South Africa Travel Insights Feb 2022

In Feb 2022, Afristay performed an email based study with our 15,000 travel accommodation establishments across South Africa, to better understand the current situation within the travel industry. We received 750 replies. Encouragingly there has been a recovery in the industry, however clearly the devastating effects from the pandemic still linger, below are the highlights: … Continue reading “South Africa Travel Insights Feb 2022”

Govchain – CIPC company registration

We know that running an accommodation establishment keeps our hosts busy. One of the main questions we get asked by our new establishments is “Do we need to register as a company?”. The answer is: yes you should. There are a lot of benefits being compliant and its always a good idea to do this as early into your new … Continue reading “Govchain – CIPC company registration” has changed its name to!

​ Why the change? We’ve come a long way since we launched back in 2006. Thanks to the support from our wonderful establishments and customers we’ve built Accommodation Direct’s name up to be one of the most recognisable online travel brands in South Africa. Nonetheless, we felt it was time for a new fresh look, … Continue reading “ has changed its name to!”

Check out the latest travel stats for 2016

We are proud to bring you The Afristay Travel Stats 2016. We analysed our travel bookings data over the last 12 months to bring you some interesting travel info and inspiration. To find the most expensive and luxurious destinations, we took the price per listing per night of the top 20 most expensive listings in each … Continue reading “Check out the latest travel stats for 2016”

Family Favourite Easter Destinations!

The Easter Weekend is right around the corner, and if you’re like us, you’ve probably left your plans to the very last minute! So to help you get those getaway plans underway, we’ve put together a list of some of South Africa’s favorite family holiday destinations. We handpicked some of the most suitable places for … Continue reading “Family Favourite Easter Destinations!”

Top Places To Visit In South Africa

South Africa is an ecologically, cultural and historically rich, vibrant country that is filled with hundreds of amazing places to see and visit. We here at know how difficult it can be to choose not just your next destination, but also the places to go and see while you’re on holiday, which is why we … Continue reading “Top Places To Visit In South Africa”

5 Most Romantic Places In South Africa

With Valentine’s Day practically upon us, we couldn’t help but think of the most romantic destinations in our gorgeous country. We came up with 5 places that are not only offer gorgeous scenery and views, but are also best enjoyed when you’re with someone special!                     … Continue reading “5 Most Romantic Places In South Africa”

Top 5 South African Travel Tips

The first month of 2015 has nearly come and gone, and we have decided it is about time we shared our top 5 travel tips for travelling around South Africa in 2015! So here’s our list, tailored to our beautiful country, to make your getaway a smooth and enjoyable one! 1. Vehicle Safety Crime can … Continue reading “Top 5 South African Travel Tips”

Top 5 NYE Parties Around South Africa

With this year coming to a close, a lot of us are still scrambling to make plans on what to do this New Years. With so many options and beautiful locations to choose from, we cut through the noise to find you the best places to smash into 2015 from all over South Africa…and they … Continue reading “Top 5 NYE Parties Around South Africa”

Top Ten SA Beaches

Lying on the southern part of the hemisphere, South Africa enjoys currents from both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, which meet at the breathtaking Cape Point. The two oceans have given South Africa some truly spectacular beaches that offer a variety of activities, from swimming to surfing to just lying on the beach soaking up … Continue reading “Top Ten SA Beaches”