner, Robert Koch’s old home. It’s slightly forlorn to look at these days but it still captures an essence of olden days’ beauty and Germanic castle elements too.

The old mansion is also something of a landmark and again, offers awesome city views!

Note: Don’t head there after dark though, as people live there and usually expect money from visitors, even during daytime.

Contact: n/a


Address: Robert Koch Hill, Mwanza, Tanzania

#11 Visit the famous Bismarck Rock

Another must-see is the famed Bismarck Rock. Found in the waters of Lake Victoria, this pile of rocks hold something of an iconic status in Mwanza – especially the one perched right on top! And rightly so, given how cool they are to look at.

The rocks are also wonderfully close to the Kamanga ferry station, meaning they hold an all-round great location.

Contact: +255 716 161 910


Address: Mwanza, Tanzania

#12 Explore Saanane Island National Park

The Saanane island is a good place to go if you’re keen on nature walks, bird watching, cruises and picnics to name but a few of the outdoor activities you can enjoy on the lovely island.

Make your way around Saanane Island National Park and ensure you leave Tanzania, having secured a natural (outdoorsy) high!

Contact: +255 28 254 0713

Website: n/a

Address: Saanane National Park, Mwanza, Tanzania

These are some of the best experiences and activities to enjoy in Mwanza during 2017!

Top 12 Activities in Dar es Salaam 2017.

Found along Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline, this former fishing town-turned-major port city is a thriving East African city with plenty of fun, adventure and places of interest to discover.

Here are some of the top activities to try in Dar es Salaam during 2017:

#1 Head to Kariakoo Market

This bustling market is one of the most popular in Dar es Salaam. It’s a great place for chasing down bargains and soaking up a wonderful market atmosphere.

Note: just keep an eye on your possessions and don’t carry unnecessary valuables on your person in Kariakoo.

Contact: n/a


Address: Kariakoo Market, Swahili Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#2 Pay a visit to St Joseph’s Cathedral

With the Dar es Salaam archbishop serving from within, this gothic-style Roman Catholic church is famed for its beautiful architecture and singing.

Head to church on a Sunday morning to experience the choir and to take in the exquisite sights within – and without – at this church.

Contact: +255 717 059 911

Website: n/a

Address: St Joseph’s Cathedral, Sokoin Drive, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#3 Get hooked by Kivukoni Fish Market

If you’re craving a true Dar es Salaam experience, then this popular fish market is where you’ll find it. Not only does it provide visitors with a healthy dose of city life, but it also brings together a mix of cultures, businesses and of course, great, fresh fish.

And although the market has a fishy smell (naturally), it’s one worth visiting for photo opportunities and a good shop for supper.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Kivukoni Fish Market, Ocean Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#4 Visit Askari Monument

Unveiled in 1927, this cast-bronze monument is meant to be located in the precise centre of Dar. It shows a soldier, with his bayonet pointed towards the harbour and serves a memory of the British Carrier Corps soldiers, who fought in WWI.

It’s a sobering reminder of the Great War and it’s a war memorial worth seeing, not only for its geographical location – but also because, on its side, it touchingly bears poet Rudyard Kipling’s dedication – written in both English and Swahili.

Contact: +255 765 793 755


Address: Askari Monument, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#5 Explore Mwenge Woodcarvers’ Market

This is the place to come for Tanzanian souvenirs, wood carvings and sculptures, with quality and unique craftsmanship aplenty.

Explore the open-air stalls well before you settle on your purchase – and do try your hand at haggling.

Contact: +255 22 212 6826


Address: Mwenge Woodcarvers’ Market, Mwenge, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#6 Soak up the fun at Coco Beach

This beach – otherwise known as Oyster Beach – lies on the Msasani Peninsula and usually overflows with both tourists and locals.

Not only can you enjoy a great beach vibe (with beautiful scenery) and street food, but there are sometimes music concerts and beach parties held here too.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Coco Beach, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#7 Unlock history at the National Museum of Tanzania

The National Museum provides good insight into the history and culture of Tanzania. You can also see some interesting fossils discovered in the country, as well as cool car exhibits.

It’s a good place to explore to discover some rich history, especially if you have time to spare.

Contact: +255 22 212 2030


Address: National Museum, Kivukoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#8 Visit Village Museum

This interactive museum – established in 1996 – offers more than a dozen different types of traditional Tanzanian huts. What makes it really fun is that you are allowed to not only enter, but also to actively explore the huts inside.

For an extra price, visitors can enjoy dance and music performances on show. It’s also a great place to learn more about rural Tanzania’s traditions and customs, ensuring history buffs and culture vultures will be well-satisfied.

Contact: +255 22 270 0437


Address: Village Museum, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#9 Get active in Udzungwa Mountains National Park

If you’re willing to travel a bit, you can explore the wondrous depths of Udzungwa Mountains National Park. It offers friendly guides, beautiful hikes and some pretty outstanding views too!

So plan a day to immerse yourself in its beauty.

Contact: +255 757 374 716


Address: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#10 Experience Tinga Tinga Arts Co-operative Society

It might not look like much from the road, but enter and you’ll discover a whole host of local artisans offering artworks, all of which work around the popular TingaTinga art movement.

It’s quite affordable, so, before you have to head home, you might be able to pick up a unique piece or two…

Contact: +225 654 57 48 08


Address: Tinga Tinga Arts Co-operative Society, Morogoro Stores, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

#11 Head to Bongoyo Island

For those craving a dip in the warmer Indian Ocean waters, this beautiful little island off the coast of Dar is the balmy answer.

It offers lazy beach days, fun activities like snorkelling and swimming, and the chance to dine on delicious, fresh fish and chips at leisure.

Contact: n/a


Address: Bongoyo Island, Tanzania

#12 Travel to Bagamoyo town

Found north of Dar es Salaam, this town is an ancient East African trading port. Here, you can visit old churches, mosques and ruins, and even tour one of Tanzania’s only college of arts, called Chuo Cha Sanaa.

Contact: n/a


Address: Bagamoyo, Tanzania

These are some of the best activities to enjoy in Dar es Salaam during 2017!

Top 12 Activities in Alexandria in 2017

Founded by Alexander the Great and ruled over by Queen Cleopatra, the Mediterranean port city of Egypt, Alexandria, is home to many historical wonders and exciting places for visitors to see and explore. Here you will find, among other things, an amazing library, a delightful palace and some historical marvels to boot.

These are the top 12 Alexandria activities to enjoy in 2017:

#1 Immerse yourself in Bibliotheca Alexandrina

This library is one of the most special places you can explore in the city, and is a dedication to the original Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Not only is it found within a truly beautiful building but it’s also home to a vast store of history, arts, philosophy and much more, contained inside its museums and books.

Aside from being able to hold up to 2000 bookworms at a time, it offers an educational experience for all visitors to Alexandria – regardless of their age or interests.

Contact: (20) 03  4839999


Address: Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Corniche Alexandria, Egypt

#2 Be dazzled by Montazah Palace

Built high up on a hill, overlooking Alexandria’s most beautiful beach, this palace is a visual feast. Not only is it an architectural masterpiece but its lovely gardens are really something to behold.

Walk amid tall palms and fragrant flowers, as you soak up a little of Alexandria’s more glamourous history.

Contact: n/a


Address: Montazah Palace, Al Mandarah Bahri, Qism El-Montaza, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

#3 Explore Alexandria National Museum (ANM)

The ANM spans across three floors and provides wonderful insight into former times. It covers everything from the Pharaonic era to the Byzantine and Islamic periods.

Within you will find excellent displays, maps, drawings and more, all of which will help you to re-imagine days long gone. It’s also a great place for the whole family to explore.

Contact: (20) 3 4835519


Address: Alexandria National Museum, Tariq al-Horreya Street, Alexandria, Egypt

#4 Step back in time at Citadel of Qaitbay

This 15th century fortress is not only iconic thanks to its own history but perhaps more especially for its unique location: on the foundation of what was once the legendary Pharos Lighthouse – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

It’s worth exploring the fortress from within, allowing your mind’s eye to recreate the vast structure, which once stood here. Afterwards, indulge in the peninsula’s shops, restaurants and views.

Contact: n/a


Address: Citadel of Qaitbay, As Sayalah Sharq, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

#5 Unearth the wonders of Kom el-Dikka

Not many discoveries come as a result of housing apartments being planned but such was the case with Kom el-Dikka. Translated as “Mound of Rubble”, this amazing area revealed a number of ruins, including a small Roman theatre. Today, after some excavation, this park area offers a Ptolemaic temple and the mosaic flooring from a wealthy Roman villa…

Kom el-Dikka is definitely one for the culture vultures and history buffs among us.

Contact: none


Address: Kom el-Dikka, Yousri Street, Alexandria, Egypt

#6 Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

The Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa are believed to date back to the 2nd century and were probably used for the dead over 200 years. Disappear underground and experience a blend of Egyptian and Greco-Roman styles, as you explore burial chambers, particularly the Sepulchral Chapel.

It’s a different experience, there’s no doubting it – but it’s a truly authentic Egyptian one nonetheless!

Contact: (20) 3 3936825


Address: Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria

#7 Pompey’s Pillar

This Roman column is the largest in Egypt and was erected in honour of Roman Emperor, Diocletian. It marks the site of what used to be a huge, polished marble temple, once decorated with precious metals.

Visitors can explore a few of the surrounding tunnels and see some of the recovered artefacts on display.

Contact: n/a


Address: Pompey’s Pillar, Alexandria, Egypt

#8 Dive down to Cleopatra’s Palace 

For the ocean lovers and history fans, you’re going to relish the chance to dive down to Queen Cleopatra’s palace.

Sunken as a result of a great earthquake, this palace is a real-life historical treasure… It’s sure to provide a superb adventure too!

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

#9 Visit the lovely Ras El Tin Palace

This spectacular palace – which still serves as an official residence for Egypt’s president – was once a summer retreat for Egypt’s sultans when Cairo’s sultry heat became too much for them to bear.

It’s also now used by the Egyptian navy, so, while visitors cannot explore its sumptuous interiors – the pure white facade is certainly worth admiring, especially from the harbour.

Contact: n/a


Address: Ras el-Tin Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

#10 Head within the beautiful Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque 

This beautiful mosque is one of Alexandria’s key landmarks. Built in 1796, it lies above the tomb of 13th-century Sufi holy man, Abu Abbas al-Mursi. It’s also a major pilgrimage site, but, for the non-religious visitors, it’s a delight to see the swirly Islamic calligraphy designs and motifs.

Note: If they wish to go inside, visitors must dress modestly and leave their shoes at the entrance.

Contact: (20) 3 4801251


Address: Abu Abbas al-Mursi Mosque, Qesm Al Gomrok, Alexandria, Egypt

#11 Draw inspiration from Cavafy Museum

Created in memory of Alexandrian-Greek poet Constantine Cavafy – a poet who spent his final twenty-five years on earth in a flat above a brothel – this museum will reveal copies of his manuscripts, correspondence and notebooks, as well as a collection of paintings and portraits in the final room. It’s certainly a place of interest worth paying a small visit to.

Contact: (20) 3 4821598


Address: Cavafy Museum, Alexandria, Egypt

#12 Shop the town at Main Souq

Head to Alexandria’s main market and immerse yourself in the city’s culture and of course, all kinds of sale goods. You will find everything from silver trinkets to fresh food produce here.

It’s a wonderful way to experience Alexandria’s atmosphere and city life, and allows you to find some good treasures in the process.

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Alexandria, Egypt

These are just some wonderful activities you can experience for yourself in fairest Alexandria during 2017.