Best Rated Airlines in the World.

When you’re flying on an international level – whether it’s for business or leisure – you want the comfort of knowing that the airline you are flying with has a trusted reputation; offers its own set of perks; and provides you with a memorable, safe flight.

With that in mind, here are the best rated airlines in the world to turn to for that in-flight peace of mind:

#1 Air New Zealand

As with most things (and their modern-day country in general), the New Zealanders have perfected their airline service too… Maybe that’s why this airline – which operates from and within New Zealand – flies more than 15 million passengers in a single year!

Their focus centres on strategy and competitiveness within the Pacific Rim, although they also have networks running from New Zealand to Australia, Asia, the South West Pacific, the Americas and the UK too.

Aside from flourishing as an airline service, Air New Zealand is also focused on sustainability (on social, environment and economic fronts), making them a well-rounded, earth-conscious airline worth flying with.

Contact: + 00 64 9-357 3000


Where they fly: New Zealand, Australia, Pacific Islands, USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

#2 Singapore Airlines

What originally started as Malaysia-Sinapore Airlines (MSA) on 1 May 1947, soon branched into two separate airlines in 1972. Since then, however, Sinapore Airlines has blossomed on its own.

Combining innovation and travel in motion, they now fly all around the world, including to places like Amsterdam, Darwin, New York, Manchester, Taipei and more… Fly with them and see the world!

Contact: +1 (312) 843-5333


Where they fly: Everywhere from Amsterdam, Darwin, New York, Dusseldorf, Manchester, Taipei, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Zurich, Copenhagen, Barcelona and so many more.

#3 Qantas

Founded in 1920 in the Queensland outback, Qantas has, over the years, steadily and consistently grown into “Australia’s largest domestic and international airline”. In fact, some even regard them as the leading long-distance airline in the world!

They have a good reputation for providing top quality service, operational, engineering and maintenance-focused reliability – and of course, great customer service.

Qantas not only believes in great value-for-money and excellent service, but, when booking online, they also provide customers with sound travel and flight advice!

Contact: +61 2 8222 2439


Where they fly: South America, Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Oceania, Dubai and North America.

#4 Virgin Atlantic Airways

In 1980, much to his directors’ horror, Sir Richard Branson announced that he would be providing travellers with a “high quality, value for money airline” in the shape of then-soon-to-be-revealed Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Flash forward a few good years… and it seems, once again, Sir Richard made a worthy call! Today, Virgin Atlantic is one of Britain’s biggest success stories, and one of the better airlines around globally to boot.

Their mission remains a simple one, “to embrace the human spirit and let it fly”.  They are also known for their efficiency and effectiveness as an international airline, making them one of the best around!

Contact:  0344 874 7747 or 0344 209 7770


Where they fly: USA, Caribbean and Mexico, Delhi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Johannesburg and Lagos.

#5 Virgin Australia

In 2000, the Virgin aviation brand expanded its offerings, entering the Australian airline market for the first time in its history. Then, just over a decade later, in May 2011, they finally launched their own Australian airline: Virgin Australia.

Once again, the Virgin Group has provided the world with yet another top offering. Because of this, customers can enjoy flying to many sought-after destinations with the well-rated Virgin Australia airline!

Contact: +61 7 3295 2296 (other international countries) or 13 67 89 (Australia)


Where they fly: Africa, Asia-Pacific, The Americas and the Middle East.

#6 Etihad Airways

Like its home, Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways has travelled far in the last few years, proving its worth and professionalism.

Admirably, they aim to become the best airline in the world, connecting Abu Dhabi to the world as they do so.

With Etihad Airways’s perfect geographical positioning, travel routes and +/-120-strong fleet, it offers valued guests the chance to access over 110 destinations around the globe.

Contact: +97125110000 (general), +971(0)25990000  (flight reservations)


Where they fly: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, The Americas and the Middle East.

#7 All Nippon Airways

The inspiration of Japan, All Nippon Airways (also known as Zennikkū or ANA), continues to climb up the global airlines rankings.

They are the largest international carrier in Japan, home to one of the world’s largest “fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliners”.

In the past, they have been voted by Skytrax as having the ‘World’s Best Airport Services’ and ‘Best Airline Staff Service in Asia’. These, along with many other features, have helped to cement them as a wonderful example of all-round airline efficiency!

Contact: 1-800-235-9262 (international reservations)


Where they fly: Japan, Asia/Oceania (destinations like Jakarta, Hong Kong, Sinapore, Shanghai and Beijing etc.)

#8 Korean Air

Over time, thanks to its creative mindset and constant innovation in business, Korean Air has become a leading global carrier.

At the end of January 2018, they owned 161 aircrafts, operating scheduled flights to 123 cities in some 43 countries across the globe; this stretches their reach beyond Korea, firmly connecting them to the world!

Their main goal is to achieve “excellence in flight” – and this is undoubtedly something they are currently doing well!

Contact: 0088-21-2001 (Japan), 40065-88888 (China), 1-800-438-5000  (US & Canada)


Where they fly: China, Australia, Canada, Denmark, India, Japan, Russia and the US to name a few of their destinations.

#9 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways – the flag carrier for Hong Kong – flies to some 81 destinations worldwide. This includes regions like South Africa, the Americas and the Middle East.

Fly with them and move forward into the future, enjoying comfort and flight safety as you go!

Contact: 2-8793-3388 287933388 (for tickets and flights enquiries only)


Where they fly: Asia-Pacific, South Africa, The Americas, The Middle East and Europe.

#10 Japan Airlines

As the flag carrier for Japan, Japan Airlines certainly does deliver ‘Japanese hospitality to the world’. Second only to All Nippon Airways, they offer quality service and good flights to both domestic and international destinations.

They have some 143 domestic and 571 international offerings, which help them to get you where you need to, well, fly!

Contact: 1-800-JAL-FONE (1-800-525-3663*), +1-310-607-4160 (outside the US & Canada)


Where they fly: UAE, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Africa.

These are just some of the world’s most highly rated airlines – fly with them and enjoy quality service, varied flight routes, awesome destinations and above all, in-flight peace of mind!

Top Airlines in Africa.

There’s no question that Africa offers some of the world’s finest countries – whether it’s the wild and beautiful Tanzania, sunny South Africa or romantic, beautiful islands, like Mauritius or the Seychelles… Given this, it’s no surprise that travellers love flying to this unique continent throughout the year.

And with these ten top African airlines, you can enjoy them too!

#1 Ethiopian Airlines

Launched in 1945, this long-time airline has been flying across Africa – and the world – for many years now, under a trusted and well-oiled business service.

Not only are they one of the fastest growing airlines in the industry, but they also fly to more African destinations than any other airline carrier around. Book your flight and explore Africa with this awesome airline!

Contact: +251 116 656 666 or 011 326 1190


Where they fly: across Africa, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

#2 South African Airways

South Africa’s largest airline, SAA, is known across Africa and the globe. They fly to some 56 destinations worldwide, making them exceptionally well-versed in both local and international flights.

They work in partnership with some of South Africa’s other top airlines, like SA Express, SA Airlink and Mango, to help you reach even more travel destinations than would otherwise be possible!

Contact: +27 11 978 1111 (SA), +55 11 3065 5115 (international)


Where they fly: South Africa, Africa and internationally.

#3 Air Seychelles

This national airline is an inter-island and international flight provider. Its main base is naturally Seychelles International Airport, and they are a helpful attractor of tourism.

You can fly with them to many wonderful destinations across Africa and the globe, including Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Johannesburg and Mauritius.

Contact: +248 4391000


Where they fly: Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Beijing, Washington DC, Johannesburg and Mauritius to name just a few of their awesome destinations across both Africa and the globe.

#4 Air Mauritius

Mauritius’s flagship carrier, Air Mauritius, is a good flight provider, opening up many key parts of the world, including South Africa, where they fly to and from Cape Town, Johannesburg Durban.

They are the fourth largest carrier in sub-Saharan Africa and naturally, also have an impressive, solid foothold in the Indian Ocean routes, as well as parts of Europe too.

Contact:  +27 21 934 5506, +27 11 601 3900


Where they fly: across Europe, Asia and parts of Africa, including South Africa.

Air Mauritius Facebook
Air Mauritius Facebook

#5 Kenya Airways

Founded in 1977, Kenya Airways is Kenya’s flagship airline service. Since their establishment, they have enjoyed wonderful success, combining private-public partnerships with good quality service.

They offer flights across Africa, Asia and Europe, so if you fly with them, you will definitely get to see the world!

Contact:  +010 205 0000


Where they fly: across Africa, Asia and Europe.

#6 Royal Air Maroc

Otherwise known as RAM, Royal Air Maroc is Morocco’s largest airline and national carrier, wrapped up in one slick operation.

They operate largely from their base, Casablanca-Anfa Airport, providing domestic flights across Morocco and beyond to Africa, Asia, Europe and North and South America. Their reach extends far, and they are a trusted and reliable airline.

Contact: +212 5224-89797


Where they fly: Africa, Europe, Morocco and North and South America.

#7 TAAG Angola Airlines

This state-owned national airline is based in Luanda. From there, they operate with an all-Boeing fleet, largely travelling across Africa.

They also provide long-distance flights to places like Brazil, Cuba, Portugal and China to name but a few of their over 35 destinations.

Contact: +244 9231 90 000


Where they fly: more than 35 destinations in Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

#8 Fastjet

This low-cost, Pan-African airline diligently strives to be the airline service for everyone. They fly to destinations like Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, offering travellers plenty of awesome African travel destinations to enjoy!

Contact: +27(0) 10 500 2560


Where they fly: Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Kulula is a simple, yet efficient South Africa airline, which, along with British Airways, operates across Africa.

They travel to popular places like Mauritius, Windhoek, Nairobi, Victoria Falls and Harare, giving you an affordable and enjoyable taste of South Africa and Africa beyond.

Contact: 0861 58 58 52 (SA) or +27 11 921 0500 (outside SA)


Where they fly: Across SA – and with British Airways, to Mauritius, Nairobi, Windhoek, Harare, Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

#10 Mango Airlines

Last but by no means least, we have the state-owned South African airline, Mango Airlines, who also operates as a subsidiary of SA’s best: SAA. Mango is cheap, cheerful and above all, consistently good.

In sunny South Africa, they primarily operate between Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and George – and twice weekly, they also run between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

Contact: 086 100 1234 (SA); (international) +27 (11) 086 6100


Where we fly: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, George and (twice weekly) between JHB to Zanzibar.

Fly across Africa – and the globe – with these top African airlines!

Top Airlines in South Africa.

With nine provinces, each as different as the next, South Africa is a rich and diverse country, and it’s perfect for both travellers and jet-setters to enjoy.

Whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or holiday leisure – these top South African airlines can be the wind beneath your wings, as they safely bring you to your destination:

#1 South African Airways

Consistently rated as South Africa’s best airline, this long-standing flight king needs no introduction. “Flying to South Africa and beyond”, SAA is a multi-award-winning airline, first established 1 February 1934.

Along with Mango, they hold the number one and two spots as South Africa’s most on-time airlines, guaranteeing you will arrive on time without the schlep of extended flight delays or airport waits.

Their consistency, dedication and quality service has always given them an edge and, with a range of local and international flights on offer (and some impressive airline partners too), there’s no question that SAA can get you there!

Contact: +27 11 978 1111 (SA), +55 11 3065 5115 (international)


Where they fly: South Africa, Africa and internationally.

#2 (or Kulula)

This unmistakable green dragon has got your every flight need covered. With highly affordable rates, committed staff, and flights to many of SA’s top cities, Kulula is undoubtedly one of SA’s favourite airlines.

Enjoy flights from Cape Town to King Shaka International Airport (Durban) to Lanseria International Airport and more!

Contact: 0861 58 58 52 (SA) or +27 11 921 0500  (outside SA)


Where they fly: Across SA – and with British Airways, to Mauritius, Nairobi, Windhoek, Harare, Victoria Falls and Livingstone.

#3 SA Express

If you are looking to book flights in South Africa and southern Africa alike, then SA Express is one of the best airlines around to fly you there. They combine convenience, time savings and cheap flights with quality service.

Travel with them to destinations like: Richard’s Bay, Cape Town, Walvis Bay, Lusaka and more.

Contact: +27 11 978 9900


Where we fly: across SA and to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the DRC.

#4 Mango Airlines

Mango has been consistently and reliably providing travellers with affordable domestic flights, on-board Wi-Fi and so much more since they first took to the skies, way back in late 2006.

This orange, jet-setting airline operates between SA’s major airports, as well as providing twice weekly flights between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

For memorable and hassle-free domestic flights across South Africa, look no further than Mango!

Contact: 086 100 1234 (SA); (international) +27 (11) 086 6100


Where we fly: Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, George and (twice weekly) between JHB to Zanzibar.

#5 SA Airlink

Connecting you with amazing destinations across Southern Africa, SA Airlink can take you where you need to be.

This awesome airline can connect travellers with up to 37 destinations, including nine African countries and St Helena. Spread your wings and enjoy the “freedom of the African sky” with Airlink.

Contact: +27 11 451 7300/0105903170


Where we fly: across South Africa and Botwsana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Namibia, St Helena, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

#6 FlySafair

FlySaAir may have launched in late 2014 – but behind this fresh-faced airline is Safair – and they have been in operation for some fifty years.

Thus, because they bring both innovation and experience to South Africa’s skies, FlySaAir can take you to the ones you love at reasonable rates – and in good time too.

Contact: 087 135 1351


Where they fly: across South Africa


#7 British Airways

While British Airways is certainly not a domestic airline from a South African perspective, there can be no mistaking that this is one of the world’s leading international airlines.

However, despite this, they do fly from Johannesburg to Durban and Port Elizabeth, as well as to Cape Town.

Contact: 0844 493 0763


Where they fly: internationally and to Johannesburg, Durban, P-E and Cape Town.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your seat and prepare to take to the skies with these top airlines in South Africa!

Top 10 Car Rental Services in Bloemfontein

The capital city of the Free State is famed for its national monuments, natural beauty and South African history. This means that travellers have plenty to see and do when they visit Bloem.

Naturally, a set of wheels is a must… So, for your trip to the City of Roses, why not turn to the best car rental services in the business?

#1 is a reliable and efficient car rental service. They are able to connect you with top car rental providers, like Tempest Car Hire, AVIS and First Car Rental to name a few.

And what’s more, there can be no question that, when you combine top service providers with zero booking or credit card fees and the best guaranteed price(s), you know you’re in for a match made in car rental heaven!

Contact: n/a


Address:, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#2 First Car Rental 

First Car Rental has a stellar reputation across the board… Add to that convenience, like quick and easy collections and drop-offs, guaranteed best prices and awesome car picks too – and you have quite the combination!

Because of this, travellers can rest assured that, with First Car Rental, they will be able to travel in style around Bloemfontein.

Contact: +27 (086) 1 178 227


Address: First Car Rental, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#3 Europcar 

Europcar knows what locals and tourists need to enjoy safe and memorable journeys.

That’s why they are here to provide you with award-winning services, a new, comfortable car fleet and a variety of car rental options to make your experience even slicker and more enjoyable!

Contact: n/a


Address: Europcar, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#4 Sixt Car Rental

With Sixt, renting a car in Bloemfontein is as easy as one, two, three. As, thanks to their comprehensive services and fleet of luxury and economy vehicles, you can enjoy safe, affordable and reliable travel.

Throw in reasonable rates and premium vehicles, and all your mobility needs are perfectly covered!

Contact: n/a


Address: Sixt Car Rental, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#5 AVIS Rent a Car

If you’re looking for tailor-made car hire in Bloemfontein, look no further than national car rental treasure: AVIS Rent a Car.

Make use of their cars, services and other offerings and enjoy a perfect trip in and around the Free State!

Contact: n/a


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#6 Thrifty Car Rental 

This nationwide provider offers customers unbeatable car deals (for rentals and second-hand cars alike), as well as flexible kilometres, allowing you to cruise about in style.

As a bonus, you also have the option of renting a trailer, ensuring you don’t need to leave anything behind!

Contact: +27 (086) 100 2111


Address: Thrifty Car Rental, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#7 Drive South Africa

Drive South Africa’s nationwide branch network allows you travel across South Africa and even into neighbouring African countries.

With car and camper hire, luxury cars, roadtrip tools and more, Drive South Africa is a trusted and affordable car rental service.

Contact: 087 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#8 Rhino Car Hire

Explore the City of Roses with Rhino Car Hire and enjoy awesome cars from this easy-to-use, great car rental provider.

This professional, polite and knowledgeable company rakes in the good reviews. And they sure do speak for the company and what it offers… This must be why customers put their faith in Rhino Car Hire time and again!

Contact: (+27) 21 3001910


Address: Rhino Car Hire, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#9 Car Rental Bloemfontein Airport

Car Rental Bloemfontein Airport works tirelessly with leading car rental companies to present you, their customers, with great, affordable rental options.

Booking is simple and quick, the options are endless and the service is top notch… Not to mention the convenience of booking a car from the Bloemfontein Airport!

Contact: +1-914-368-0091


Address: Car Rental Bloemfontein Airport, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

#10 Hertz Rent a Car

Needing little introduction, Hertz Rent a Car offers consistently good services, making them a car rental force to be reckoned with.

With over 42 branches across South Africa, including in Bloem, travellers can rely on Hertz to keep them moving, no matter where their journey takes them!

Contact:+27 21 935 4800/086 1 600 136


Address: Hertz Rent a Car, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

When you visit Bloemfontein, be sure to rely on these top car rentals!

Top 10 Car Rental Services in Hartbeespoort.

Resort town of Hartbeespoort is one of South Africa’s most popular travel destinations, with plenty to see, do and eat when you visit this unique area near the famous Hartbeespoort Dam.

To ensure you have all your travel needs sorted, why not put your trust in these top car rentals situated close to Hartbeespoort?

#1 AVIS Rent a Car

Use AVIS Rent a Car’s North West branches to put you firmly in the driver’s seat and allow you to explore all the awesome North West province has to offer… And, naturally, resort town of Hartbeespoort and Hartbeespoort Dam are included in the mix.

For more information, visit their website and see which branch works best for you.

Contact: +27 11 387 8431


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, North West, South Africa

#2 Europcar

This leading car rental company offers a wide range of vehicles, at affordable prices, helping to make your trip even better.

Rent one of Europcar’s great cars from Rustenburg, and enjoy exploring the surrounding towns and areas, including Hartbeespoort itself, Klerksdorp Potchefstroom and more.

Contact: n/a


Address: Europcar, Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

#3 Hertz Rent A Car

This international car rental service operates across South Africa, meaning you can rely on them for your next trip to South Africa’s interesting North West province, where Hartbeespoort is located.

You can organise a car in Rustenburg, or easily pick one up from Gauteng’s OR Tambo Airport, before then enjoying an effortless road trip across South Africa with this trusted car rental service provider.

Contact: 0861 600 136/ +27 21 935 4800


Address: Hertz Rent A Car, North West/Gauteng, South Africa

#4 First Car Rental

First Car Rental offers a wonderful selection of cars to choose from, especially as they provide travellers with a choice between budget car hire, executive car hire and of course, passenger car hire too.

They have branches in both Rustenburg and Klerksdorp, allowing you to easily travel to Hartbeespoort from either location. If you’re unsure of who to turn to when it comes to exploring the North West, give them a call.

Contact: 0861 178 227


Address: First Car Rental, North West, South Africa

#5 Wotif

Mix and match your holiday essentials with Wotif… Thanks to their Hartbeespoort car rental options, you can enjoy cars from top hire agencies, affording you endless style, driving comfort and, most of all, road safety.

Make use of their easy pick-up and drop-off services and other off-road specs and get the most out of your road trip or holiday to Hartbeespoort.

Contact: n/a


Address: Wotif, Hartbeespoort, North West, South Africa

#6 Bidvest Car Rental (Centurion)

Now, while Bidvest operates across South Africa, the closest branches directly to Hartbeespoort include options like Rustenburg, Sun City or even Centurion.

While any of these branches will do the trick, the Centurion branch is pretty highly rated so maybe consider booking your cool car rental through them first and foremost.

Contact: (012) 663 1267


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Gauteng/North West, South Africa

#7 Tempest Car Hire

Put unlimited kilomteres behind your name with Tempest Car Hire and allow them to make your travel or road trip dream a reality.

While they do not have any branches in the North West itself, they offer several options in Gauteng, meaning you only need to make a short drive to your final Harties destination.

Contact: +27 (0) 11 479 4000


Address: Tempest Car Hire, Gauteng, South Africa

#8 Value Car Hire

Value Car Hire is yet another awesome car rental service provider that is spread across South Africa and, although they do not have any North West branches as yet, they have three Gauteng-based branches in OR Tambo Airport, Kempton Park and Florauna.

These are close enough to make your trip fairly effortless and, in OR Tambo especially, you can conveniently pick your car up from the airport and be on your way!

Contact: +27 (0)21 386 7699


Address: Value Car Hire, Gauteng, South Africa

#9 Budget Rent a Car

Budget Rent a Car is there to assist with all your Hartbeespoort travel needs. While there are no branches in Hartbeespoort and its most immediate surrounds, you can opt for one in either Midrand or, if you feel like travelling a bit further afield, even Mahikeng.

They usefully offer both cars and vans, with plenty of great deals to keep you coming back time and again.

Contact: 0800 001 669 / +27 11 387 8432


Address: Budget Rent a Car, Gauteng/North West, South Africa

#10 Pace Car Rental

Specialising in long-term rental, Pace Car Rental is the perfect choice for extended holidays or cross-country trips.

They have branches in all the major cities, like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. For your snazzy, affordable ride, contact their Johannesburg branch today.

Contact: 011 262 5500


Address: Pace Car Rental, Gauteng, South Africa

Top 10 Car Rental Services in Kimberley.

The Northern Cape’s largest city, Kimberley, is famous for the Big Hole, diamonds aplenty and so much more… Because of this, it’s definitely worth a road trip – or extended holiday – to make the most of this unique region.

#1 AVIS Rent a Car

AVIS invites you to enjoy navigating Kimberley… With pick-ups (and twenty-hour drop-offs) available at Kimberley Airport, grabbing the keys and starting up the engine are the only things between you and the open road.

Whether you require a super mini or a hot hatch, AVIS has your back. What’s more, they offer more frequent renters an upgrade with added benefits, like additional free days.

Contact: +27 53 851 1082


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#2 First Car Rental

While First Car Rental has top branches across SA, for those keen to explore South Africa’s Northern Cape province, it’s good to know that First Car Rental is based in both Upington and cool Kimberley.

To save you time (and a schlep), you have the option of easily booking a car online using their ‘Book and Quote’ function. This provides you with a summary of the best rental cars in under a minute.

Contact: +27 (0) 53 851 1476


Address: First Car Rental, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#3 Sixt Rent a Car

Sixt is your answer to more accessible and affordable car rentals from Kimberley Airport. And at Sixt Rent a Car, they believe in providing quality cars at budget rates.

Their up-to-date fleet offers a wide variety of awesome car choices to choose from – and, with added features – like a GPS system, additional driver, insurance cover or child seat – you can ride in style and safety, knowing all your car needs have been neatly catered for.

Contact: 011 230 9958


Address: Sixt Rent a Car, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#4 Wozani Car Rental

While some car rental services only stick to SA’s major cities – think Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or Johannesburg – Wozani allows you to drive further afield, travelling to more varied destinations along the way.

This professional, low-cost company is based in Cape Town, Polokwane, Nelspruit and of course, Kimberley itself too. Also, as an added bonus, Wozani is also one of the few car rental services around to accept instant cash payments – saving you time and worry, if a credit card is not instantly at hand.

Contact: 083 721 8822


Address: Wozani Car Rental, Kimberley, South Africa

#5 Economy Car Rentals

Economy Car Rentals not only allows you to find the best rates across Kimberley – but they also ensure quality, expertise and a trusty price promise.

Explore every unique corner of Kimberley with this cost-effective, reliable car rental company.

Contact: +27 218135832


Address: Economy Car Rentals, Kimberley, South Africa

#6 Bidvest Car Rental

With Bidvest Car Rental, tour operators, solo travellers, local and international explorers and corporate customers can all enjoy comfortable, trustworthy and quality vehicles for their trips and holidays.

Conveniently situated at Kimberley Airport, they allow you to disembark from a plane (or other mode of transport) and immediately continue with your journey across the Northern Cape and/or South Africa.

Contact: (053) 851 1182/3


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#7 Tempest Car Hire

This well-known car rental company provides travellers with low rental rates, exciting rides, GPS systems and baby seats for rent to make your journey safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Tempest Car Hire has numerous outlets across SA, including at all major airports, like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban – and yes, you guessed it, Kimberley too!

Contact: 053 851 1516


Address: Tempest Car Hire, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#8 Auto Europe

Enjoy all the wonder and cool travel things – such as the Bultfontein Mine (organised by prior arrangement with De Beers company) or Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Site – Kimberley has to offer with leading, international car rental provider, Auto Europe.

Aside from +60 years of trusted service and great car rental services, Auto Europe offers several handy pick-up locations and a large fleet selection, making car rental in Kimberley both affordable and effortless.

Contact: 0800 983 468


Address: Auto Europe, Kimberley, South Africa

#9 Value Car Hire

Value Car Hire is happily located in both Upington and Kimberley Airport and, perhaps best of all, they offer low-cost car hire and quality rental cars.

With friendly and efficient staff and some pretty awesome drives to choose from, customers can easily enjoy securing a great rental car for their next trip to Kimberley.

Contact: +27 (0)86 143 7483


Address: Value Car Hire, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

#10 Hertz Rent A Car

Last but certainly not least, there’s Hertz Rent A Car, a well-recognised and broadly based car rental company. With the option of either car or van rentals, Hertz provides a more unique choice for drivers.

They also have some pretty awesome deals – and rental cars – to keep travellers coming back for more!

Contact: +27 21 935 4800 / 0861 600 136


Address: Hertz Rent A Car, Kimberley Airport, Kimberley, South Africa

Enjoy exploring more of South Africa, as you drive with Kimberley’s top ten car rental services!

Top 10 Car Rental Services in Polokwane.

Meaning ‘Place of Safety’, Polokwane is a bustling hive of activity and excitement, filled to the seams with plenty for visitors to see and do.

For those keen to explore Limpopo’s capital city – a place fondly termed as the Gateway to Africa – there are several reliable and consistently good car rental services available, making travel here as easy as one, two, three…

Here are the top car rental services in Polokwane:

#1 Drive South Africa

As Drive South Africa needs no introduction, let’s cover the Polokwane-based benefits this car rental service offers its customers.

For a start, there’s the standard or super insurance on all vehicles (and at no extra cost for the most popular among them), and then, Drive South Africa also has you covered when it comes to returning the car…

Aside from multiple drop-off points across SA, cars can be driven over the SA border to Botswana, Namibia or Zambia to name but a few – meaning you can even border-hop on your travels, if desired!

Finally, there’s the professional, speedy service and competitive rates to woo you over to this South African car rental service… what more could you want?

Contact: +27 (087) 806 7330


Address: Drive South Africa, Polokwane Limpopo, South Africa

#2 Rentalcars

If you want a rental service that can easily (and quickly) hook you up with the best car rental services in SA, then look no further than Rentalcars.

With them, you can book your dream ride through industry leaders like AVIS, Europcar, Alamo, Thrifty, Hertz and more!

Search and compare great deals for economy cars to 7-9 seaters, before you secure your ideal car for a dream holiday in Limpopo province.

Contact: n/a


Address: Rentalcars, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#3 Europcar

Based at Polokwane Airport, this branch of Europcar offers travellers to Limpopo the following: express pick-ups, a new, comfy car fleet, varying rental packages (from daily to long-term rentals), all from one of the leading car rental services around!

This award-winning car rental company can meet and greet you at the airport before allowing you to explore Polokwane and Limpopo all on your own.

Contact: +27 (15) 2880097


Address: Europcar, Gateway International Airport, N1 North Makhado Highway, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#4 AVIS Rent a Car

This fast, efficient and reputable car rental company is spread across South Africa, so it comes as almost no surprise to learn they are found in Polokwane too.

This is tailor-made Polokwane car hire, designed just for you because, with them, you have the keys to unlock the highway, or to taste the freedom of the long, country road…

Contact: n/a


Address: AVIS Rent a Car, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#5 Rhino Car Hire

This international car rental company is here to help you find the lowest car hire deals across the globe… including in pretty Polokwane!

Searching 40% of the widest range of car rental agencies and suppliers, they are well-positioned to help you source a trusty, fun ride, which you can collect from the Polokwane Airport.

Contact: (+27) 21 3001910


Address: Rhino Car Hire, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#6 Bidvest Car Rental

Not only does Bidvest offer an awesome car fleet – as well as van- and truck-options – but they are also readily available at Polokwane’s Airport.

This makes for a convenient and reliable pick-up ride, all courtesy of this well-recognised car hire company.

Contact: +27 (086) 101 7722


Address: Bidvest Car Rental, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#7 Economy Car Rentals

Offering some of the most competitive rates in Polokwane, this car rental service provides customers with quality expertise, a good price promise and even greater savings.

Choose your perfect car, book it, collect it and then drive it away into the (actual) sunset with Economy Car Rentals.

Contact: n/a


Address: Economy Car Rentals, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#8 Nova Car Hire

Since 1997, Nova Car Hire has provided cheap car hire for some 26, 000 locations world-wide – and now, Polokwane is proudly counted among these destinations.

Nova Car Hire offers cheap car rentals, safe and secure bookings and even pre-negotiated discounts, making your trip even more effortlessly pleasant and affordable.

Contact: +353 64 77 642 77


Address: Nova Car Hire, Polokwane Downtown, Limpopo, South Africa

#9 First Car Rental

First Car Rental’s motto is “First in Car Hire, First in Service,” and they do a pretty good job of living up to it…

With them, you’re assured quality service, a wide choice of car rental options (from standard, no-fuss cars to luxury vehicles) and an easy online booking system – all of which make combine to make for a better trip!

Also, this cost-effective, proudly South African car rental company has over 51 branches nationwide, as well as in a few international spots too, making them readily accessible to travellers.

Contact: 0861 178 227


Address: First Car Rental, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

#10 Wozani Car Rental

Specialising in hassle-free car hire, Wozani Car Rental is one of the few car rental services that allows its customers to pay directly with cash only, removing the stress and slowness of credit card payments.

Not only are they more convenient from a payment point of view, but they also offer all-round professional, low-cost customer service.

And, as they have branches in Polokwane, Nelspruit, Cape Town and Kimberley, they’re quite well-spread too!

Contact: +27 083 721 8822


Address: Wozani Car Rental, Polokwane, Limpopo, South Africa

These are the best car rental services in Polokwane – wishing you safe and happy travels with them!

Top 10 Activities in Inhambane.

This attractive city (and province) in Mozambique has a whole lot of heart. Not only does it offer some wonderful history, marine life and vibrant eateries but it is blessed with some glorious beaches, picture-perfect scenery and wonderful adventures for all to enjoy.

Here are some of the top activities to experience in Inhambane:

#1 Snorkel at Two Mile Reef

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, you will adore Two Mile Reef. It’s rated by some as one of East Africa’s best snorkeling areas and, with schools of fish, frolicking humpback whales (usually visible around August) and the occasional hawksbill turtle, it’s not hard to see why it’s so well-loved… So go on, dive on in!

Contact: n/a


Address: Two Mile Reef, Bazaruto Island, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

#2 Catch a tan on Barra Beach

This pristine beach is the place to go for some quality relaxation and, above all, to escape from the madding crowd.

You can swim in deliciously clear waters, go for a night swim with fluorescent sea critters or simply kick back and relax (preferably with a book), as you soak up the surrounds. Nearby local stalls offer handy drinks and snacks for sale.

Contact: n/a


Address: Barra Beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

#3 Travel to Praia do Tofo 

The charming town, Tofo, is well worth visiting when you visit Inhambane province and, in that same vein, you should definitely try visit Tofo beach.

This vast, beautiful beach offers plenty of fun and hives of activity, thanks to local stalls, amazing nature (including some epic marine life, like sharks, dolphins and humpbacks), surfing and swimming too!

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Praia do Tofo, Tofo, Mozambique

#4 Discover Machilla Magic curios

No holiday or stay in Mozambique is complete without doing some gift or curio shopping – and in Machilla Magic, visitors find a truly special place to indulge their shopping needs.

Browse all kinds of goods – like locally made African furniture and keepsakes from across the country – and take home some gems at affordable rates, which support local communities. It is located in the small fishing town of Macunhe, so make a day of it and enjoy a fun drive there and back again.

Contact: +258 82 393 3428


Address: Machilla Magic Gallery, 19 de Outubro, Mahaque, Vilanculos, Mozambique

#5 Gain insight into the Marine Megafauna Foundation

Marine Megafauna Foundation (or MMF) works hand-in-hand with popular local diving company, Peri-Peri, to conserve the marine life.

During your visit to Mozambique, experience an insightful lecture, support the research through donations or head on a fun diving trip with Peri-Peri.



Address: MMF, Baia Sonambula, Praia Tofo, Mozambique

#6 Take a boat to Maxixe

The largest city in Inhambane province, Maxixe, is a great place to explore. To get to the city, you can easily catch a dhow boat across the bay; locals offer ‘dhow transport services for tourists, making this a relatively accessible and easy travel option.

Once across, take time to explore the city, enjoy its beautiful beaches and then, when it’s time to go home, embark on a fun ferry ride back to Inhambane town.

Contact: n/a


Address: Maxixe, Inhambane Province Mozambique

#7 Savour seafood at Bistro Pescador

No visit to Mozambique is complete without sampling some fine seafood offerings.

At Bistro Pescador,because they boast an array of seafood-orientated dishes, visitors can dine on seafood platters, prawn curry (with rice) and mouth-watering crayfish to their heart’s content. Head here for a relaxed, yet wholesome seafood meal.

Contact: +258 84 251 0911

Website: n/a

Address: Bistro Pescador, Inhambane, Mozambique

#8 Check out Vasco da Gama’s statue

Inhambane had a special place in the heart of famed Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, who arrived here in 1498 and now, to this day, his statue proudly watches over the town.

The statue is worth a visit, as it’s found quite nearby to the regional museum, and is its own take on ‘art through history’.

Contact: n/a


Address: Inhambane, Mozambique

#9 Explore the Museu Regional Inhambane

This regional museum is one for the history buffs and culture vultures among us… Here, visitors can view a range of diverse exhibits and artefacts, many of which detail Inhambane’s history, dating as far back as its pre-colonial era.

For your history fix, browse farming implements, worship totems, instruments of war and much more at Museu Regional Imhambane.

Contact: n/a


Address: Museu Regional Imhambane, Avenida de Vigilancia, Inhambane, Mozambique

#10 Grab a meal at Branko’s

Last but certainly not least, we have Branko’s: a casual shack-style eatery that offers arguably the best mix of food in Inhambane province.

And, because it’s situated behind the local central market, it allows visitors to experience a healthy blend of bustling, local life, as they tuck into an assortment of drool-worthy pizzas, meat and seafood dishes.

Contact: +258 84 066 6470

Website: n/a

Address: Branko’s, Tofo Beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

These are some of the best experiences and activities to enjoy in Inhambane!

Top 15 restaurants in Swakopmund.

This coastal city in Namibia is known for its sandy beaches, Atlantic views and host of adventures and history just waiting to be discovered – but Swakopmund is also a pretty special place to go for food too!

Here are some of its best restaurants:

#1 Hansa Hotel 

This restaurant is perfectly delightful with its old school elegance – but the food is far from outdated! At Hansa Hotel restaurant, a tranquil, beautiful setting combines effortlessly with excellent food.

Be advised though: booking is recommended, as preference is given to overnight guests.

Contact: +264 64 414 200


Address: Hansa Hotel, 3 Hendrik Witbooi Street, Swartkopmund, Namibia

#2 Farmhouse Deli 

At Farmhouse Deli, food is cooked to perfection and served with warmth and care by Anatolia and her team of staff.

Also, this gem of a restaurant lies tucked away inside The Strand Hotel complex, ensuring it is well-situated and close to the promenade.

Contact: +264 64 411 4522

Website: n/a

Address: Farmhouse Deli, Swakopmund, Namibia

#3 Brewer & Butcher 

If you are looking to enjoy lovely ocean views and good Namibian food – served with top brews – then Brewer & Butcher is the place to go!

This stylish restaurant is attractive and popular – and, in addition to its food, it offers a good selection of local craft beers to sample too.

Contact: +264 64 411 4512


Address: Brewer & Butcher, Swakopmund, Namibia

#4 Village Cafe

This vibey, colourful cafe is a ray of sunshine in Swakopmund. It probably has some of the friendliest staff around, so guests can expect to immediately feel welcome when they walk through the door.

While all the food is delicious and fresh, their cakes and homemade bread, known as Ma se Brood, are particularly good, so be sure to give those a try!

Contact: n/a


Address: Village Cafe, 21 Sam Nujoma Ave., Swakopmund, Namibia

#5 Ocean Cellar

Ocean Cellar has it all: great seafood and sushi, gorgeous views and top service in a truly lovely setting.

It’s a quality establishment, with a stellar reputation – one which it undoubtedly deserves, mind!

Contact: +264 64 411 4532


Address: Ocean Cellar, Strand Hotel, Swakopmund, Namibia

#6 Jetty 1905

At Jetty 1905, the food is superb and the location is dreamy (and unique to boot!)… This combination makes for a particularly special seafood restaurant.

Staff are friendly and service is usually good too so it’s an all-round winner in Swakopmund.

Contact: +264 64 40 5664


Address: The Jetty, Molen Road, Swakopmund, Namibia

#7 The Tug

Built around a real Danie Hugo tug boat, this unlikely venue is a culinary gem, with years of history and quality service behind its name.

Over the years, The Tug Restaurant has developed into a true Namibian institution. Situated on the shores of the Atlantic, this restaurant offers rustic dining, where fresh food and drink, such as great seafood and top wines, take precedence.

Contact:  +264 64 402 356


Address: The Tug Restaurant, A.Schad Promenade, Molen Road, Swakopmund, Namibia

#8 Kucki’s Pub

Kucki’s is a favourite among the locals… So while it may be one of Swakopmund’s best-kept secret as far as travellers go, this spot is far from quiet and empty!

Food is great and expertly prepared (go for the springbok steak, if you can) and portions are generous and well-priced.

Contact: +264 064 402407


Address: Kucki’s Pub, 22 Tobias Hainyeko Street, Swakopmund, Namibia

#9 The Fish Deli

The Fish Deli is a simple but lovely eatery. They offer good food, fast service and friendly staff, ensuring you can pop in for a sit-down meal or grab a quick takeaway to enjoy in the comfort of your own room.

Contact: +264 064 462979


Address: The Fish Deli, 29 Sam Nujoma Avenue, Swakopmund, Namibia

#10 Swakopmund Brauhaus 

This popular, authentically German restaurant comes highly recommended… It serves quality German cuisine and because it is centrally located (it’s found in the Swakopmund CBD), it is easily accessible too.

It can get pretty busy, so it might be best to make a reservation before visiting – and, when you do, be sure to try one of the delicacies, like sauerkraut or bread dumplings.

Contact: +264 64 402 214


Address: Swakopmund Brauhaus, Brauhaus Arcade, Swakopmund, Namibia

#11 BlueGrass Restaurant

This modern-chic restaurant is found along the Waterfront. It’s an attractive eatery, with an excellent variety of food to choose from and friendly, good service to make it even more memorable.

It’s also a prime sundowner spot, where you can enjoy cocktails or a cold one as the sun sets.

Contact: +264 64 461 090

Website: n/a

Address: BlueGrass Restaurant, Platz Am Meer, Waterfront, Swakopmund, Namibia

#12 Cordes & Co.

This coffee shop is delightful on so many levels: great coffee, mouth-watering cakes and milkshakes and lovely food can all be enjoyed at this stylish, quirky little spot.

It’s definitely one of Swakopmund’s most beloved coffee shops… and it’s not hard to see why!

Contact: +264 64 400 977


Address: Cordes & Co., 23 Daniel Tjongarero Street, Swakopmund, Namibia

Cordes & Co. via Facebook
Cordes & Co. via Facebook

#13 Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill

This rustic beach bar and grill is found in the picturesque Swakop River mouth. It lies a stone’s throw from the beach, with stunning views of the nearby dunes and the sea in sight.

Tiger Reef Beach Bar & Grill offers a casual setting and great food, taken from a diverse menu – choose from seafood, burgers, wraps or their famous calamari.

Contact: +264 64 400 935


Address: Tiger Reef,

#14 Garnish Swakopmund

This authentic Indian restaurant, which hails from Windhoek, may not look fancy from the outside, but inside, a treasure trove of oh-so-good Indian food awaits.

Prices are reasonable and staff provide friendly, helpful service to ensure an overall enjoyable experience.

Contact: +264 64 405 401


Address: Garnish Swakopmund, corner of Tobias Hainyeko And Woermann Street, Swakopmund, Namibia

#15 Old Steamer Restaurant

This characteristic restaurant has bucketfuls of charm and uniqueness. Add to that, great food (with plenty of variety), top service and an awesome vibe – and you’re all set for a wonderful dining experience!

They are also well-known for being able to host big groups for functions  and celebrations, so diarise them for that too!

Contact: +264 81 430 3923


Address: Old Steamer Restaurant, Alte Brücke Resort, Swakopmund, Namibia

These are just some of Swakopmund’s best restaurants to enjoy!

Top 15 restaurants in Inhambane.

Inhambane, a city located on Mozambique’s southern coastline, is a wonderful place to explore. As the capital of Inhambane, activities and attractions reign supreme here – but let’s not forget about the food!

Here are the best restaurants in – and close by to – Inhambane:

#1 Branko’s 

While Branko’s may not be the fanciest spot around town – this shack-style diner, situated behind the central market, is a simple, yet wonderful place to head for a delicious meal.

They are particularly well-loved for their pizzas, meat and seafood – all of which are flavoursome and highly affordable!

Contact: +258 84 066 6470

Website: n/a

Address: Branko’s, Tofo Beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

#2 The Green Turtle Pub & Restaurant

Located at Bayview Lodge, this beach-chic eatery lies a stone’s throw away from the ocean… Ensuring not only are the views sublime, but especially with French husband-and-wife duo at the helm, you can rest assured, knowing that the food is just as great!

Food incorporates a blend of European and African-style cuisines, providing diners with unique combinations and flavours to enjoy.

Contact: +258 84 743 3334


Address: The Green Turtle Pub & Restaurant, Praia Da Barra, Inhambane, Mozambique

#3 Neptune’s Lodge and Beach Bar

If you’re looking for a chilled but fun place to go for food and relaxation, then Neptune’s Beach Bar is the perfect place for you.

The bar side of things offers a true island style, with great food and a cool vibe. As you eat, enjoy the sound of drums or sitting around a bonfire.

Contact: +258 84 054 9311


Address: Neptune’s Lodge and Beach Bar, Barra Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique

#4 Tofo Tofo 

This restaurant enjoys a wonderful, relaxed and comfortable beach atmosphere, while the menu offers a range of great dishes to choose from.

Fresh, local food and generous portions are the order of the day – and the views aren’t half bad either, as it overlooks the hill and palms. It’s colourful, cheerful and good – what more could you want from a restaurant?

Contact: n/a

Website: n/a

Address: Tofo Tofo, Tofo, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

#5 Guju’s Beach Bar

This vibrant beach eatery captures the spirit and food of local Mozambique perfectly. Guju’s Beach Bar provides visitors with top food, good views and delicious drinks.

Head there for great food, a killer vibe and chilled drinks!

Contact:+258 84 730 5657

Website: n/a

Address: Guju’s Beach Bar, Tofo Beach, Tofo, Inhambane Province, Mozambique

#6 Mango Beach Restaurant

Mango Beach Restaurant is a delightful offering:, with its awesome food, which is fresh and delicious, especially the fish.

It’s also a really lovely, scenic place to dine at, and owner Steffan and his Mango Beach team go out of their way to make you feel welcome. However, it’s not the easiest place to find, so if you get lost, just give Steffan a call and he’ll happily assist!

Contact: +258 84 262 3704


Address: Mango Beach Restaurant, Beach Road, Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique

#7 Happi 

Located at Liquid Dive Adventures, Happi hails as the only vegetarian restaurant in Inhambane. Here, food is simple, healthy and delicious, promoting good health all round.

The eatery – run by a passionate Finnish couple, with wife Emma serving as the talented chef – also offers lovely views of the surrounding wetland and a delightful shaded patio and pool area, ideal for balmy days.

Contact: +258 84 651 2737


Address: Happi, Liquid Dive Restaurant, Praia do Tofo, Mozambique

#8 Casa de Comer Restaurant

This rustic, beach-side restaurant presents diners with good, well-priced food, great, personal service and a lovely atmosphere. It can get pretty busy here, especially in the evenings or on quiz nights.

In particular, their pizzas, peri-peri chicken and fresh seafood are winning dishes!

Contact: +258 84 016 3344


Address: Casa de Comer Restaurant, Barrio Josina Machel, Praia do Tofo, Mozambique

#9 Chill Beach Bar

This beach bar not only has a great beach location, but it also provides cool lounging chairs outside and great food and drinks.

It’s also a chilled place, ideal for those who crave some good relaxation, in conjunction with fine food at what is a highly rated Mozambique eatery.

Contact: +258 84 283 6933

Website: n/a

Address: Chill Beach Bar, Barra Bay Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique

#10 Beach Baraca 

This friendly Mozambique restaurant offers fresh, yummy breakfasts and great tacos, along with friendly, prompt service.

Takeaways are available here too, and visitors can choose to sit indoors or outdoors.

Contact: +258 84 244 8919

Website: n/a

Address: Beach Baraca, Long Street, Tofo, Mozambique

#11 Sunset Lodge 

Sunset Lodge is undoubtedly one of best places in Mozambique to go for sundowners. It’s also guaranteed to give you access to some of the best sunsets while you’re at it!

The bar and restaurant are tops, so be sure to check them both out when you visit.

Contact: +258 84 244 5444

Website: n/a

Address: Sunset Lodge, Praia da BarraInhambane, Mozambique

#12 Mozambeat Motel Restaurant

Situated at the cleverly named Mozambeat Motel, this motel restaurant is a fully catered restaurant, which offers great burgers, nachos, sushi, lasagne and so much more!

Many of the ingredients – like the herbs and vegetables – are sourced from the motel’s garden. There’s also a well-stocked, funky bar to enjoy on the premises too.

Contact:  +258 84 5000 383


Address: Mozambeat Motel Restaurant, Barrio Josina Machel, Praia de Tofo,  Tofo, Mozambique

#13 Charlie’s Bar

While this is just as much a bar as it is a restaurant, Charlie’s certainly offers some pretty fine food.

With specialities like prego rolls, seafood and more, this bar-restaurant brings together good drinks and consistently decent, well-priced food.

Contact: +258 84 463 9826


Address: Charlie’s Bar, Barra, Inhambane, Mozambique

#14 Bistro Pescador

With its stunning location overlooking the water, this restaurant offers yet more of that natural Inhambane beauty.

It serves good drinks and food both. In particular, try the crayfish or a pizza, they’re both meant to be great!

Contact: +258 84 251 0911

Website: n/a

Address: Bistro Pescador, Inhambane, Mozambique

#15 What U Want

This restaurant offers quality Italian and Mozambican cuisine alike. There’s also a lovely family environment, complete with live music and awesome food specialties.

Sample new takes on pizzas with flavours like lobster or seafood. Or go traditional Italiano because the standard Italian food is authentically delicious and wholesome!

Contact: +258 82 909 6936


Address: What U Want, Praia de Tofo, Tofo, Mozambique

These are just some of Inhambane’s top eateries to enjoy!