Top 10 Family Friendly Restaurants near Ballito

Ballito, found in KwaZulu-Natal, is a beach paradise, filled with gorgeous beach spots, fun local attractions and good restaurants for visitors to enjoy.

It is the perfect place for a family holiday, particularly as the Dolphin Coast offers plenty of excellent, family friendly places to eat at and enjoy.

Here is a list of the best family friendly spots near Ballito and surrounds:

#1 La Piazza

This family-orientated continental cafe and eatery is the perfect place to go with the kids, as it even offers its own Bambini kids club!

The indoor kids’ area offers plenty to keep little minds entertained and busy little bees occupied with pure fun. Kids can climb the jungle gym, play arcade games, watch a good film on the big screen or even enjoy some creative sand art.

Best of all, there is no compromise on quality food and a memorable dining experience because La Piazza is a delight all around, providing families with delicious, fresh Italian cuisine, available for enjoyment at breakfast, lunch or dinner… There is everything from pizza to pasta and focaccia too!

And with full-time childminders present, parents can enjoy the best peace of mind and relaxed eating without stressing about their little ones. La Piazza also caters to children’s parties, with a wonderful secure outdoor area available too.

If you are looking for one of the best family restaurants in Ballito, stop the search at La Piazza.

Contact: +27 (032) 586 3565 /(032) 946 1527,


Location: La Piazza, Ballito, KZN

#2 45 on Eat Street

45 on Eat Street
45 on Eat Street

45 on Eat Street is a lovely, tastefully decorated space for families and friends to enjoy together. They offer a delightful outdoor play area, complete with a stylish wood play house, swings, outdoor games and more. Attentive childminders keep an eye on the kids while parents enjoy chatting and eating with pure peace of mind.

They offer incredible, seasonally-inspired food, sumptuous restaurant interiors (designed with the greatest attention-to-detail) and good service.

For parents looking for an upmarket, yet still wholly child-friendly restaurant, 45 on Eat Street is ideal.

Contact: +27  (087) 460 0085 /(032) 586 8168,


Location: 45 on Eat Street, Ballito Lifestyle Centre, CNR 398/445 Main Road, Ballito, KZN

#3 Pappa G’s

Pappa G’s – formerly known as Mamma G’s – is a lovely, relaxed family friendly restaurant in Ballito.

This ristorante cafe takes pride in its cuisine, offering authentic Italian food at its best. (And if you are not in the mood for Italian, there are other menu options available too.)

The atmosphere is relaxing, the owners and staff are welcoming and locals agree the food is sublime. It is the perfect place to go for a child-friendly meal, especially as kiddies love Pappa G’s – and the food  -as much as the adults!

What’s more, food is of a high quality, service is a treat and the dining experience is peaceful from start to end.

Contact: +27 (032) 946 2214 ,

Website: N/A

Location: Pappa G’s, Shop H5, Ballito Junction Shopping Centre, Ballito, KZN

Pappa G's via Facebook
Pappa G’s via Facebook

#4 Sage Cafe and Deli

Sage Cafe and Deli – the self-professed “home of of delicious coffee & scrumptious food” – is a charming, family friendly place for all to enjoy. It is a short drive from Ballito but well worth a good visit.

Open daily, Sage Cafe and Deli offers a delectable selection of breakfast and lunch options. They have everything from homemade cakes and desserts to classic breakfasts, mezze platters, gourmet burgers, baked goods, pizzas and more.

They also have a pretty extensive kiddies’ section on the menu, encompassing everything from kiddies’ breakfasts and drinks to meals, toasted sandwiches, drinks and sweets to ensure lunchtime happiness for the little ones.

Stand-out kids’ options include mouthwatering dishes like penne with ham and cream cheese sauce, ice cream and chocolate sauce, crumpet/French toast with maple syrup and more.

Additionally, there is kids’ entertainment thanks to a great outdoor play area (even equipped with a climbing castle) and a beautiful, airy dining experience, with indoor and outdoor seating alike.

Overall, Sage Cafe and Deli is a wonderful spot for the whole family to enjoy a good meal and quality time together in a gorgeous setting.

Contact: +27 (032) 525 8059,


Location: Sage Cafe and Deli, Old Fort Road, Salt Rock, KZN

Sage Cafe and Deli
Sage Cafe and Deli

#5 The Shed

A short drive out of Ballito (no more than 15 km by the longest route), one finds The Shed.

This rustic outdoor eatery and bar, situated at Litchi Orchard, offers a fun experience for young and old, with excellent, unpretentious food and great service to top it off.

There is a nice play area on the lawns for kids to enjoy and a child-friendly menu, which includes options like burgers, toasties, wood-fired pizza and more. High chairs and a changing facility (in the ladies’ room) are also available.

It is perfect for lazy lunches with the family, with plenty of space for kids to roam around in the fresh air and play before or after the meal… This is a wonderful outdoor dining experience for all.

Contact: +27  (061) 359 4067,


Location: The Shed, Litchi Orchard, Salt Rock, KZN

#6 Wonderland Coffee

While it is situated a short drive (less than 7 km away if you take the quickest route) from Ballito, Wonderland Coffee is a nice spot for families.

The ultimate coffee-focused retreat, Wonderland Coffee provides guests with a great cafe experience. Food is available but coffee is definitely the focal point here.

The setting of this vintage-style cafe is idyllic, with modern touches, divine aromas and good service to enhance it even more.

It is child-friendly, with its own entrancing jungle gym, Vortex 3000… Oh and their gigantic cookies are sure to be a big hit among children and adults alike!

So if you are looking for a lovely coffee shop for the whole family to visit, Wonderland Coffee is for you.

Contact: +27 (078) 168 1792,

Website: N/A

Location: Wonderland Coffee, Linc Campus, Salt Rock, KZN

#7 Burnedale Cafe

Burnedale Cafe via Facebook
Burnedale Cafe via Facebook

Although not in Ballito, Burnedale Cafe is a short drive (less than 7 km away by the fastest route) from Ballito so it certainly deserves a mention.

This rustic, country spot is ideal for families who wish to escape the suburbs and enjoy some peace and quiet. Located on a farm, with some cute farm animals on-site, and a wonderful play ground, Burnedale Cafe is extremely child-friendly.

As the little ones play and explore, adults can tuck into lovely, fresh food (like wood-fired pizza, a burger and beer or coffee and cake) or browse the little shops.

This is a very popular place among children and provides a pleasant experience for young and old alike.

Contact: +27 (032) 947 0133,

Website: N/A

Location: Burnedale Cafe, 1 Salt Rock Road, Umhlali, KZN.

#8 Thava Indian Restaurant

Thava Indian Restaurant Ballito
Thava Indian Restaurant Ballito

If you are looking for a classic Indian eatery, Thava Indian Restaurant is your one-stop in Ballito for all the best curries, biryanis, stews, rice dishes, traditional breads, Indian desserts, specialty coffees and so much more mouthwatering goodness!

Service is friendly, the views are excellent (especially from the balcony) and they even offer a kids’ menu, meaning everyone is welcome here.

The restaurant is warm and cosy, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a family lunch or dinner, especially with your tweens or teens.

Contact: +27 (078) 802 7427,


Location: Thava Indian Restaurant, 33 Compensation Beach Road, Salmon Way, Ballito, KZN

#9 Old North Karibu

If you love a relaxing restaurant experience with beautiful scenery, then Old North Karibu – a short drive from Ballito – is for you.

This good restaurant and bar even offers a lovely play area for kiddies to enjoy while you dine. There is a tramopline, wooden adventure and for special occasions, like kiddies’ parties, a jumping castle too.

There is a nice kiddies’ section on the menu, with meals like chicken strips and chips, mac and cheese, kiddies’ beef/chicken burgers and pizzas too!

They are also pet-friendly (provided you keep pooches leashed and clean up after your doggies) so this is an ideal place for the family to go and enjoy a good meal overlooking a pretty dam at Karibu Farm.

They also have live music and broadcast key sporting events… So, all in all, it makes for a nice family friendly outing and fun meal for all.

Contact: +27 (032) 947 0520


Location: Old North Karibu, Salt Rock Road, Umhlali, KZN

These are just a few of the best family friendly eateries near beautiful Ballito!

#10 Turn ‘n Tender

This long-standing, legendary steakhouse is a family friendly restaurant with good food, generous portions, sound service and a lovely restaurant atmosphere.

It might be better suited to older kids, like tweens and teens who are comfortable dining quietly, but it is nevertheless a nice place for the whole family to enjoy a hearty meal.

Contact: +27 (032) 586 0975,


Location: Turn ‘n Tender, Ballito Junction, Ballito, KZN.

These are just some of the best family friendly spots in and around beautiful Ballito!

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