Top 10 Restaurants in Grahamstown

Saints via Facebook

Situated in the Eastern Cape province, Grahamstown (otherwise referred to as Makhanda) is a vibrant, creative city, which offers the famous National Arts Festival, nearby unspoilt Sunshine Coast beaches and opportunities to enjoy some incredible, malaria-free Big 5 game reserves.

Best of all, this Eastern Cape city also offers some excellent restaurants… Here are the top ten eateries in Grahamstown:

#1 Red Cafe

This cute, cheery little cafe offers visitors a variety of delicious food options, with something for every palate to enjoy.

With its friendly staff, welcoming, relaxed atmosphere, books to browse and excellent food, Red Cafe is something of a hidden gem in Grahamstown.

Visit them for a tasty cafe experience, with both incredible food and drink choices (especially their famous milkshakes)!

Contact: +27 (046) 622 8384

Website: N/A

Address: Red Cafe, Sarah Baartman, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#2 The Rat and Parrot

As Grahamstown’s best-known pub, The Rat and Parrot is a popular local attraction… and it’s not hard to see why!

Serving amazing, pub grub-style food (everything from tender steaks to good pizza), cold beer and a warm atmosphere, it is a wonderful spot to visit for a casual meal with your family or friends.

Locals attest that the vibe at The Rat and Parrot is always great and enjoyable, with friendly staff on hand to make you feel even more at home.

Contact: +27 (046) 622 5002,

Website: N/A

Address: The Rat and Parrot, 59 New Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Rat and Parrot via Facebook
The Rat and Parrot via Facebook

#3 Saints

Found in the heart of High Street, Saints is a popular choice among locals seeking an incredible dining experience. With its innovative menu, quality wine list and fine service, Saints speak for itself in so many ways.

Ideal for a cosy coffee break, date night, quick meal or special occasion, Saints is sure to provide guests with a memorable encounter from start to finish.

In addition to their usual offerings, Saints can also provide on- and off-site catering and function hosting, for everything from set menus to simple, yet delicious canapes, birthdays and farewell dinners.

Contact: +27 (046) 622 3007


Address: Saints, 131 High Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Saints via Facebook
Saints via Facebook

#4 Delizzia

This restaurant-and-cafe in one offers guests good service, well-priced, tasty food and drinks and a pleasant vibe.

With a variety of specials (particularly for students) and mouth-watering meals like grilled chicken strips with loaded fries, polo pasta, bolognese waffle and more, Delizzia is sure to tempt anyone to its doors.

The restaurant atmosphere is welcoming and cosy, ensuring your visit is as enjoyable as it is scrumptious.

Contact: +27 (046) 622 8728


Address: Delizzia, 112 High Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#5 Major Fraser’s Craft Bar and Eatery

Major Fraser’s is yet another popular haunt in Grahamstown. With their unique, quirky food, decor, drinks and vibe, Major Fraser’s provides guests with a fun, different eat out experience.

The restaurant interiors are elegant, yet edgy and playful, with everything from bean bag seats to neon signage found within.

If you are looking for a unique experience, complemented by delicious food (like sweet potato crisps and marinated olives; The Colonel pizza; muhsroom tacos; or Asian grilled chicken) and drinks – then Major Fraser’s is ideal for you.

Contact: + 27 (046) 004 0006,


Address: Major Fraser’s Craft Bar and Eatery, Opposite the Arch, 38 Somerset Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Major Fraser's via Facebook
Major Fraser’s via Facebook

#6 Norden’s Restaurant at The Cock House

Norden’s Restaurant, found at The Cock House, offers world-class fine dining facilities in a delightful setting.

The food is inspired by local, seasonal produce and features the likes of warm, home-baked bread; after-dinner rum chocolate truffles and coffee; and hearty soups to name a few.

In addition to the innovative menu, which merges the best of local and international cuisines, Norden’s also offers a notable wine selection for diners to choose from.

Norden’s Restaurant – a restored, beautiful example of modern eating meets timeless antiquated dining – can also be reserved for special events, everything from cocktail parties to birthdays to wedding receptions.

Contact: +27 (046) 636 1287


Address: Norden’s Restaurant, The Cock House, 10 Market Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#7 The Barista.Sisa

The Barista.Sisa via Facebook
The Barista.Sisa via Facebook

For those seeking an authentically African-style coffee shop, The Barista.Sisa should be first on your list.

As one of Grahamstown’s most well-loved baristas, Sisa, strives to showcase his African roots in his coffee, as he prepares your daily mocha with warmth and skill alike.

Fuelled by love, happiness and coffee, The Barista.Sisa is a lovely spot to visit… So pay this charming coffee shop a visit and enjoy some excellent coffee, friendly smiles and an all-round memorable outing.

Contact: +27 (063) 393 8808


Address: The Barista.Sisa, Opposite the Arch, 38 Somerset Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#8 The Pothole and Donkey Restaurant

Inspired by the state of the city, Pothole and Donkey is a good place to go for good food, service and a family atmosphere (there is even a nice kid’s play area).

Whether you visit by day or by night, the ambiance is good – and quality is something they definitely strive for, especially on the food and drink front.

Visit Pothole and Donkey for a lovely family meal with those you love.

Contact: +27 (046) 622 2324,

Website: N/A

Address: The Pothole and Donkey Restaurant, 123 High Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#9 Gino’s Restaurant

Gino's Restaurant via Facebook
Gino’s Restaurant via Facebook

The long-standing Gino’s Restaurant and Take Away, situated at Hotel Victoria, offers guests a diverse menu, tasty meals and excellent service.

The decor is lovely and intimate, making for a warm experience for sit-down eaters… But if you prefer take-away, you’re in luck because Gino’s has that covered too!

Gino’s is perhaps especially famous for their tantalising, wood-fired pizzas, – but they also offer an a la carte menu and bar, as well as a special Bambino menu for kiddies.

Head to Gino’s for a lovely family meal with your friends and loved ones.

Contact: +27 (046) 622 7208,


Address: Gino’s, Hotel Victoria, 8 New Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

#1o Relish Cafe

Last but by no means least, we have Relish Cafe… An altogether charming cafe, smoothie and sandwich bar in Grahamstown.

Offering a high quality approach and wonderful atmosphere, Relish Cafe is a great place to go for a delicious sandwich, good coffee or yummy smoothie.

Visit them for a light-hearted cafe experience you are sure to remember for sometime after!

Contact: +27 (082) 366 3881

Website: N/A

Address: Relish Cafe, 8 Allen Street, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

These are just some of the best restaurants and cafes you can enjoy in vibrant Grahamstown!

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