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The Heads are in the seaside town of Knysna which lies on the southern shores of South Africa in the province of the Western Cape. The area forms part of the scenic Garden Route, one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations. Due to the treacherous entry into Knysna lagoon via The Heads, Knysna never become a harbour port. Fortunately, the beautiful lagoon only supports small craft and the Heads have remained largely as nature intended.

The Knysna lagoon mouth is bounded by two gigantic sandstone cliffs known as The Heads. The eastern Head is suburban with a lookout point for spectacular views of the lagoon mouth, Leisure Isle and the estuary. The western Head is privately owned but can be visited via ferry.

The Heads are ancient dunes with embedded rock, eroded over the years,  leaving behind the majestic cliffs. The channel between the Heads is 120m wide and up to 15m deep, however, sand banks occur, making the entrance hazardous for... Show more