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Namibia is a vast country located in the south west of the African continent along the Atlantic Ocean. It is unique for its natural wonders and ancient geology where underground kimberlite pipes produce an abundance of diamonds.

The country is one of few remaining destinations where little has changed in some parts; tribespeople practice ancient customs and wild animals & exotic plants survive in the world’s oldest desert. And in contrast, the main cities are modern, progressive centres.

Namibia is classed as an arid region with a sub-tropical desert climate. Extreme temperature changes occur between day and night, winter and summer. The average annual temperature is roughly 15° Celsius, however in the mid-desert, temperatures can soar to 45° Celsius.

The official currency is the Namibian Dollar, its value approximately the same as the South African Rand.

Namibia’s road network is excellent, with well-maintained tarred roads linking the main centres. When travelling in the northern area and during the rainy season between January and March, a 4x4 vehicle is necessary.

The country is safe with a stable government and the people have endearing qualities that will leave an impression long after you have left.


Things to do

Game viewing in Namibia is truly unique when you consider that Africa’s Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) have adapted to this harsh arid region.  The largest population of cheetahs are found here,  the massive dunes are the habitat of many reptiles and the Oryx antelope has evolved to survive without water for long periods.

Sossusvlei has some of the highest sand dunes in the world. The highest dune here is Big Daddy at 325m. Also of interest amongst the dunes is Dead Vlei, an ancient salt pan with long dead 900-year old camelthorn tree fossils.

Shipwrecks lie along the treacherous Skeleton Coast. Start your coastal journey from Swakopmund northwards to see penguin... Show more

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